In His Own Words-Drama Skit

In His Own Words-Drama Skit

Themes: Easter; Jesus death and resurrection; heaven; John 3:16
Categories: With God, Easter, Children 

In a monologue written especially for kids (or for those new to the faith), Jesus speaks about why he was sent to Earth, why he died and why he rose again.  According to Jesus, God had a special plan in mind for him all along.  In many ways, Jesus is a lot like each one of us, and in many ways, he's not.  He was sent here to teach the world about his heavenly father, God, and to take on the sins of the world, even though he was innocent. And although there are elements of sadness in the story of Jesus' death, in this skit, Jesus wants us to focus on the resurrection, and the hope for eternal life that it brings.

This skit is told in a simple, touching, and sincere way that kids will easily understand and relate to.


This skit was originally written for children but could just as easily be used in an adult service or for those who are new to the faith. 

Style: Drama

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Characters: 1 (1 Male)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Jesus:  Hello everybody.  For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jesus and I am here today to tell you about the resurrection.  There are lots of people out there who think Easter is all about chocolate bunnies, jellybeans and gifts. Or that Easter is a sad time.  Well, I’m here to explain why you should feel happy and celebrate. 

Easter is all about love.  Bet you didn’t know that.  Let me see if I can explain it better.

You see, I have two fathers.  The first one is God, my Heavenly Father.  God created this earth and everything on it.  When God created me, He had a big plan in mind.  I’m not the average person.   Do you remember the verse in the Bible that says: For God so loved the world that he gave is only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.’  John wrote that; it’s a verse in his book of the Bible, verse 3:16.  That’s me—I’m the ‘only son’ John was talking about.  God loved everyone so much He sent me here to teach you about Him and Heaven. I’m a lot like you except God had a special job for me to do. That’s why He sent me to Earth.

 God chose a couple of very wonderful people to be my parents.  My second father, the one God chose to raise me, is called Joseph.  Joseph was a carpenter, which meant he built things out of wood.  Any time someone needed a table or some other kind of furniture people would tell to go see “Joe.” Joe is the best builder around.  He can build anything, and he taught me how to build things too.  I remember one time when I was pounding on a board with a rock, the rock slipped and I banged my thumb.  Man oh man that hurt like you wouldn’t believe!  I even cried but my mother,  Mary, came to comfort me.

 Mary and Joseph were great parents.  They both believed in God and they taught me all about Him.  They taught me how to pray and ask God to watch over me.  I knew anytime I was sad or worried about something I could just say a prayer and I’d feel better.  God’s really neat that way-- if you tell him what’s wrong, He always makes you feel better.

 As I got older I was able to perform miracles and I started teaching people about God.  When I was even older I started walking from village to village to teach people.  The more I walked, the more people I taught.  As I traveled farther and farther some of the guys I had taught started walking with me.  They all became disciples--people who helped me teach.  We loved teaching people about God.

But as always, there were people who didn’t believe the same way we did.  They were sinners; they did things they shouldn’t have, and they didn’t want to change the way they were living.

That was the job God had planned for me.  I was to teach people how to stop sinning and to believe in Him.  A lot of people did believe, but there were others, lots of them, who hated what I was doing.

I knew my job was to teach people so that’s what I did.  The people who didn’t like me tried all sorts of things to stop me from talking about God, but nothing worked.  I loved teaching so I kept right on doing it.  But some people got so angry with me they went straight to the King and told him all sorts of terrible stories and lies about me.  They pressured the King to crucify me.  Crucify means to kill.  They knew the only way I would stop teaching about God was for me to die. 

 God knew they were planning this.  He knew when He created me that I would have to die to make people understand.  That was his plan for me.  God has a plan for everyone; He knows what’s going to happen to you even before you are born.