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New Years Skits


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Ring in the New Year - Comedy

A group of "high society" folks think they are making sacrificial and unselfish New Year's Resolutions by vowing to give up things like: "designer" outfits, diamonds, cars, home theater systems etc.  But when they meet Maggie, a person whose resolution is to help make a difference in more people's lives, they are shocked to find theirs my pale by comparision.

Themes: New Year's Resolutions; Selfishness; Materialism
Characters: 7 Length: 3-5 minutes
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Back to School
(2 Skits)
The Transformation StationKids learn how to be spiritually transformed
Back To SchoolThe disciples go back to school
Harvest Themes
(4 Skits)
Seeds of the HarvestSeeds who won't wait to be planted properly
Harvest MooPlants and animals argue over their importance
A Harvest TaleReaping what you sow
The HarvestMuch work to be done but few workers
Women's Ministry
(37 Skits) Issues women face
A Shining StarBeing a good witness and shining like the stars
Through the YearsTwo friends reminisce about their friendship
Pearls of WisdomFairy tale characters learn about self-worth
When I Was LittleFour generations of women share memories
Pretty Woman at the WellMelodrama about the woman at the well
My Will or YoursThree women wrestle with doing the will of God
Beautiful YouTwo women have a distorted view of beauty.
Flower PowerWilting flowers find refuge in a Garden Paradise
The CureTwo doctors find the cure to healing past wounds
Baggage ClaimA woman carries baggage from her past
And Then There Were ThreeCelebrating women's friendship
The Family QuiltCamparisons of a quilt to a family
Stepping OutStepping out of comfort zones
Mommy Training CampA man wants to enroll in a training camp for moms
These Shoes Were Made for WalkingThe Walk of Life
Doubly BlessedGiving and receiving blessings
Fill My CupBlessings from God
Stepping StonesWomen in fellowship with one another
All You NeedJesus is all we need in life
Cruisin' and Losin'To have a friend you need to be a friend
FootprintsWitnessing/Being an example to others
Loyal to the EndFriendship and loyalty
A Grateful HeartDeveloping an attitude of thankfulness
Loyal FriendsFriendship and loyalty
Face Your GiantHandling difficult situations
Showers of BlessingsBlessings from God are misinterpreted
Spring Has SprungSpiritual Spring Cleaning
The Butterfly EffectSpiritual Transformation
Goodness and GraceMisunderstanding of God's grace
Way Down in my HeartTrue joy
Skeletons in the ClosetSecret Sin
Through the WringerCleansing of sins
911Losing your identity after having children
HatsThe roles of motherhood
A Friend IndeedTo have a friend you need to be a friend
Mirror, MirrorThe way we see ourselves
Working it OutSelf-esteem
(5 Skits)
Deception at my DoorA group of evil spirits invade a woman's home
Garbage In, Garbage OutWhat goes in your mind comes out in your actions
The Devil Ain't Happy with this HalloweenUsing Halloween for God
Trick or TreatFinding alternatives to Halloween
Fear Pays A VisitHow fear invades & destroys our lives
Pastor Appreciation
(3 Skits)
Jack of All TradesA seminary student job shadows a pastor for a day
Search CommitteeOld Testament folks search for a new pastor
I've Got a SecretAll the things pastors do