Spud Bowl-Drama Skit

Spud Bowl-Drama Skit

Themes: Personality conflicts, conflict resolution, using your gifts wisely, offensive behaviors, working as a team
Categories: Personal, Relationships, Topical, Christian Living, Annual Events 

The annual Spud Bowl football game isn't going too well this year for the Tater family.  Speck Tater won't get off the bench, Agi Tater is stirring up trouble, Hesi Tater runs, stops, then tackles too late (she can't make up her mind), and Dick Tater can't stop telling everyone what to do!  Can this Tater family pull it together in the second half, or will they get fried by the opposing team?

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 7 (1 Male, 1 Female, 5 Neutral)
Length: 10-12 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A football locker room. Chairs should be arranged for each person in a half circle. Each character should be dressed to look like a potato, with a football jersey. Each player's name should be written on the t-shirt. The Commen Tater should be dressed in business attire. The Commen Tater's name is not displayed. The Commen Tater and children can all be gender neutral.

Commen Tater: Hey sports fans, if you've just joined us it's half time at our annual Spud Bowl football game. We've got an exclusive interview with the Tater Family. I see them entering the locker room now. Let's meet them and hear their thoughts on the first half.

(Players enter from side stage, talking as they do. Once on stage, the players sit in the chairs


Dick Tater: I told you to run right, not left! That could end up costing us the game!

Agi Tater: No Dad, I think the score of 38 to nothing could end up costing us the game.

Commen Tater: (to Dick Tater) I know it's been a tough first half for you. Why don't you introduce us to your family and then we'll talk about what you think went wrong.

Dick Tater: Yeah, okay. My name is Dick Tater. My wife, Facili Tater will be here in a minute. These are our 4 kids: Agi Tater, Hesi Tater, Speck Tater, and Partici Pater.

Commen Tater: Wait a minute, that last one isn't a "Tater" name.

Dick Tater: She's the youngest in a family of 6. You try coming up with another "Tater" name.

Commen Tater: So, what do you think it will take to put you guys back in this game?

Agi Tater: A miracle!

Hesi Tater: I think...(she stops)

Commen Tater: You think what?

Hesi Tater: I think we need to find a new strategy against their offense.

Dick Tater: We don't need a new strategy. You, (pointing at all of them) just need to do what I say! (points to himself)

Agi Tater: Since when does the quarterback call the plays?

Commen Tater: (to Speck Tater) I noticed you were sitting on the bench through most of the first half. Are you nursing an injury?

Speck Tater: No.

Commen Tater: Then why weren't you out on the field helping your team?

Agi Tater: Because she'd rather sit around and watch while the rest of us work!

Dick Tater: (to Speck Tater) You're getting out there this next half!

Speck Tater: Can't I just cheer from the sidelines instead?