I've Got a Secret-Drama Skit

I've Got a Secret-Drama Skit

Themes: Pastor appreciation; misconceptions about pastors; realizing pastors are human; thankfulness for all the work pastor's do
Categories: Pastor Appreciation, Church Relations 

As a contestant on the game show, "I've Got a Secret" Bob Newford definitely has one that he think will stump the panelists: Bob is a pastor and he wants people to know that pastors are people too.  According to Bob, a lot of people think "pastors just sit around all day and pray and read their Bibles.  But there.s a lot more to us than that.  Our job description may be different than most people but inside, we.re just like everyone else, with hobbies, interests, feelings, imperfections and problems."  When the panelists begin to question Bob about his secret, they think they've got him all figured out, but do they really have a clue?  And just where is Bob's Bible and if he's really a pastor, what's he doing on a game show anyway?  Find the answers in this light-hearted look at what being a pastor is really all about. Perfect for Pastor Appreciation days.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 6 (4 Male, 2 Female)
Some characters can be gender neutral
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  The set of a game show (this can be as elaborate or as simple as you like).  As an option, the audience can also participate: you can have one person standing off to the side with cue cards in his/her hands, instructing the audience what to do.  There should also be an audience .plant. that will obviously be part of the skit, but he will sit in the audience, yelling lines from there.  This person can be either male or female but will be referred to in the skit as the .Man..   

Host:                (.hops. on stage in true game show fashion, with microphone in hand) Hello, I'm your host Chuck Johnson. I want to welcome you to our game show .I've Got a Secret!.  

Man:                (yells from audience) I love you Chuck!  You rock! 

Host:                (a bit befuddled, he talks to the Man) Uh...'thank you.  You rock too.  (back to the rest of the audience) Now, before we bring out our panel, let's meet our contestant and find out what his secret is. Give a warm welcome to Bob Newford! 

(Bob enters, waves to audience as audience claps) 

Man:                (stands up, yelling and cheering) It's great to have you here, man!  Good luck! (he sits back down) 

Bob:                 (a bit taken aback by the Man but stays composed) Thanks. It's great to be here. 

Host:                Now, go ahead and tell us your secret Bob, and then we'll bring out the panel and see if you can stump them.  If you can, you're going to win $1,000! 

Bob:                 I think I've got a great secret and I'm confident no one on the panel will be able to guess what it is.  I'm going home with big money in my pocket today, Chuck. 

Man:                (hooting and hollering) Whooo!  Big money, big money! 

Host:                (to Bob) Well, you've sure got me intrigued.  (to the audience) Are you ready to find out what Bob's secret is?  

(audience cheers, and rounds of .yes. are heard) 

Man:                Yeah, let's have it Bobby, baby!  What's your secret?  Tell us! 

Host:                You heard the man--Bob, what's your secret? 

Bob:                 My secret is that I'm a pastor and pastors are people too! 

(gasps of shock are heard from the audience)

Host:                You may have to explain that a little more, Bob. 

Bob:                 Well, a lot of people think pastors just sit around all day and pray and read their Bibles.  But there's a lot more to us than that.  Our job description may be different than most people but inside, we're just like everyone else, with hobbies, interests, feelings, imperfections and problems. 

Man:                (speaking to whomever is sitting closest to him) This is gonna be good!  No one will ever guess that secret.  That guy is going home with a thousand bucks baby! 

Host:                (ignoring the Man) All right Bob, that does sound like a good secret.  Now, let's bring out our panel and we'll get started.  They'll be asking you a series of questions.  Just answer truthfully, without giving too much detail and we'll see if you can win some big money.  Panelists, come on out! 

(Panelists enter and sit down.  Host and Bob can take a seat as well) 

Host:                Okay panelists, Bob's got a great secret.  Let's see if you can figure out what it is.  You may begin. 

Panelist 1:       Bob, does your secret involve adventure? 

Bob:                 (laughs) It depends on who's calling me that day! 

Panelist 1:       Aha! So, you admit you talk on the phone? 

Bob:                 Yes, quite often. 

Panelist 1:       I see.  Does your secret require a lot of talking on the phone? 

Bob:                 At times, yes. 

Panelist 1:       Do you have a cell phone? 

Bob:                 Yes. 

Panelist 1:       Does it ring a lot? 

Bob:                 Most of the time, yes. 

Panelist 1:       Bob, do you know what iTunes are? 

Bob:                 Yes, actually I do.  I have several of them on my cell phone. 

Panelist 1:       I knew it!  Bob, does this secret require you to be out of the house a lot? 

Bob:                 At times, yes. 

Panelist 1:       Does this secret require you to keep secrets from others, especially other adults?  

Bob:                 Yes, I often have to keep knowledge of certain situations and events to myself.  Confidentiality is very important. 

Panelist 1:       Does this secret involve going to movies? 

Bob:                 I guess in a way it does.  

Panelist 1:       Do you enjoy movies? 

Bob:                 Actually, I do.  I have a few favorites and not many people know that. 

Panelist 1:       Do you prefer comedies or dramas? 

Bob:                 I'm hooked on comedies!  I love to laugh, and I deal with enough drama in my life, so whenever I can catch a good comedy, I'm there! 

Panelist 1:       What about music?  Are you a fan? 

Bob:                 I love it!  Why, in my car or at home the volume on my radio is usually turned way up.  Music puts me in a good mood.  I don't know what I'd do without it. 

Panelist 1:       What about books?  Do you read a lot? 

Bob:                 Well, there is one book I read quite often but I enjoy reading lots of other things too.  J.R.R. Tolkein is one of my favorite authors.  Gotta love .Lord of the Rings!. By the way, the movie trilogy was awesome too! 

Panelist 1:       I knew it!  I'm afraid your secret is out.   I know what it is.  Sorry you won't be going home with the money today, Bob. 

Host:                Wow! That was quick!  How did you figure it out so fast? 

Panelist 1:       It was easy--simple deductive reasoning, actually.  

Host:                Okay, tell us.  What is Bob's secret? 

Panelist 1:       Bob's secret is: he's actually a teenager!  He's had plastic surgery to alter his age and appearance. 

Man:                Wrong! 

Panelist 1:            What do you mean, .I'm wrong.? That has to be the secret!