The Ginger Man's Christmas-Drama Skit

The Ginger Man's Christmas-Drama Skit

Themes: Christmas; being yourself; we all have our own unique talents; we're all special in our own way; we each have something to offer
Categories: Christmas 

This skit was originally written for entertainment purposes without a "spiritual" theme; however, the main idea of the skit is to be yourself and let your own unique abilities shine.  This would be perfect for a school setting or a Christmas program outside of church.

Everyone at the North Pole is cranky trying to get ready for Christmas Eve: the elves are behind on their toy making, the reindeer don't want to do their flight training, Santa can't find his hat, and Mrs. Claus can't find her gumdrops for her gingerbread cookies.  But all of that changes when Gingie, one of the gingerbread cookies magically comes to life.  Suddenly, everyone is happier and in a better mood.  As Gingie looks around, he notices everyone at the North Pole has a job to do except for him, so he tries to find a way to help out.  After a series of mishaps, Gingie learns that the best thing he can do for the North Pole, is just to be himself. 


Costumes needed: Mr & Mrs Claus; Gingerbread Man; 2 Elves; 2 Reindeer; Optional: Gingerbread Woman

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 9 (3 Male, 2 Female, 4 Neutral)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  The North Pole. The Narrator can stand either to the side of the stage or down in front of the stage.


Narrator:          Our story begins at the North Pole.  It was right after Thanksgiving and everyone at the North Pole was getting ready for their busiest day of the year: December 24th, Christmas Eve. 


Mrs. Claus enters


Mrs. C:            (fretting) Now, where did I put those gumdrops?  (she looks around) They’ve got to be around here somewhere.  I just had them a minute ago.


Narrator:          For some reason, things weren’t going as smoothly as they normally did. 


Mrs. C:            (looks around some more) Where did I put them?  (getting very angry) Where are they??


Narrator:          But Mrs. Claus wasn’t the only one showing signs of stress.  The elves were behind on toy making and the reindeer were grumpy and refused to participate in their training exercises. Even Santa himself wasn’t doing much better.


Santa enters


Santa:              (grumpy) Where’s my hat? I can’t find it anywhere.


Mrs. C:            I don’t know.  Have you seen my gumdrops?


Santa:              Why would I know where your gumdrops are? 


Mrs. C:            Why would I know where your hat is?


Santa:              What am I supposed to do without my hat?


Mrs. C:            What am I supposed to do without my gumdrops? I need them for my gingerbread cookies!


Santa:              Find my hat! (gets very near Mrs. C’s face)


Mrs. C:                        Find my gumdrops!


Pause for a moment


Narrator:          After arguing for a few moments, Santa stormed off in search of his hat and Mrs. Claus continued her search for the missing gumdrops.


Santa and Mrs. C exit


Narrator:          Luckily, the gumdrops were found.  With a sigh of relief, Mrs. Claus began to add the gumdrop buttons to her gingerbread men, making each one look perfect and delicious, just the way everyone liked them. 


                        Meanwhile, the elves were in the midst of a problem.


The elves, Jingle and Jangle enter.  They have Santa’s hat in their possession.


Jingle:              Give it to me!  I saw it first!


Jangle:                        No you didn’t.  I saw it first!


Jingle:              Did not!


Jangle:                        Did too!


Jingle:              (grabbing for the hat) Did not!  Give it to me.


Jangle:                        (pulling back) No! 


Jingle pulls back


Jangle:                        Stop it!  You’re going to break it!


Jingle:              Then let go!


Jangle:                        You let go!


They keep pushing each other, as Mrs. C re-enters


Mrs. C:            My gingerbread cookies are all finished and they look maaavelous!  (seeing Jingle and Jangle) Jingle!  Jangle!  What on earth are you two doing?


Jingle:              I found Santa’s hat and I want to give it back to him.


Jangle:            I’m the one who found his hat.  I should be the one to give it to back. 


Jingle:              I saw it first!


Jangle:            No, you didn’t, I did!


As Jingle and Jangle are pulling on the hat, snow falls out of it


Mrs. C:            (concerned) Stop it!  You’re getting snow all over my gingerbread!  You’ll ruin them!


Jangle:            You heard her, she said stop!


Jingle:              She meant you!


Jangle:            No, she meant you!


Mrs. C:            (yelling) Will both of you stop it!


(calming down, in a gentle voice) I mean, will both of you please quit yanking on Santa’s hat. You know how particular he is about his suit. 


Gingie’s (the gingerbread) voice is heard from back stage


Gingie:             (moaning) Ooohhhh…..What happened? 


Mrs. C:            Who said that?


Gingie:             (off stage) Where am I?


Jingle:              (looking down) Uh, something weird is happening!


Gingie:             (off stage) I feel so strange!


Mrs. C:            Jingle, are you okay?


Jingle:              I…I…I don’t know.  Is it possible for a cookie to come to life?


Mrs. C:            (laughs) No, of course not!


Jingle:              Then I’m not okay!


Mrs. C:            What are you talking about?


Gingie:             (off stage) Whoa, I feel a little dizzy.


Jangle:            (looking down where Jingle looked) Look, it’s coming from your kitchen. One of the gingerbread’s is talking!


Mrs. C:            (horrified) What???


Gingie enters


Gingie:             Hi everyone. 


Mrs. C:            (gasps) Gingie? But this can’t be--you’re…you’re… alive!


Gingie:             I know.  One minute I was lying there not being able to move a crumb, and now here I am, walking and talking! 


Mrs. C:            But how could this have happened?


Jangle:            It must have been the snow left over in Santa’s hat!


Jingle:              Yeah, that was Christmas Eve snow, and everybody knows that Christmas snow is magicAnything can happen with Christmas snow!


Gingie:             Did you say Santa?  Am I at the North Pole?


Jingle:              You sure are, kid.


Gingie:             Wow!  The North Pole!  I can’t believe it.  This is so exciting!


Jangle:            What’s exciting, is you!  We’ve never had a talking gingerbread before!  No one is ever going to believe it.