I'm So Blue-Drama Skit

I'm So Blue-Drama Skit

Themes: Our uniqueness; being special in God's eyes; self-esteem; accepting others as they are; we're all beautiful in God's eyes; being different; racism; feelings of belonging; liking yourself and others for who they are
Categories: With God, Personal, Christmas, Children, Life Situations, Christian Living 

Blue is a happy snowflake content to roll and bounce in the Winter Wonderland wind.  She sings and dances, and in general enjoys life.  That is until one day when a strong wind blows her to a new part of town.  Then all of a sudden she feels "different"--all the other snowflakes are white, not blue.  Some of the snowflakes laugh and make fun of Blue, calling her foreign names like "freak" or "weirdo." Before you know it, Blue has lost her song and the joy in her heart.  Then  Father Snow, the creator of Wonderland, comes along to teach Blue how special she is. 


While originally intended for a youthful audience, this message has meaning for young and old alike.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 6 (2 Male, 2 Female, 2 Neutral)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: Winter Wonderland (See further stage and costume notes at end of script) 

Narrator:          Once upon a time in a beautiful winter wonderland, there lived a snowflake named Blue. 

(Blue enters smiling and does some of the motions the narrator describes, perhaps in .ballet. dance type moves )  

                        Blue was a happy snowflake, rolling, bouncing and blowing in the crisp winter wind, as snowflakes often do.  Sometimes she'd land on a treetop and admire the view from above. 

(Blue looks around and smiles) 

And sometimes she'd lie on the ground, looking up into a sky that seemed to smile back at her. 

(Blue leans back, looking up at the ceiling) 

Quite often, Blue could be heard singing a happy, little tune.  

(sings to the tune of .I'm a Little Teapot.) 

Blue:                .I'm a little snowflake, frosty and blue.

                        There's lots of funny things I like to do. 

                        When I feel happy, I dance and sing,

                        Cause there's lots of joy that snow can bring!. 

Narrator:          Yes, Blue was a happy snowflake who truly enjoyed her frosty life.  One day, however, a strong northern wind burst into the wintry wonderland, forcing Blue into a place she'd never been.  

(Blue reacts as if the wind were pushing her, and ends up in a different spot on stage) 

Narrator:          As Blue was trying to determine where she was, she ran into another snowflake, which took her by surprise. 

(Flake enters the stage and Blue accidentally runs right into him, knocking Flake over)

Blue:                Oh my goodness!  I'm so sorry!  I didn't see you there!  Here, let me help you.  (extends her hand to help him up) 

Flake:              (takes her hand, he speaks with a California type 'surfer dude. lingo ) Whoa, dude!  Get a look at you! 

Blue:                (looks down at herself) What?

Flake:              Dude, you're blue! 

Blue:                Yes that's my name. (extends her hand to shake) Nice to meet you. 

Flake:              (ignores her handshake) No, I mean you're blue! I've never seen a blue snowflake before!  

Blue:                You haven't? 

Flake:              No! This is awesome!  Are there others like you? 

Blue:                I don't know.  (thinks for a second) I guess I've never actually seen another blue snowflake, but I never really thought about it. 

Flake:              This is so cool!  I've got to tell my friends or get a camera or something.  You mind waiting here? (he exits before she has a chance to answer) 

Blue:                (calling after him) Sure, no problem.  I'll wait right here!  (then to herself) Wherever .here. is.  (she looks around for a few moments while waiting for Flake to return

(Flake, camera in hand, enters with Shimmer and Ice) 

Flake:              (taking pictures of Blue) See, didn't I tell you she was weird? 

Blue:                (taken aback) Weird? 

Flake:              (continues to take pictures) This is totally rad! Good thing I have my camera or nobody would ever believe me! 

Shimmer:        (very snobby) What are you, like some sort of freak of nature? 

Blue:                (hurt) Freak? 

Shimmer:        Don't you know snowflakes are supposed to be white? 

Blue:                (confused) No.  

Shimmer:        Well, they are.  Look around you. 

(Blue looks at the others) 

Ice:                  You're new around here, aren't you? 

Blue:                I guess so.  I was blown here by the wind.  

Flake:              (still taking pictures) She's so different! 

Ice:                  (batting Flake's hand away) Flake, will you quit that?  You're making her nervous.  

Flake:              (to Blue) Am I? 

Blue:                (uncomfortable) A little. 

Flake:              Sorry dude, it's just that I. 

Blue:                .Never saw a blue snowflake before.  Yeah, I get it.  I've never seen snowflakes quite like you before either. 

Shimmer:        What, you mean the normal kind? 

Ice:                  Give her a break, Shimmer! 

Shimmer:        Why?  She obviously doesn't belong here! 

Blue:                (shocked) None of you have ever seen a blue snowflake before?  Ever?