A Breath of Fresh Air-Drama Skit

A Breath of Fresh Air-Drama Skit

Themes: Moms of young children, taking a break, commonalities between moms, Jesus providing for our needs
Categories: Mother's Day 

The ladies of the of S.S.A. (Stinky Smells Anonymous) are discouraged with some of the "drudgeries" of motherhood; dirty diapers, potty training, babies spitting up etc. So, when the first meeting of S.S.A. commences, the ladies find a common bond in some of the "stenches" only mothers can truly understand.  They are reminded of the old Calgon commercial that says, "Calgon, take me away!"  They comment on how nice it would be if they could be whisked away in real life.  Suddenly, one of the moms reaches up to heaven and says, "Jesus, take me away!"  and she is magically transported to a place of blue skies and flowers.  She thinks she is in heaven.  The other ladies soon follow and they learn how Jesus can help "transport" them any time they need a break from the pressures and even "smells" of motherhood. They soon realize that paradise is only a breath away.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 7 (7 Female)
Length: 10-12 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: Five ladies sitting around a living room: either at a table or on a couch with a few chairs nearby. One woman is standing off to the side, as if looking out a window.


Rhoda: Any sign of her, June?


June: (standing to the side, looking out, as if looking out a window) No, and she should have been here by now. (looks at her watch) She's 20 minutes late.


Phyllis: Maybe we should start without her.


Leslie: I think so too. I've only got the baby sitter for 2 hours.


June: (reluctantly) Okay, we'll go ahead and start the meeting. (she sits in one of the chairs near the rest of the group)


Rhoda: I hope she's all right.


Sarah: She wasn't doing too well the other day when I talked to her.


Phyllis: Is she still experiencing some postpartum depression?


Sarah: Yes, that combined with...well...you know. (shudders)


Phyllis: (knowingly) Oh, right. (shudders)


June: Which brings us to the reason we are here ladies. Did everyone bring her item?

(Various nods and answers of "yes" are heard)

June: Then let us begin. (she opens a book and begins to read) I, June Johnson, will be your facilitator this afternoon. As we join in the sisterhood of motherhood...


Leslie: (raises an eyebrow) The sisterhood of motherhood?


Rhoda: Just go with it, Leslie.


Leslie: (resigned) Okay.


June: As I was saying, as we join in the sisterhood of motherhood, let us not judge one another but uplift and encourage one another, supporting our sister mothers...


Leslie: (smirks) Sister Mothers? I'm sorry, June, but is all this really necessary?


June: (slams the book shut) Fine! I was trying to add some class to our little group but I see now that's impossible, so I'll forego all the formalities.


Leslie: (sarcastic) Thank you.


Sarah: Hey, you guys, we're here to support each other, not add to the misery. Remember?


June: She's right. I'm sorry Leslie.


Leslie: Me too, June. I'm just grouchy because I'm constantly surrounded by...


Rhoda: (patting Leslie on the arm) We all are. That's why we're here. Don't worry, we'll help each other through it.


June: Would anyone like to go first?

(All women quickly raise their hands at the same time)

June: Hmmm, I guess we all have a lot to discuss today. Phyllis, you were the first one here, why don't you go first?


Phyllis: Thank you, June. My name is Phyllis Ward and I came to S.S.A. because....


Sarah: (confused) S.S.A? What's that?


Leslie: Yeah, I thought we were O.O.A.


Phyllis: No, we decided on S.S.A.


Rhoda: Yeah, we decided that at our last meeting. What's O.O.A?


Sarah: Overbearing Odors Anonymous.


June: Overbearing Odors Anonymous was too long. We decided to stick with something short and sweet.


Sarah: (disbelieving) So, now we're Short and Sweet Anonymous?


Rhoda: (aggravated) No! S.S.A. stands for Stinky Smells Anonymous!


June: Let's just get on with it, shall we? Go ahead Phyllis.


Phyllis: My name is Phyllis Ward and I came to S.S.A. because of this! (holds up a diaper)


(All other women gasp at the site of the diaper)


Phyllis: (shakes the diaper) I hate this smell! I smell it in the morning. I smell it mid-morning. I smell it at lunch, then after lunch.


Leslie: Then again in the afternoon, right?


Phyllis: Right! Then I smell it before dinner, and then right after dinner. I smell it before I go to bed!


Rhoda: Then you wake up in the middle of the night and smell it too, right?


Phyllis: Yes, sometimes 2 or 3 times a night! I even smell it in my dreams. I can't take it anymore! (breaks down and begins to sob, as she yells) I hate the smell of dirty diapers!


June: (goes to comfort Phyllis) It's okay, Phyllis. We've all been there. Just let it all out.


Phyllis: (Phyllis lets out a mangled cry) I hate .em! (speaks between sobs) There was a full diaper yesterday...(sobs)


Leslie: Go ahead, tell us about it.


Phyllis: I was gone for the day and my husband was watching my daughter. He gave her chili for lunch.


Leslie: Oh, no!


Phyllis: With beans! (sobs harder)


(All women gasp)


Phyllis: (continues to sob) I almost committed murder....against my own husband! (loud cries)


June: There, there Phyllis. It's okay. You're safe now.

June:               There, there Phyllis.  It's okay.  You're safe now.  

(Phyllis calms down) 

June:               Who would like to go next? 

Leslie:              I guess I will. 

Rhoda:            Go ahead.  We're here for you. 

Leslie:              My name is Leslie Green, and I have a similar problem.  I'm here because of this! (she holds up a toilet seat cover) 

Sarah:             Oh Leslie, I'm so sorry!  I had no idea! 

Leslie:              No one did.  We just started potty training this week. 

June:               How's little Bobby taking it? 

Leslie:              Not very well, I'm afraid.  

Rhoda:            (wrinkles up her nose) How bad is it? 

Leslie:              It's bad!  (starting to tear up) Little Bobby's aim isn't as good as we had hoped.  The smell is... (wrinkles her nose

Sarah:             Oh Leslie, I'm so sorry! 

Leslie:              There's stench on the bathroom floor. 

June:               Oh! 

Leslie:              There's stench all over the toilet. 

Rhoda:            Oh my! 

Leslie:              There's stench on the walls, and even in the bath tub! 

Sarah:             Why the bath tub? 

Leslie:              Bobby figured one drain was as good as another.