More to this Life-Drama Skit

More to this Life-Drama Skit

Themes: Finding fulfillment, seeking more to life, how to handle a crisis situation, illness
Categories: With God, Family, Topical, Life Situations 

Richard's father-in-law is deteriorating under the effects of Alzheimer's disease. Richard is having a hard time coping.  He begins to search for some kind of meaning in life, while his wife and son turn to "aura cleansing" and rubbing magic stones for emotional relief.  Richard thinks they're both nuts, and wants to find peace in something other than the usual life remedies.

Style: Drama

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Characters: 3 (2 Male, 1 Female)
Length: 4-6 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  Living room.  Richard, Lizzie and Zach have all just come home from visiting Arthur in the nursing home.   All are rather dazed, shocked etc. After throwing his keys on the table, Richard goes directly to the couch and sits as in a daze, staring out into the audience. 

Zach:                Grandpa's really losin. it, isn't he? 

Lizzie:               (Defensively, angrily) He's not losing it, Zach! He's just old.  It's not his fault he has Alzheimer's.  He didn't ask to be put in that nursing home! 

Zach:                Sorry, Mom.  I didn't mean anything by it.  I just can't believe he didn't even recognize me.his own grandson. 

Lizzie:               He didn't recognize his own daughter either. 

Zach:                He's getting worse isn't he? 

Lizzie:               Yes.  His prognosis isn't good.  (to Richard) Did you get a chance to talk to the nurse, Richard? 

(Richard is still in a daze.  He half turns his head to Lizzie, hardly answers, just of shakes his head 'no. and mumbles something to himself) 

Zach:                (To his mom) Is dad gonna be okay?  He's taking this pretty hard.  He and grandpa got to be pretty close. 

Lizzie:               It's hard on all of us, Zach. 

Zach:                (putting his arm around his mom for comfort) I know mom.  How are you doing? 

Lizzie:               (sighs) Like I always do Zach.  I'm coping.  I think right now, I need to sit down, and get in touch with my inner self.  (She goes and sits on the floor in yoga position, legs crossed, arms resting on her legs, hand turned upward.) 

Zach:                Maybe you're right mom.  After a day like today, we should all focus our positive energies on cleansing our auras.  (goes to sit beside Lizzie.  Starts chanting mumbo jumbo, making large gestures with his hands.) 

Richard:            (As if in la-la land, not really talking directly to anyone) I just can't believe that was the same man.  The man who gave me such a hard time about my hippie van, my bell bottoms and long hair'the same man who trusted me with his company, who held my family together when I was working ungodly hours.  He was my mentor'the father that I never really had.  (laughs to himself)  Eventually, he was even my friend. 

(At this point, Zach gets louder in his chanting, getting Richard's attention.

  Richard looks at Zach and Lizzie like they are crazy.  Zach, finished meditating, opens his eyes and stands up.) 

Zach:                Ahh, much better.  I feel more centered now. 

(Lizzie opens her eyes and looks at Zach) 

Zach:                (Looking to Richard) Hey, dad you look like you could use some tranquillity yourself.   

Richard:            Oh, is that what that was?  No thanks! 

Lizzie:               Well, Richard, Zach and I are just trying to 'remember our spirits.. 

Richard:            Now I know you've been watching too much Oprah! 

Zach:                Oh come on dad.  It wouldn't hurt you to at least try something.  Here, maybe this is more your style.  (Zach hands Richard a stone) 

Richard:            A rock? 

Zach:                It's a Grosseller stone.  It represents the spirit of the earth: the oneness of the universe. 

Richard:            It's a rock. 

Zach:                Work with me here.  When you're feeling negative energy, you're supposed to rub the stone and open up your mind, and let the spirit envelop you and soothe your soul. 

Richard:            How is a rock going to soothe my soul? 

Zach:                Because dad, it's part of the life energy that flows through all of us. 

Richard:            Life energy?  You mean, like God? 

Zach:                Sort of.  You see, dad, we're all God. 

Richard:            Huh? 

Zach:                It's really quite simple.  We all have within us the potential to rise above our human limitations and achieve total peace and perfection. 

Richard:            (Not buying it) What a crock! 

Lizzie:               Richard. 

Zach:                No, it's okay, mom.  We've had this discussion before.  (to Richard)  I should have known you wouldn't understand.  I give up.  You're hopeless.  Your bad karma is dragging me down, dad!  I'm outta here!  (leaves) 

Lizzie:               He was just trying to help. 

Richard:            Well, I'm sorry Liz, but I don't see how chanting, waving my arms in the air, and rubbing some rock is going to help. 

Lizzie:               So, what will help? 

Richard:            I wish I knew.  I've been asking myself that question a lot lately.  I sure wish I could talk to your dad.  He always seemed to have all the answers.