Goodness and Grace-Drama Skit

Goodness and Grace-Drama Skit

Themes: God's grace; grace versus works; taking action; weight loss
Categories: With God, Life Situations, Topical, Christian Living, Women's Ministry 

In preparation for her high school reunion, Grace has bought a new dress to "wow" a former classmate.  However, she needs to lose a few pounds to get into the dress, so she is relying on the "God's grace" diet: she prays, eats whatever she wants, and doesn't worry about exercise, thinking God's grace will be enough to help her shed the unwanted pounds.  When her friend, Marie hears what Grace is up to, she helps Grace realize that perhaps this was not what God had originally intended when he said, "My grace is sufficient for thee."

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 2 (2 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

This is a sample from the middle of the skit. 

Grace:             The dress doesn't actually fit. I can get into it, sort of, but it's pretty tight. 

Marie:              I thought you said it was brand new. 

Grace:             It is, but I wanted to lose a few pounds before the reunion. 

Marie:              I get it: the old .I'll buy a smaller size, which will motivate me to lose weight. trick.  

Grace:             Exactly!  You think I'm crazy?

Marie:              Nah, almost every woman I know has done that at least once in her life.  So, how's it going so far? 

Grace:             (picking up the candy bar and eating a big mouth full) I don't know yet.  I haven't put the dress back on since I bought it. 

Marie:              (reacting to the candy bar) Grace! 

Grace:             (with her mouth full) What? 

Marie:              I thought you just said you were on a diet! 

Grace:             (with her mouth full) So? 

Marie:              So, you're eating a candy bar!  

Grace:             (swallowing) I needed a chocolate fix.  

(Marie gives her a disapproving look) 

Grace:             It's just one candy bar, Marie.  It's not going to hurt anything. 

(Marie shakes her head, then begins to look around the room, noticing the empty cartons of junk food and wrappers etc.) 

Marie:              (picking up one of the ice-cream containers) What about this? 

Grace:             That's mint chocolate chip ice cream.  (or insert your favorite flavor) 

Marie:              It's empty and the carton is still cool, which means you ate this recently. 

Grace:             I had some for breakfast. 

Marie:              You had ice cream for breakfast? 

Grace:             I was out of cereal. 

Marie:              And what about this package of Oreos?  

Grace:             (defensively) Those were from a long time ago.  I just haven't thrown away the package yet. 

Marie:              I can see the cookie crumbs on your chin. 

Grace:             (wiping her chin) Oops! (innocently) Would you believe a mid-morning snack? 

Marie:              (disapproving) Grace, how do you expect to lose weight if you keep eating all this junk food? (gestures around the room) 

Grace:             I'm exercising. 

Marie:              (softening) You are? 

Grace:             Absolutely. 

Marie:              Oh, I'm sorry.  What kind of exercises are you doing? 

Grace:             (hesitantly) Walking. 

Marie:              (brightening) Terrific! Power walking is a great way to exercise!  Are you using that trail down by the park? 

Grace:             Not exactly. 

Marie:              Power walking inside the mall? 

Grace:             No. 

Marie:              Then, what? 

Grace:             I walk to and from my mailbox everyday. 

Marie:              Are you kidding me? 

Grace:             No, it's true. I get my mail every day. 

Marie:              I mean, is that all the exercise you get? 

Grace:             No, I walk around my block too. 

Marie:              Oh. How many times? 

Grace:              Once, about two weeks ago.

Marie:              (disappointed) Gracie! 

Grace:             Look Marie, this losing weight stuff is hard for me! 

Marie:              It's hard for everyone, Grace, but how do you expect to lose any weight if you don't exercise and if you continue to eat all this junk food? 

Grace:             (pause, as if thinking) Through God's grace. 

Marie:              I've never heard of that diet plan before. How does that work exactly?

Grace:             Well, I've been praying about it a lot.  I figure God knows how hard all this dieting stuff is for me so I thought He'd give me a little grace to get me through it. 

Marie:              So, because you set a goal to lose a few pounds, and because God knows how hard it is for you, you thought just by praying. 

Grace:             (interrupts) .and God's grace. 

Marie:              Right, by praying and God's grace, that you'd lose the extra weight? 

Grace:             Basically, yeah. 

 Marie:              (flabber ghasted) Now, just to be clear: you want to eat as much junk food as you want, not exercise, and then pray for God's good grace to help you shed pounds.  Is that what you're telling me?

 Grace:             Yes. 

Marie:              That's crazy! 

Grace:             Why? Doesn't God say .my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.? Well, I definitely have a weakness for junk food so His grace should be sufficient for me! 

Marie:              I don't think that's what He had in mind! 

Grace:             Why not? 

Marie:            Because it doesn't work that way that's why!