Heaven Help Us-Drama Skit

Heaven Help Us-Drama Skit

Themes: Heaven, forgiveness, judging others, after life
Categories: With God, Personal, God/Satan, Topical, Christian Living 

When a married couple finds themselves in heaven's waiting room, they can't resist taking a peek at that big book sitting on the desk marked "Reservations."  Hoping to find their names in the Book of Life, they are shocked and quite dismayed to find the names of several others whom they would consider less than "saintly."  "How did they get in here?" is the question most on the couple's mind, as they sit, stand, argue, nag and ponder over what it takes to make it to heaven.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (2 Male, 1 Female, 2 Neutral)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

This is a sample from the middle of the skit.

Greeter: (enters) I.m sorry to keep you waiting but St. Peter is running a little late. He asked me to tell you to make yourselves comfortable and he.ll be with you in just a few more minutes. (exits)

Craig: You think they could at least give us some magazines to read.

Lisa: I don.t think there.s a big need here for "Golfers Digest."

Craig: Well, there has to be something around here to read. (noticing book on desk) Aha! Here.s a book. (picking it up) A very BIG book!

Lisa: (going to over to Craig) It says "Reservations" on it. You don.t think that.s the book, do you?

Craig: You mean the one with the list of names of all the people in heaven?

Lisa: Yeah.

Craig: Let.s open it and find out.

Lisa: Can we do that?

Craig: We were told to make ourselves comfortable, right? Well, wouldn.t you be a lot more comfortable knowing our names were in here?

Lisa: Open the book!

Craig: (He begins reading off a list of names) Marsha Carson, Emmit Snyder, Sheila Welch, Marvin Handler...

Lisa: Marvin Handler? Are you sure?

Craig: That.s what it says.

Lisa: Let me see that. (grabs the book) There must be some mistake. He was an alcoholic.

Craig: So, how.d he get in here?

Lisa: I don.t know. (flips the page) John Kelsen, Mark Freeder...

Craig: (continues reading) Martha Johnston, Kent Livingston, Madge Brooks...wait a minute, wasn.t she arrested for fraud several years ago?

Lisa: Yes. She spent about 2 years in jail. I don.t understand what.s going on. We are in heaven, right?

Craig: That.s what the sign says.

Lisa: Then how come all these people are in here? They don.t deserve...

Peter:   (Saint Peters enters from behind the couple, interrupting) Hi, I.m sorry to have kept you waiting. 

Lisa:            (startled, Lisa .jumps. and slams the book shut) Oh, no problem.  We were just making ourselves comfortable. 

Peter:   Allow me to introduce myself. (he extends his hand to Craig first, then Lisa, and after the handshake, takes the book from her hands) I.m Saint Peter.  I.ll be debriefing you, giving you a tour of the place, showing you where you.ll be staying, and then taking you to meet the Big Guy, of course. 

Craig:   That sounds great!  Let.s go. 

Lisa:     Not so fast. 

Craig:   Lisa, don.t cause any trouble.  We.re about to go in.  

Peter:   Is there a problem? 

(Simultaneously Craig says .NO!. and Lisa says .YES!.) 

Peter:   I don.t understand. 

Lisa:     Are those the names of all the people who are in heaven? 

Peter:   Why, yes.  Craig, you.ll be glad to know that your mother is here.  She.s very excited to see you! 

Lisa:     My mother-in-law is here?  Are you sure this isn.t hell? 

Craig:            (elbowing her) Lisa! 

Lisa:     I.m sorry, it.s just that I couldn.t help noticing some of the names you have listed in that book. I was wondering if perhaps you might have made some mistakes. 

Peter:   I assure you Lisa, God doesn.t make mistakes. 

Lisa:     Are you sure?  (she takes the book back) Here, this person for instance, Betty Hanson. I know for a fact that she was a town gossip and did more than her fair share of starting devastating rumors in her community.  

Craig:   That.s right, I remember her.  She ruined several lives with all her gossip. 

Lisa:     So why is she here? 

Craig:            (pointing inside the book) Not to mention this guy--Larry Nichols.  He had an affair and left his wife.  And this woman, Marla Hopkins, she.s been divorced. 

Lisa:     Three times!  I thought heaven was for saints, not sinners.  Why are you letting all these people in here? 

Craig:   Yeah, how can heaven be full of all these bad people?  

Peter:   I assure you, heaven is not full of bad people. Heaven is full of forgiven people. 

Craig and Lisa: Huh? 

Peter:   At one time or another everyone has sinned.   In the eyes of God there is no big or small sin, one is not any better or worse than the other.  Sin is sin.