Way Down in my Heart-Drama Skit

Way Down in my Heart-Drama Skit

Themes: Joy, happiness, contentment
Categories: Life Situations, Christian Living, Women's Ministry 

This is a "female" version of my skit "Deep in My Heart."  It is similar in content, however it deals with issues more appealing to women. Paula has lost her joy and can't seem to find it anywhere.  She's looked in the refrigerator, near her  famous cheesecake; in the closet, where her brand new Donna Karen designer coat hangs; and even inside her cute little shoes!  But no matter where Paula looks, her joy is nowhere to be found.  Not even a call to the 911 operator can help her.  After all else fails, Paula finally looks in the least likely of places and discovers her joy wasn't missing at all, just misplaced.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 3 (3 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A living room.  As the scene opens, Paula is frantically looking around the room for something.  A doorbell is heard. Paula answers the door to find Karen and Jan standing there. 

Paula:              (pulling them frantically into the room) Thank goodness you're here! Reinforcements! 

Jan:                 What's up with you? 

Karen:             Are you ready to go? 

Paula:              Not yet. 

Jan:                 (looking at her watch) You'd better hurry or we're gonna be late. 

Paula:              Then you've got to help me look. 

Karen:             For what? 

Paula:              My joy.  I can't seem to find it anywhere. 

Jan:                 Did you look in your closet?  Maybe it's in your new Donna Karen coat. 

Paula:              No, I looked there already.  It's not there. 

Karen:             Told you you should have gotten the Ralph Lauren.  

Paula:              Hey, wait a minute, it might be in my other dress pocket.  I got a coupon for a free Diet Coke the other day.  (she goes to retrieve the coupon & comes back) 

Jan:                 Was it there? 

Paula:              No.  I found the coupon but not the joy.  It's got to be around here somewhere though. 

Karen:             When did you have it last? 

Paula:              (thinking) Hmmm...I don't remember. 

Jan:                 Did you have it at work? 

Paula:              (gives her a glaring look) Are you kidding? I've never had joy at work! 

Karen:             How about at church then?  I know you've had joy at church. 

Paula:              Come to think of it, I did have it last week. 

Jan:                 Okay then, it's got to be there.  

Paula:              I'll call the pastor and see if he found it.  (picks up a telephone and dials) Hi Pastor Frank, this is Paula.  I was just wondering if you'd seen my joy lying around at church this week.  I seem to have misplaced it. 

                        (listens for moment, then responds)  When did I have it last?  Well, I think it was after the choir sang.  (listens, then responds)  Yes, the choir sang beautifully. (listens, then responds)  Yes, Susan does a great job with them.  (listens, the responds) Yes, I thought the harmonies were excellent.  Actually pastor, I was referring to the moment when Ryan Tucker and Melanie Dupree took off their choir robes to reveal they each were wearing a .one of a kind. aqua knit dress with bright yellow flowers. Now that was joyous thing!  

(Karen, listening to the phone conversation slaps Paula on the arm) 

Paula:              Oww!  (gives Karen a grimacing look) Never mind pastor.  Whatever joy I might have found is gone again.  Thanks anyway. (hangs up the phone)  

Karen:             I can't believe you said that! 

Paula:              Admit it, you were thinking the same thing. 

Karen:             (laughing) Okay, yes that was pretty funny but I would have never said anything about it. 

Jan:                 You told me all about it. 

Karen:             I meant I wouldn't have said anything to Pastor Frank! 

Paula:              Okay, okay ladies we're wasting time.  Anybody have any other ideas? 

Jan:                 (thinks for a second) Wait a minute, Paula, I think I know where it is.  I know where your joy is! 

Paula:              Where? 

Jan:                 It's at your mother-in-law's.  That woman can suck the joy out of anything! 

All three women laugh 

Paula:              Hold on, I know exactly where it is!  How could I have forgotten?  

Karen:             Where? 

Paula:              The refrigerator.