When the Rains Came-Drama Skit

When the Rains Came-Drama Skit

Themes: Building strong family foundations; making wise decisions; the storms of life; family connections
Categories: Family, Mother's Day, Topical 

The three little pigs are all grown up and Mother Pig encourages them to "marry and build homes of their own." When Daisy Pig asks "What kinds of things should we choose to build our homes?" her mother replies, "Think back to your own childhood: recall those moments that made you the happiest.  Remember the the things that brought you comfort and made you feel safe.  Build your home upon those things."  However, Mother Pig is later shocked when she finds out the real causes of her daughter's happiness: one daughter is obsessed with wealth; another with perfection.  But what about the third daughter? Just maybe she has found the real source of a happy home: a solid foundation.  Can a Mother Pig dare to dream?

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (4 Female, 1 Neutral)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:            The stage is empty except for 6 chairs.  Two sit on the left, two in the middle and two to the right of the stage.   

Narrator:          Once upon a time there lived three little pigs: Millie, Daisy and Bessie. 

 (Millie, Daisy and Bessie enter and take center stage)   

The sisters grew up in a happy pig home and lived wonderful, happy pig lives, until one day they heard their elderly pig mother say: 

Mother Pig:      (enters) My dears, you are all growing older. It's time for you to marry and make homes of your own.  As you do so, choose the building blocks of your homes carefully, for one day, they may be your only shelter from the storms of life.  

Daisy:              But Mama, what kinds of things should we choose to build our homes? 

Mother Pig:      My precious Daisy, think back to your own childhood: recall those moments that made you the happiest.  Remember the things that brought you comfort and made you feel safe.  Build your home upon those things, and you won't go wrong.  

(the pigs look as if they are thinking for a moment) 

Millie:               (excited) Oh Mama, I know exactly the kind of home I want!  

Daisy:              Me too! 

Bessie:            So do I! Oh Mama, it's going to be so wonderful! 

Mother Pig:      I'm glad. Remember, choose the foundation of your homes carefully. 

Bessie:            We will Mama. 

(Mother Pig exits) 

Narrator:          So, the three sister pigs set out to marry and build for themselves a fine home. 

(They each move to stand in front of one of the chairs, where they pick up several pictures to show the audience at the appropriate time. The order should be: Millie at stage right, Daisy in the middle and Bessie at stage left) 

Narrator:            As it happened, the three sisters married three brothers (they each hold up a picture of a different pig).  They each had two piglets of their veryown (they hold up pictures of piglets), and their husbands all worked for the same company (they hold up the same picture of a building or the name of the company like .Swines R Us. or something). The sisters even ended up living in the same neighborhood.  However, their homes were very different. 

Many years later, Mother Pig came to visit each of her daughters. 

(As Millie greets Mother Pig, Daisy and Bessie sit in their chairs, .frozen,. with their heads down until it is their turn.) 

Mother Pig:      (enters and hugs Millie) Millie, it's so good to see you.  I can't wait to hear all about your life and the home you have made for you and your family.  

Millie:               Mama, you're going to be so proud of me!  I remembered what you said and I thought back to the happiest times in my childhood.  I built my home around those things. Come in, and let me show you! (they sit in the chairs) 

Mother Pig:      (looking around, confusion on her face) Millie, is that a big screen t'v.? 

Millie:               Yes, Mama.  

Mother Pig:      It's so.(at a loss for words) so. 

Millie:               Big? 

Mother Pig:      Exactly! 

Millie:               I know.  Isn't it great!  We've got three of them: one in here, one in the family room and one in our bedroom.  

Mother Pig:      (shocked) You have three t'v's? 

Millie:               No, don't be silly!  We have seven! 

Mother Pig:      (really shocked) Seven?  

Millie:               Of course.  Each of the kids has one in their rooms, which is definitely a necessity.  Then there's the one in the kitchen so I can watch Oprah while I'm making dinner, and then of course there's the one in the pool room. 

Mother Pig:      (appalled) Pool room? 

Millie:               Sure.  Didn't you notice the indoor swimming pool when you came in? 

Mother Pig:      I guess not.  

Millie:               Wait 'til you see it.  It's absolutely gorgeous!  I've got all my other exercise equipment out there too.  

Mother Pig:      But we're pigs.we don't need to exercise.  The bigger, the better! 

Millie:               (patting her stomach) Mama just because we're pigs doesn't mean we can't stay in shape. 

Mother Pig:      Round is a shape. 

Millie:               I like to exercise, okay? 

Mother Pig:      Okay.  (looking at the floor) These are some very beautiful rugs you've got. 

Millie:               Aren't they though?  They're custom made'straight from the Orient.  

Mother Pig:      That sounds very expensive. 

Millie:               (proudly) It is!  

Mother Pig:      (looking around) It looks like you've got quite a collection of expensive things: crystal vases, fine china, furniture. 

Millie:               Hand made furniture, only from the finest wood. 

Mother Pig:      Of course.  

Millie:               And you haven't even seen all my jewelry yet! 

Mother Pig:      Millie. 

Millie:               I know, Mama.  Isn't it fantastic!  I've got everything I've ever wanted and so do my kids.  They have their own high tech computers, cell phones, video games, DVD players, designer clothes.anything they could ever want.  They have the best that money can buy! 

Mother Pig:      I don't know what to say.