The Future is History-Drama Skit

The Future is History-Drama Skit

Themes: Black history awareness, other cultures, heritage, the past influencing the present and the future, famous African American people throughout history, studying other cultures or your own heritage can be fun
Categories: Black History 

When Eli catches his sister and her friend in an African American inspired dance, he and his buddies think the girls have lost their minds. But through innocent teasing and a "know it all attitude," the boys soon learn they didn't know as much about their own heritage as they think they did.  The girls end up teaching them a history lesson they won't soon forget!

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (3 Male, 2 Female)
Length: 5-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Trish: Can you show me those dance moves one more time? I don't think I've got it down yet.

Jessie: Sure. Just watch me at first, then join in when you feel comfortable.

(Jessie turns on a boom box or CD with rhythmic music playing. She then begins to do some type of African Dance. The specific moves aren't important, but they should be flamboyant. After a few moments, Trish joins in and the two girls are dancing wildly as the boys enter. The boys stand unnoticed for a few moments, as they laugh and silently make fun of the girls)

Eli: (not being able to contain himself any longer) Whoa! Get your umbrella's out guys. I think they're gonna make it rain with that dancing!

(Girls immediately stop dancing)

Lewis: Too late! I think I already felt a sprinkle.

Martin: Let's keep it goin. then! (All 3 boys start dancing around wildly--lots of jumping, waving of the arms, hopping on one foot, spinning etc. Very over dramatized.)

(Jessie turns off the music)

Jessie: Knock it off you guys!

(The boys stop)

Eli: Hey, you started it.

Martin: So, what was that?

Trish: It's our presentation for school.

Eli: Is that some kind of new aerobics or something?

Jessie: (to Trish) You'll have to excuse my brother. He's obviously rhythmically challenged.

Martin: (to Jessie) Then it must run in your family!

(He gives a "high 5" hand slap to Eli and Lewis but gets an "evil" glare from Jessie)

Martin: (trying to make peace) Just kidding.

Eli: Seriously sis, what was that all about?

Jessie: We're learning about black history this month. Our teacher assigned the class different categories, and we were told to research famous people from each of those areas and do a presentation on them.

Lewis: What was your category?

Trish: The Arts.

Martin: That's like actors and singers and stuff, right?

Trish: And artists and writers.

Jessie: And dancers.

Eli: So, who are you supposed to be?

Jessie: Katherine Dunham.

Lewis: Never heard of her.

Martin: Me either.

Eli: (to his sister, Jessie) So, of all the cool people you could have chose, you picked somebody no one's ever heard of? That figures.

Trish: (defending her friend) Katherine Dunham just so happened to be a famous dancer in the 1930's & 40's, who greatly influenced the styles and rhythms of movement in modern dance.

Jessie: Not to mention, the fact she opened her own school of dance, taught courses in humanities, languages, drama and speech.

Trish: She was recognized and praised as a dancer and choreographer, as well as a serious anthropologist and scholar.

(Boys are not overly impressed)

Jessie: Plus, she was drop dead gorgeous!

(Boys perk up at the mention of this)

Martin: (to other boys) She doesn't sound too bad.

Eli:                   All I'm saying is I would have picked somebody that people are more familiar with.  Somebody with a lot more flair. 

Jessie:              Like who? 

Eli:                   Like...(thinks for a moment) Mr. Denzel Washington! (He begins to act .cool. and struts around) He has style.  He's hip and smooth... 

Lewis:               (walks over to Trish in the same .cool,. 'smooth. manner as Eli) And he charms all the ladies! 

Martin:              Plus, he's won an Oscar!  Even Julia Roberts was impressed by that. 

Jessie:              I think you're missing the point of the assignment... 

Lewis:               (cuts her off) Oh, what about Stevie Wonder.  (He begins to sing) 

                        .You are the sunshine of my life.  That's why I'll always be around

Eli:                   Or how about Whitney Houston.  (He begins to prance around and sing in a high pitched girls voice) 

                        .The greatest love of all, is happening to me.. 

(The other boys stand near Eli and begin to join in, singing in the same manner) 

                        .I found the greatest love of all inside of me..  

Trish:                You guys.... 

(Martin cuts her off) 

Martin:              No wait, I've got it.  (He grabs a pretend microphone and begins to speak into it) 

                        .Hello audience.  This is Oprah Winfrey here.  Today on the show we're giving away free cars!. 

(Other boys clap, hoop and holler) 

Trish:                (annoyed) That's doesn't have anything to do with black history... 

Martin:              (ignoring her, and in the same Oprah stance) We're giving away black cars! 

(Boys yell and clap louder) 

Jessie:              Stop it you guys!  You're making fun of something you obviously know nothing about.   

Lewis:               Of course we know about black history. 

Eli:                   Yeah, you guys remember the boxer Mohammed Ali?  (He takes a boxing stance and begins to .fake. punch one of the boys. His tone is cocky) .I move like a butterfly and sting like a bee.. 

Martin:              Yeah, and everybody knows Michael Jordan was the best basketball player ever in the NBA.  (He does a jump shot) 

Trish:                Those aren't the kind of people we're talking about.  Every person you named is great in his or her own right, and they've each made unique contributions to the world.   

Jessie:              Right, but the kind of black history makers we're talking about are the people who  paved the way for future generations. 

Martin:              Huh?