Harvest Moo-Drama Skit

Harvest Moo-Drama Skit

Themes: The Harvest; working together; we're all special in God's eyes
Categories: Children, Fall Harvest 

Two cows, Bessie and Mabel can't seem to understand why humans feel the need to celebrate a whole festival about plants.  After all, they muse, "everyone knows God made animals more superior than plants." However, Sunny, a very snooty sunflower, disagree and fires back: "You obviously don't know how important my kind is to the farmers.  Plants are better than animals any day!" Thus begins the battle between the two species.  It takes a very energetic but smart little calf named Dottie to clear up the matter, citing that no one species is superior and that God intended for us all to work together.


This skit was written by our brand new author, Shelly Anderson. This fun skit would be perfect for elementary age kids to perform as well as watch.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 4 (4 Female)
The character of the young calf could be easily changed from female to male if necessary.
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  It is late morning in a meadow.

Stage:   The only thing on stage is a tree (can be cardboard cutout), and Sunny the
sunflower. Off stage Bessie and Mabel (two
cows) are chewing, make “smacking” sounds like chewing gum.


(off stage) It’s so hot out here.  Hey Moooooabel, ain’t you hot?




(off stage) You know it girl.  Let’s moooooosey over to the shade over there.

Two “cows” come lumbering, very slowly, in single file, on stage. They are both smacking their lips, chewing and swatting flies. Once under the tree, they stop. Both are standing close together and 

mimic each other’s moves.  While the cows are moving under the tree, the sunflower (she always stands in the same place) is watching the cows closely.


Oh, this is so much better.  Not only is it cooler over here, there are


less flies.

Bessie swats at a fly and ends up tapping Mabel on the back.  Sunny wrinkles her nose and shivers.  She starts swaying & humming softly.


Have you considered taking a bath Mabel?  You’re starting to smell.



Bessie stares off into the distance with a far away look.




Hey, are you okay Bessie?  Something bothering you?




Oh, I’ve just been thinking about that festival thingy the humans are


getting ready for today.




Okay, so why’s that bugging you?




Well, it’s just that all the attention today will be focused on the plants.


Ugh.  You would think the whole community would just explode or


something if they didn’t pick those crops, then spend a whole day


celebrating them.




Humm.  Now that you mention it, they do seem to be kinda


excited and busy today, buzzin’ round like bees or something.

Sunny stops swaying and humming and rolls her eyes and smirks.




I don’t know why.  We all know God made animals much more important than plants. (pause)    I hear they are plannin’ the celebration in that big barn over there.

She motions off stage with her arm.  Mabel looks in the direction and starts chewing and smacking loudly.


The big barn?  (Her eyes get big and she is surprised.)

Sunny tosses her head around and shrugs her shoulders as if to say “big deal.”


Yeah, they have to use that one.  It’s the only place big enough for the


whole town to get together.




What is this silly festival anyway?




Mabel, don’t you know anything?  It’s the Harvest Festival.  Golly,


everybody’s been talking about it for weeks now.



Sunny rolls her eyes and sighs while Mabel is swatting at a fly.


Oh, I get it now. (pause)  Harvest Festival is a party about the weeds.

Sunny’s eyes go wide and she is shocked. Bessie suddenly perks up and elbows Mabel.


Huuuuuuuumans coming!



Both cows drop to hands and knees and start nosing around and smacking and pretending to eat grass.  Sunny rolls her eyes and shakes her head.  After about 5 seconds Bessie raises her head.


All clear!

Bessie and Mabel stand by straightening their knees (with rear ends up) while keeping their hands on the floor.  They slowly bring their hands up and stand upright.  Chewing and smacking loudly. Sunny shakes her head again and mouths BOSSY.


Moooo, that was close!




You know I do the best I can to protect us.  We can’t let the humans


know we can talk.

Sunny rolls her eyes and sighs.




You know what? (pause)  Cows get no recognition.  They just take us


for granted.  (falsetto voice) “Why celebrate cows and other animals?


They’ve been around forever.”




(falsetto voice) “No need to glorify them cows.  It’s not like they have


feelin’s or nothin’”.



Cows chomp loudly.  Sunny straightens up, puts her hands on her hips.


Ugh, ya’ll are so pathetic!  Whine, whine, whine!



Bessie and Mabel look at each other – surprised.


Was that God?




I don’t know, I didn’t think anyone else was around here but us.



Both cows look all around themselves, they look up into the tree.


It’s not God, Bossy, um I mean Bessie.  It’s just little ol’ me - Sunny the



Bessie and Mabel glare at the sunflower.  Mabel starts mooing, she is

confused.  Bessie pats Mabel on the back to try and calm her down.

Bessie looks at the sunflower.


Ridiculous…talking flowers.  (As if she doesn’t believe she heard the


flower talk.)


(becoming very sassy) Excuse me, you aren’t the only species that can talk you know.



Both cows are shocked.




Why, you’re just a scrawny old weed, what do you know?




(still sassy) You’d be surprised you big old smelly thing.  And, I’ll have you know I’m not a weed; I’m a sunflower! And a very beautiful one I might add.

Sunny starts primping, fluffing her hair and smoothing her clothing. Bessie is trying to take charge of the situation.  Mabel keeps chewing and smacking.  Bessie puts her hands on her hips.


This is a private conversation!  You stay out of it!



Sunny stops primping and looks at Bessie with her eyes narrowed and

a scowl on her face.


You obviously don’t know who or what I am and how important my kind


is to the farmers. (She becomes very sassy now.) Plants are better than


animals any day!  That’s why God made us superior.