Pass the Fruit-Drama Skit

Pass the Fruit-Drama Skit

Themes: Fruit of the Spirit, reflecting God's love, exhibiting Godly character, potential, misunderstanding God's word
Categories: Life Situations, Topical, Christian Living 

When Phyllis placed an ad looking for people who displayed the fruits of the Spirit in their character, she got the perfect applicants: The Fruit of the Loom guys. Insisting there was no difference between Fruit of the Loom and Fruit of the Spirit, Red (the apple) and the others try to prove they are the best candidates for the job.  Phyllis isn't convinced until Madge, another applicant barges into her office.  There was definitely something "different" about Madge, but was she the best person for the job?   

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (1 Female, 4 Neutral)
The original Fruit of the Loom characters were written as men but can easily be played by women or a mixture of both.
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: Phyllis sits at a desk, talking on the telephone.  She looks over a stack of files

as she does so. 

Phyllis:             No, Jack, I haven't found any good candidates yet, and I've only got one interview left.  (pause)(pause) I understand that but you think we could find a person who exhibits at least some of the qualities of the fruit of the Spirit. (pause) No, I'm telling you Jack, from what I've seen today, I've got socks who display better characteristics than this bunch!  (pause)  Yes, I knew it wouldn't be easy...

Yes, I know...patience is a fruit of the Spirit.  (pause) Yes, I'll try to practice what I preach. (looking at her watch) Look Jack, it's time for my last appointment so I need to go.  (pause)  Okay, I'll keep you posted. Maybe this one will be it.  (pause) All right, talk to you soon.  Bye. 

(She hangs up the phone. Looking over the files one last time, she talks to herself)  

It certainly can't get much worse.  

(A knock is heard at the door.  Phyllis gets up from behind her desk and walks toward the door.) 

                        Come in. 

(One at a time each fruit walks in, shakes Phyllis. hand and introduces him/her self. One of them hands her a piece of paper, representing their collective resume. Phyllis stands with a dazed and confused look on her face. 

Each of the fruits could be wearing large painted cardboard cut outs to signify who they are, as well as corresponding shirt and pants colors. For example the apple would be dressed in red shirt and pants, the banana in yellow and the grapes in green.) 

Red:                Red:  (Apple) Hi, nice to meet you.  I'm McIntosh Apple but you can call me Red. 

Bunch:             Bunch:  (Grapes) Hello, it's good to be here.  I'm Seedless Grapes, but all my friends call me Bunch. 

Slick:               Slick:  (Banana) Hi, nice to meet you.  I'm Chaquita Banana but I like to go by my stage name, Slick.  

All 3:                All 3(they stand arm in arm) Together, we're the Fruit of the Loom guys! (gals) 

Slick:               Slick:  At least that's what we're best known for.  We seem to have gotten type-cast,. so we're trying to expand our image.  

Bunch:             Bunch:  That's why we're here.  We'd like to be your new fruit of the Spirit representatives. 

(Phyllis stands (Phyllis is confused, mouth open, not knowing what to say) 

Bunch:             Bunch:  Are you okay, 

Phyllis:             Phyllis: regaining her composure) I'm sorry, I don't think you're in the right place.  

Red:                Red:  You're holding interviews for fruit, right? 

Phyllis:             Phyllis:  Fruit of the Spirit, yes. 

Red:                Red:  Fruit of the Loom, fruit of the Spirit, what the diff? (difference)  

Phyllis:             Phyllis:  Excuse me? 

Slick:               Slick:  Look, you need some fruit and we need a job.  Plus, we're the best in the business.  You won't be disappointed! 

Phyllis:             Phyllis:  I don't think you understand.  I'm not looking for fruit, I'm looking for people who display the qualities of the fruit of the Spirit. 

Bunch:             Bunch:  (with a .hands on hips. stance) Oh, don't worry about that, we're a very spirited bunch! 

Phyllis:             Phyllis:  I'm sure you're all very nice but you're not quite what I'm looking for. 

Red:                Red:  Are you an equal opportunity employer? 

Phyllis:             Phyllis:  Yes, but.. 

Red:                Red:  Then I think you should give us a chance.  

Slick:               Slick:  At least hear us out. 

Phyllis:              Phyllis:  (sighs) All right, please have a seat.  (All 3 sit, Phyllis returns to her desk) 

Red:                Red:  Why don't you start by telling us more about the job description.  

Slick:               Slick:  We assume this is a holiday gig, correct? 

Phyllis:              Phyllis:     Holiday gig? 

Bunch:             Bunch:  You know, where we get dressed up and travel around to get people into the holiday spirit.  

Red:                Red:  I'm a big hit at Halloween parties.  Everybody loves bobbing for apples! 

Slick:               Slick:  Except that one guy who had the false teeth.  He opened his mouth so wide his teeth fell right out of his mouth and sank to the bottom of the barrel. 

Red:                Red:  Bobbing for false teeth wasn't exactly a party favorite that night! But other than that isolated incident, I've had great success. 

Bunch:             Bunch:  I've found I do my best work on the 4th of July.  On a hot summer day, some sweet, juicy grapes really hit the spot. 

Slick:               Slick:  And as you know, banana cream pie goes with any occasion. 

Red:                Red:  So, as you can see we've got years of experience... 

Slick:               .Slick:  ..and great connections.  

Bunch:             Bunch:  Plus, we photograph well. 

Red:                Red:  We'd be perfect as your spirit fruits! 

Slick:               Slick:  So, what do you say? 

Phyllis:             Phyllis:  Look, you all seem very nice and I really appreciate you coming in to meet with me today, but as I tried to tell you earlier this is not a job for actual fruit.  

Red:            (annoyed) Well, if you wanted vegetables than why didn't you say so in your ad?