Through the Wringer-Drama Skit

Through the Wringer-Drama Skit

Themes: Cleansing of sins; working for God; the process of purification; "God's Laundromat;" hiding from God; the difficult times; fear; answering God's call; God's love for us; new creatures in Christ
Categories: With God, Topical, Sin, Women's Ministry 

Pinky and Stretch have been hanging in Penelope's closet for years, but newcomer Glamour isn't so sure she wants to be there.  Glamour hides behind the other clothes in the closet for fear she might get chosen to be worn, and therefore get "dirty."  Her biggest fear is facing the washer and dryer, and the dreaded iron:  she's not sure she has what it takes to survive the heat.  With a little help from Pinky and Stretch, Glamour learns to embrace her fears and to fulfill her destiny. 

This skit illustrates that we are God's chosen people, but that along our journey we will encounter and participate in sin.  Because of God's love for us, he washes us clean, helps us own up to our mistakes by applying "heat" and irons out our "wrinkles," making us new creatures.


This skit is flexible and can be used for a wide variety of topics. 

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 4 (4 Female)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: Three teenage girls stand on stage, as if hanging in a closet. One is dressed in a pink sweater and either slacks or jeans ("Pinky"); one is dressed in a t-shirt with sweat pants ("Stretch"); and the third is wearing a nice dress ("Glamour"). When the skit opens, Pinky and Stretch are standing very close together, and Glamour is standing halfway behind Pinky, so she is only partially seen.

As the skit opens, Pinky begins to giggle, then stops. Stretch looks quizzically at her for a moment, then faces the audience again.  Pinky giggles again and Stretch looks at her.  Pinky looks at Stretch's upraised eyebrows, clears her throat, then stops giggling. After a moment, Pinky breaks out in hysterical laughter once again. 

Stretch:           All right, Pinky, what's so funny? 

Pinky:              I can't help it, Stretch, Miss Glamour back here is tickling me. 

Glamour:         (still standing behind Pinky) I'm not doing anything! 

Pinky:              Yes, you are!  I can feel you breathing, and it tickles the threads in my sweater.  (laughs again)  There you go again! 

Stretch:           For goodness sake, Glamour, will you move out of Pinky's way before she busts a seam or something? 

Pinky:              Actually, can we all move? It feels a bit crowded in here this morning. 

(All three girls jump so there is some space between them.  They should be standing side by side, in a straight line)  

Stretch:           Aaah, that's much better.  What were you doing back there anyway, Glamour? 

Glamour:         I was hiding. 

Pinky:              Hiding?  Hiding from what? 

Glamour:         Not from what, from whom. 

Stretch:           Whom, who? 

Glamour:         Her whom, that's who! 

Stretch:           Her whom?  (getting annoyed) Glamour, what are you talking about? 

Glamour:         I'm talking about Miss Penelope Fillmore, that's who! 

Pinky:              (shocked) Penny?  Our owner?  

Glamour:         The one and only. 

Pinky:              Why were you hiding from her?  Penny is great. 

Glamour:         I was hiding because I didn't want her to see me.  

Stretch:           Why not? 

Glamour:         Because if she saw me, she might have chosen me, and I didn't feel like going out today. 

Stretch:           You never feel like going out. 

Pinky:              I love going out!  You get to travel and meet all kinds of new people.  

Stretch:           Yeah, it's much better than hanging here in this stuffy closet all day. 

Glamour:         I don't think so.  I'd rather hang here where it's safe. 

Stretch:           Really?  

Pinky:              Remember, Stretch, she's still new.  She hasn't been out there like we have.  

Stretch:           That's right.  You just arrived here last week. 

Pinky:              Oh, I remember the day I was first brought home.   I'd been shipped around from store to store and it felt like I'd been hanging on that sales rack forever!  I'd been discounted so many times, I didn't think anyone would ever want me.  

Stretch:           Then Penny walked in, right? 

Pinky:              Right.  She picked me up and ran her hand over my sleeve.  She saw that flaw near my elbow, but she didn't care.  She just smiled and looked at me lovingly.   

Stretch:           Then she bought you. 

Pinky:              Yep, paid full price for me too.  She told the clerk that the sales price didn't reflect my true worth.  Then I was wrapped up and brought here, and this has been my home ever since.  

Glamour:         What about you, Stretch? 

Stretch:           There wasn't anything special about me.  I was just an ordinary t-shirt.  I was folded on the shelf waiting, with all the other hopefuls, when Penny found me.  She said she could use a good shirt like me.  So, here I am. 

Pinky:              There's really nothing to be scared of Glamour.  Penny always takes good care of us. 

Glamour:         It's not Penny that I'm afraid of so much.  It's the washer and the dryer. 

Stretch:           Yeah, I know what you mean.  I'm not gonna lie to you Glamour, it can be pretty rough sometimes.   

Pinky:              We were all scared the first time we had to face the washer and dryer. 

Glamour:         Even you, Stretch? 

Stretch:           Of course I was!  

Glamour:         But you seem so strong. 

Stretch:           Sure, I do now, but I was scared to death that first time.  It was the worst!  

Glamour:         What happened? 

Stretch:           Penny took me out to work, and then....and then...


Pinky: Tell her, Stretch.


Stretch: I got dirty!


Glamour: (aghast) No!


Stretch: Yes. I was working in the yard and some dust came flying at me and I couldn't fight it off. Then, I.... I....(pause)


Pinky: Go on Stretch. I know it's difficult.


Stretch: Well, (hesitating) I... I....rubbed against the soil and it got all over me.


Glamour: (gasps) How terrible!


Stretch: I know, I shouldn't have done it. I was so ashamed. I tried to get the dirt off, but I just made it worse. Pretty soon, a small stain turned into a big one, and then I created another one and another one, until I was covered with them.


Glamour: And that's when you had to go in the washer?


Stretch: Yes.


Glamour: What was it like?