Thrill Ride-Drama Skit

Thrill Ride-Drama Skit

Themes: Black History, Michael Jackson, the impact we have on people's lives and in the world, humanitarianism
Categories: Black History 

A group of kids are sitting around listening to Michael Jackson's Thriller song, when some friends come in and imply that Michael Jackson is old news and that other entertainers are more current and "hot." A discussion then ensues about all the contributions Michael made to music and the entertainment industry, as well as the awareness he raised to various causes around the world.  Also, in a fun "spoof" the kids wonder what life would have been like for Michael had he chosen another profession.  For example, as a chef, Michael was asked what he was going to do with the egg he just cracked.  His response?  "Just beat it, beat it, beat it.  Just beat it." 

This skit offers a lighthearted look and remembrance of one of our generations greatest entertainers.


This skit was origianlly written for children but could be performed by teens or adults as well. It is somewhat a "tribute" to the great entertainer and humanitarian that encompassed Michael Jackson.

Style: Comedy/Drama

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Characters: 8 (4 Male, 4 Female)
Any of these characters could be neutral as needed.
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  A group of kids is sitting around listening to Michael Jackson’s song “Thriller” on a cd player—they should be singing along with the music and dancing or moving to the beat. If you don’t have access to the song or a cd player, the kids could have headphones on implying they are listening to music.  They should be bopping their heads as if moving to the music.  

Calvin, Treena, Keera, Curtis, and Shontell are center stage listening to the music.  After a few moments, the music is turned down so the actors can speak.

Treena:            I love Michael Jackson! 

Keera:             His music is so awesome!

Calvin:             They don’t call him the King of Pop for nothin’ you know.

Shontell:          And what about the way he could dance?  Man, that guy could move with a capital “M”!

Curtis:             There will never be anyone like him ever again. 

Calvin:             Maybe not, but his music will live on forever.

All 5 sing at the same time: (in the spirit of the song)

                        I’m talkin’ Thriller!

                        Thriller night!

After a moment, Lamar, J.C. and Jackie enter.

Lamar:             (claps) Hey, you all ain’t bad but I think that song has already been done.

Treena:            We know.  We were just listening to some Michael Jackson tunes.  He’s still the greatest.

Jackie:             Girl, where you been?

JC:                   Yeah, don’t you know Michael Jackson is old news.  Jay-Z is where it’s at now.

Jackie:             You go that right. (they do the “bump” with their hands) That brother is so fine!

Calvin:             I ain’t got nothin’ against Jay-Z but come on, Michael Jackson is a legend

Curtis:             Yeah, Jay-Z is just getting started, Yo. 

Lamar:             Then he’s startin’ out pretty well, I say.  He married my home-girl Beyonce.

JC:                   Oooh-eee! She is one fine honey!

Keera:             What’s that got to do with anything?

JC:                   I’m just agreein’ he’s off to a good start, that’s all.

Keera:             Whatever.

Lamar:             We’re not saying Michael Jackson wasn’t good in his day but Jay-Z is more current.  His star is on the rise.

Shontell:          But if it wasn’t for Michael, Jay-Z might not be where he is today.

Lamar:             Say what?

Calvin:             She’s right.  Michael Jackson paved the way for musicians and entertainers today.

Jackie:             How?

Calvin:             Did you know Michael Jackson was the first black artist to become a star on MTV? 

Jackie:             No. 

Calvin:             Well, he was.  He broke through boundaries previously set for his race.

Treena:            He also turned music video into an art form.

Shontell:          Thriller has continuously been selected as the best video of all time. 

Calvin:             And don’t forget Thriller was on the Top Ten Chart for 80 straight weeks, with 37 of those weeks being at #1!

Curtis:             The Thriller album has been called the best selling album of all time! Worldwide it sold around somewhere around 100 million copies. (stresses it) 100 million copies, man!  That’s amazing!

Jackie:             Didn’t he win like 8 grammys in one night for that album?

Calvin:             Yes.

Jackie receives “dirty” looks from Lamar and JC

Jackie:             What?  You have to admit that’s pretty impressive.

Keera:             Michael was famous for his talented dance moves too. The videos for Billie JeanBeat It are legendary for their dancing.  Because of Billie Jean, Michael first introduced his famous “Moonwalk” on t.v. 

Curtis:             Pretty soon, everyone in the world was trying to do the moonwalk. 

Treena:            Curtis is right.  Michael started all kinds of trends. 

Lamar:             I’m beginning to see what you mean.

JC:                   I guess I never looked at it like that before.

Shontell:          Imagine what life would have been like if he had chosen some other profession.

Lamar:             Like what?

Shontell:          I don’t know.  What if he became a baseball player instead?

Calvin:             I can see it now.  (he grabs the baseball bat) He steps up to the plate. (he acts this out, stepping up to the plate, baseball pat in position to swing)

The others chant:

                        “Hey batter, batter, batter swing!”

Calvin:             Wait, I’m not ready yet.  (he backs up a step or two, then pulls a white glove out of his pocket, puts it on, then gets back into his previous stance) Now, I’m ready!

The others all laugh as Calvin puts the bat back

Keera:             And you can imagine him trying to moonwalk to the bases instead of running?