Fear Pays A Visit-Drama Skit

Fear Pays A Visit-Drama Skit

Themes: Fear, thought patterns, how the enemy works, Satan, strongholds
Categories: God/Satan, Christian Living, Life Situations, Topical, Halloween 

This is a monologue personifying Fear.  Fear is portrayed as a person, talking to the audience, telling them how many times he (or she) has been with them: particularly in situations they may have never considered before.  However, this is not obvious to the audience at the beginning.  As the skit develops, the audience begins to "catch on," until Fear finally reveals himself near the end.

Style: Monologue

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Characters: 1 (1 Neutral)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)


Monologue opens with the actor (man or woman) dressed in all black, sitting on a stool.  The actor’s head should be down.  After 3-5 seconds of silence, with head down, the actor slowly looks up and glances around the audience.  As the actor glances around, a grin begins to form on his/her face. The actor should speak slowly, calmly, and at a steady pace.

Monologue begins:


            Do you recognize me? You may not…yet.  But I know all of you.  I’ve been with you more times than you may remember.  I’ve been to this church many times.  I’ve sat next to you while you’ve worshipped.  I’ve stood behind your pastors as they’ve attempted to deliver messages.  I’ve been in your Sunday school classes, near your teachers and your children, and I’ve been in your fellowship hall. 

            I’ve been in your homes too.  I’ve stood outside on your lawn and in your driveways.  I’ve sat at your dinner tables, and went inside your bedrooms.  I’ve been with you as you drove to work or went to the grocery store.  I’ve walked with your children as they scattered off to school. 


            I’ve been with you at the hospital.  I’ve hung out with your doctors and nurses and I’ve visited you frequently in your hospital room.  You’ve been so open to my presence—so welcoming, inviting me to stay.  And I’ve been happy to be with you.  It is after all, my job: what I’m trained for, what I live for, what I enjoy.  So of course, I’m happy to do it.

            I’ve traveled the world.  I’ve met new people, caught up with old friends. I’ve tried to never lose contact with anyone I’ve met, which of course, has kept me very busy.  My schedule stays full.  I’m a hard worker and I take my job very seriously.  I do it well.  I’m persistent, calculating, aggressive, even relentless perhaps.


Do you recognize me yet?