About Us

How we originated
Skits and Stuff was born because of a desire to write quality material: skits and curriculum that would teach and entertain at the same time.  Thus, Skits and Stuff was born. It was created from a team effort.  Rayeann is the writer of the family and Jeff is the administrator and web developer.


We also want to find material that is creative and  is something that hasn't been seen before.  Therefore, the purpose of Skits and Stuff is two-fold: to satisfy our own criteria needs, and also to provide our customers with the type of quality material they may be seeking.
Because we've both been teachers and "students" over the years in several different churches, we know the importance of good, quality material. We always look for material that is fun and easy to use, and something that the audience would enjoy and want to participate in.
What we believe 
It is our philosophy that the material presented here should not be "preachy" or answer all of life's questions. Instead, we believe the material, whether a skit or children's curriculum, should  provoke individual thought and only introduce a theme or message.  We want the material to engage the audience, to inspire and entertain them, not preach to them.


Instead of the material answering a question or solving a problem, we want the audience to decide for themselves what the "lesson" should be.  In our opinion,  well developed written material will often raise more questions than answer them.  


There should be a variety of writing styles. Sometimes sensitive or serious situations call for serious writing, while other topics require the use of humor, "off the wall" antics, creative "out-of-the-box thinking," or spoofs.  At times we stretch the imagination to create "what if" situations, or "fantasy" roles, and other times it's best to use real-life situations. Sometimes a real-life situation my occur with a twist.  Our main objective is to use our imaginations and be creative.  No boring, "been there, done that" material is allowed here!
You should be provided with as much information as possible before purchasing any kind of material. Don't you hate trying to purchase something for a specific topic and all you get in the way of information is maybe the title and a one-line summary?  It's a roll of the dice as to whether it will actually be relevant for your desired purpose. Here at Skits and Stuff, you will be provided with detailed summaries, excerpts from the material itself, and where applicable, free samples of our work.  This way, you will have a greater idea of what you are actually committing to and can feel confident in your purchases.  
Our background
I've been writing all my life: as a child I wrote mainly short stories and poems, and as a teenager I focused in on journalism.  I never really possessed the heart of a true journalist, however, so I looked to teaching as my career, and continued to write more as a hobby.  Then, while attending church, I got involved in the drama program and discovered quite by accident that I could write skits.  

From there, it grew into children's curriculum with puppet skits, and vacation Bible school material.  Now, I've turned writing as a hobby, into writing as a ministry.  


I am able to work from home, where I am a mom to four children: Justin, Nathan, Brittany, and Kimberly, and I devote my energy and writing to Skits and Stuff.  Our family resides in Plattsburg, Missouri.

Update: In 2015 Rayeann lost her 2nd battle with cancer and went to be with the Lord. She got to see her children grow up and do many great things in her local community with her husband Jeff.  Rayeann is greatly missed and will always be the heart and soul of Skits and Stuff.


I've been telling stories all my life but didn't get into writing until I took a creative writing course in college.  My professor like a story I'd written, published it in a college text book and from there I created a pen name and began writing fictional stories.  I came to Skits and Stuff in 2011 and began my journey into skit writing through "on the job training." I specialize in writing skits for children, since I have an active imagination and feel I can see the world through their eyes. 

I live in Plattsburg, Missouri with my husband, Mitch.  I have a grown son and two grandsons.
I am Rayeann's husband and my addition to Skits and Stuff is technical aspects of the web.  I designed and support the Data Base of documents along with tracking and download capabilities for these documents.  

I have a BS degree in Computer Science (programming) from the University of Missouri-Rolla (class of 1988).   I first got interested in computers in high school when I took a computer programming course and my interest has grown from that time.

My full time job is being a contractor for a company called TPF Software where I develop programs that they sell to the airline and credit industries.  One of my hobbies is developing web sites.  Starting in 2008 Rayeann and I started developing web sites for local customers, so we have many opportunities to work together.
I am Rayeann's father and cover for Rayeann and Jeff when they are on vacation and also help with ideas for new skits. I also have a hobby of web development and had built multiple webs for individuals and companies when I lived in Texas.  I now live 2 blocks from Jeff & Rayeann and work with them on developing webs locally.