Trick or Treat-Drama Skit

Trick or Treat-Drama Skit

Themes: Halloween, alternatives to celebrating Halloween, origins of Halloween, remorse
Categories: Halloween, Topical, Christian Living 

When two teens express remorse over past Halloween "pranks," they decide not to participate in any future Halloween endeavors.  However, it won't be so easy to convince their other friends to do the same, especially since one of them seems to enjoy Halloween a little "too much."  Even if the friends can be convinced, is there any "fun" way to celebrate Halloween?

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 4 (2 Male, 2 Female)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Brad: So, we're in agreement? We're gonna tell Greg and Kathy we don't want to continue our usual Halloween activities this year, right?

Jane: Right. Do you think they'll be mad?

Brad: I don't know, but it bothers me that Greg seemed to enjoy some of those pranks a little too much last year. You know what I mean?

Jane: Yeah. I still feel bad about scaring that poor little girl. She won't even talk to me anymore.

Brad: I feel bad too.

Jane: At least nothing will happen like that again this year.

Brad: If we can talk Greg out of it, that is.

Jane: Maybe Kathy can convince him. (looks to the side entrance) Here they come.

(Greg and Kathy enter with a bag full of Halloween items)

Greg: Hi guys. Are you ready to plan for the most awesome night of the year?

Kathy: You should see all the cool stuff we got. It's gonna be even better than last year!

Jane: Brad and I were just talking about that.

Greg: Great! Have you guys decided what you're dressing up as?

Brad: Not exactly.

Kathy: Well, you better hurry. You don't have much time left to decide. If you wait too long, all the good costumes will be gone.

Greg: I've already got mine. Wait 'til you see it. It's this ghoulie lookin. guy dressed in black with an ax stuck in his head. His eyes are popping out and fake blood is dripping down his ears.

Kathy: I'm going as his bride. I've got a white dress with blood all over it and a sword stuck in my neck. There's a big vein hanging out the side.

Greg: We're gonna make our hair frizzy and wear black and white make-up so it looks like we're dead.

Kathy: Doesn't that sound great?

Jane: (unenthusiastically) I guess.

Greg: It'll scare the pants off those kids!

Kathy: Oh, I forgot to tell you. Greg's brother is trying to put together a haunted house in that empty building across town. You guys wanna help?

(Jane and Brad look at each other)

Brad: I don't think so.

Greg: Why not? (mocking) Is little Bradley scared?

Brad: No, I'm not scared. I just don't think I want to participate in Halloween at all this year.

Jane: Me either.

Kathy:              Why?  We always have so much fun! 

Jane:               It wasn't that fun last year. 

Greg:               What are you talking about?  Remember that one kid we scared so bad he wet his pants?  That was a riot! 

Brad:               That wasn't funny, Greg.  It was mean. 

Jane:               Yeah, his mom told me he started having nightmares after that. 

Greg:               Come on, that kid will get over it.  He's a big boy! 

Brad:               He was only five.  

Greg:               Well, if he can't handle a little teasing then he shouldn't be out treating. Besides, since when did you get all anti-Halloween? 

Brad:               We went too far last year, Greg. 

Greg:               We were just trying to have a little fun.  

Kathy:              That's what Halloween is all about: dressing up, getting a little candy and maybe playing a few harmless pranks on people.  It's not a big deal. 

Jane:               But it is a big deal!  

Kathy:              What are you talking about?  You've always liked Halloween. 

Jane:               I don't anymore. 

Kathy:              Why not? 

Jane:               Someone at my church gave me a flyer to read about Halloween.  It gave me the creeps. 

Greg:               You do know it's all just pretend don't you?  What you see on Halloween are just costumes'they aren't real people.  

Kathy:              Duh!  I think she knows that. 

Jane:               But it used to be real.  That's how Halloween got started. 

Greg:               Huh? 

Brad:               Halloween was originally called .Samhain. (pronounced sah win).  It was a celebration that focused on death.