My Valentine-Drama Skit

My Valentine-Drama Skit

Themes: Valentine's Day; sharing God's love; being thankful for loved ones
Categories: Valentine's Day, Children 

Four children wake up on Valentine's Day each having a similar dream, but none of them can remember what it was about.  As each child begins their day, however, they feel somewhat "compelled" to tell the people closest to them how much they love them. Returning to their beds later that night, they each discover a special letter from God, indicating the dream they had the night before was from Him: it was about appreciating the ones you love, which is the true meaning of Valentine's Day.  In the letter, God thanked each child for spreading that love, and reminded them that when they show others His love, they are also showing their love for God. 


This skit takes place in four short scenes. The stage could be divided in half –  the first portion of the skit could focus on the left side, and when the scene is over, the left side goes dark, while the attention is drawn to the right side.  While the left side is dark, it can be set for the next scene.  Once the attention is back to the left side, and the right side is dark, the right side can be set for the final scene.


The stage props can be as simple or as elaborate as you see fit.  For a simple approach,

use chairs and tables to act as beds and dressers as well as seats in the truck.


Style: Drama

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Characters: 13 (6 Male, 6 Female, 1 Neutral)
Four of these characters (2M, 2F) don't have lines.
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

As the scene opens, the narrator speaks off stage.  Mom is on stage left with a frying pan.



Charlie is just waking up.  He knows he’s had a dream about Valentine’s

Day but he can’t remember what it was about.  He smells his favorite

breakfast ever: pancakes.  He hurries to dress and runs to the kitchen.






(enters) Wow Mom, you made pancakes for breakfast.  Thanks!




These aren’t just any pancakes Charlie, these are extra special. 

see, they are shaped like a heart.  It’s Valentine’s Day and I wanted

You to know that I love you.






You are the best Mom in the whole world!  You are always cooking my

favorite foods and you even take time out to sit and eat with me.  You

are the first person I’ll wish Happy Valentine’s Day to.  I love you Mom.




Mom and Charlie exit, and this side is dark.  Actors for “scene 3” prepare this side of the stage, as the attention goes to the right side of the stage. As the Narrator speaks, Kristen and Talia enter.






(off stage) Talia is in her closet looking for something to wear to school.  She wants  to wear something red because today is Valentine’s Day.  She is 

standing inside the closet trying to remember the dream she had last

night.  It was something about Valentine’s Day, but she can’t remember

what.  Her older sister Kristen walks in to make sure Talia is awake.







Hey Tallie – whatcha doin? 




Hey there Kristen.  I’m looking for something special to wear to school

today.  I want to wear something red because it’s Valentine’s Day.





Hummm.  Well let me see if I can help.



Kristen walks over the closet and stand’s by Talia.  She pulls a white shirt with little red hearts on the collar off the hanger and turns to Talia.




What about this shirt with your new jeans and boots?  I can even braid

your hair and put a red ribbon in it.





Yeah, that’s it.  Thanks Kristen.




Did you sleep okay last night?




(Walks over to the dresser and takes her jeans and socks out of the

drawer.) Yeah, I slept OK.  I had some kind of dream about Valentine’s Day,

but I can’t remember it.  Does that ever happen to you, do you forget

what you dream about?








Here, sit on this bench and I’ll start combing your hair. 



Talia sits in front of Kristen



Of course it happens to me.  I think everyone forgets his or her dreams sometimes.



I know I never tell you, but I’m glad you are my sister.  You are always

here to help me figure things out.  You know, I can’t think of anyone

else as nice as you.  Happy Valentine’s Day Kris, I love you.






Well thanks little monkey, I love you too.



Talia and Kristen exit, as the focus is drawn to the other side of the stage.  This side goes dark, as the actor from “scene 4” enter and prepare.



Austin’s grandmother opens his bedroom door.  She sees him squirming

around in his bed and can tell he’s dreaming.





Good morning sir.  It’s time to rise and shine, you don’t want to miss the

School bus.





Yawns.  Ho, hum!  Hey Memaw, I was just dreaming about Valentine’s

day.  Someone was trying to tell me something but I can’t remember

What he was saying.




Austin jumps out of bed and starts getting dressed.







Well don’t worry about forgetting your dream.  It happens to everyone

At one time or another.  I’m going out to the kitchen to get breakfast

Ready.  Is scrambled eggs ok today?







Yummmmm!  I like scrambled eggs with cheese.  Thanks Memaw.  I’ll be

there in a minute.


Memaw exits as Austin goes to another setting on this side of the stage. Moments later Austin enters the kitchen and see’s a big bunch of heart-shaped balloons and a Valentine’s Day card.  He also notices his grand Pa sitting at the table.


Wow, balloons!  Thanks!  Hey Granddaddy, what are you doing home?

You are usually at work when I get ready for school.  Are you sick today?





No little buddy, I’m feeling fine.  I just thought that since today is

Valentine’s Day, I would give you a ride to school.  You know, just us







That would be great!  I love it when we ride together in your truck.




Well quit dragging you feet.  Grab you jacket and meet me in the truck!