Deep in my Heart-Drama Skit

Deep in my Heart-Drama Skit

Themes: Joy, happiness, contentment
Categories: Christian Living 

Paul has lost his joy and can't seem to find it anywhere.  He's looked in the refrigerator, near his wife's famous cheesecake; in the garage, where his brand new Chevy truck sits; and even inside his shoes!  (You'll have to buy the skit to figure that one out!) But no matter where Paul looks, his joy is nowhere to be found.  Not even a call to the 911 operator can help him.  After all else fails, Paul finally looks in the least likely of places and discovers his joy wasn't missing at all, just misplaced.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 2 (1 Male, 1 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: The skit opens with a man frantically searching for something.


Karen: (off stage) Honey, are you almost ready? We need to leave soon.

Paul: (calls back) Not yet, I'm looking for something.

Karen: (enters) What are you looking for?

Paul: My joy. I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Karen: Did you look in the garage? Maybe you left it in your new Chevy truck.

Paul: No, I looked there already. It's not there.

Karen: Told you we should have gotten the Ford.

Paul: Hey, wait a minute, it might be in my other pant's pocket. I got a coupon for a free Coke the other day. (he goes to retrieve the coupon & comes back)

Karen: Was it there?

Paul: No. I found the coupon but not the joy. It's got to be around here somewhere though.

Karen: When did you have it last?

Paul: (thinking) Hmmm...I don't remember.

Karen: Did you have it at work?

Paul: (gives her a glaring look) Are you kidding? I've never had joy at work!

Karen: How about at church then? I know you've had joy at church.

Paul: Come to think of it, I did have it last week.

Karen: Okay then, it's got to be there.

Paul: I'll call the pastor and see if he found it. (picks up a telephone and dials) Hi, Pastor ___________ (insert pastor's name), this is Paul. I was just wondering if you'd seen my joy laying around at church this week. I seem to have misplaced it.

(listens for moment, then responds) When did I have it last? Well, I think it was during the children's program. (listens, then responds) Yes, the children are very precious. (listens, then responds) Yes, Susan (or insert your children's director's name) does a great job with the kids. (listens, the responds) Yes, they all looked cute in their costumes.

Actually pastor, I was referring to the moment when little Johnny McKay fell off the risor and took 3 or 4 of the other kids with him, knocking over all the music stands. There was paper floating down from the sky like a mini snow storm. Now that was joyous thing!

(Karen, who's been listening to the phone conversation punches Paul in the arm)

Paul: Oww! (gives Karen a grimacing look) Never mind pastor. Whatever joy I might have found is gone again. Thanks anyway. (hangs up the phone) Well, any other ideas?

Karen: (thinks for a second) Wait a minute, Paul, I think I know where it is. I know where your joy is!

Paul: Where?

Karen: It's at your mothers. That woman can suck the joy out of anything!

Paul: Very funny. (pause) Hold on, I know exactly where it is. How could I have forgotten?

Karen: Where?

Paul: The refrigerator.

Paul:                Yeah, don't you remember that cherry cheesecake you made?  That was the most delicious dessert I've ever tasted. I'll just go eat a quick slice and then we can be on our way. 

Karen:             I don't think so. 

Paul:                Why?  You're afraid it will spoil my appetite?  When have you ever known me to not be hungry?  I'll be fine.  Besides that cheesecake brings me lots of joy! 

Karen:             I ate the last piece at lunch. 

Paul:                What?  

Karen:             I'm sorry, I didn't know it meant that much to you. 

Paul:                You ate my joy! 

Karen:             I said I was sorry. 

Paul:                You're right.  Come over here and plant one on me then. (makes a smooching sound) 

Karen:             Aw, that's sweet--you want to kiss and make up? 

Paul:                No, I want to see if there's any cheesecake crumbs left on your lips! 

Karen:             You're terrible! 

Paul:                I just want my joy back.