Mom's Star Search-Drama Skit

Mom's Star Search-Drama Skit

Themes: Moms, competition, talent, perfection, performing, being who we were created to be, not letting society or anyone else dictate who we think we should be, understanding God's role for mothers
Categories: Mother's Day 

Welcome to "Star Search:  Mother's Edition."  With the help of our judges, Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart, and Society, we watch 4 moms compete in various tasks in order to be named "The Most Talented Mom in America." Competitions include: diaper changing, singing, cleaning, ironing, riding with children in the car, and yes, even being sexy!  But is this what God had in mind for motherhood?  Find out, in this hilarious, physical comedy.


This skit requires a great deal of physical comedy and several props. Ideally, it is very fast-paced and can be quite funny.  The skit includes lots of detailed stage directions.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 9 (1 Male, 7 Female, 1 Neutral)
Length: 10-15 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: What looks like a stage, with a large banner overhead that reads: Star Search: Mother's Edition. As the skit opens, 2 changing tables are center stage. On each table are a few diapers, baby powder, and wipes. Next to each table is a waste can. Off to the side should be a table with three judges sitting at it.


Opening: Two women, Joan and Pat, sweetly approach the changing tables with large, "pasted-on" smiles. Each woman holds a baby doll behind her back so the dolls are not obvious to the audience. (The dolls should each be wearing a diaper only.) Once they have reached the tables, the two women look at each other, still with large smiles on their faces, then simultaneously each whips out the baby doll and begins to change the doll's diaper as fast as they can.


Joan has no problems taking off the "dirty" diaper and quickly and easily changes the doll, using the wipes and small amount of baby powder. Pat, on the other hand struggles with getting the diaper off and putting on the new one. She continually looks over to see how Joan is doing, amazed that she can do this so well. For Pat, everything goes wrong: the tapes of the diaper may stick to her fingers or she may use way too much baby powder'the cap to the powder may even fall off. Perhaps she tears the new diaper or while taking off the dirty diaper, Pat may even get some "poopy" on her could use chocolate syrup or something similar in the doll's diaper to simulate this effect. Pat struggles to put the diaper on the doll, and perhaps even only gets one side taped correctly. The diaper could be half falling off on one side. This part should really be "played up," and all of her movements and actions should be exaggerated.


When each woman finishes diapering her doll, she should hold it up for the audience to see. Joan should of course finish first, then watches Pat unbelievingly as she attempts to complete the task. When Pat has finally finished, the emcee (who has been either backstage or standing off to the side) runs on stage and begins to speak.


Emcee: Let's hear it for Pat and Joan!

(Someone holds up an "Applause" sign and encourages the audience to clap.)

Emcee: In case you've just joined us, this is our special mom's edition of "Star Search." We're here looking for the most talented mom in America. Over the last few weeks we've narrowed down our search to four moms. You've just witnessed two of these moms in action. Joan (she smiles and waves at audience) and Pat (her smile and wave are more forced). They've just completed our first motherly task, diaper changing.

Now, let's meet our judges and find out how each mom did.

First, we have Betty Crocker. (Betty smiles and curtsies, as she stands and waves to audience. She should be dressed like the moms from the 50' a flower printed dress or something along those lines, with a cute little apron on.)


Next, we have Martha Stewart. (She stands and waves in a beauty pageant like manner. She should be dressed impeccably in a woman's business suit, maybe with pearls around her neck.)


Finally, we have Society. (Society stands, waves and takes a bow, blowing kisses to the audience. Society represents the "world" view, and is very confident and flashy. She can be dressed in the latest fashion style.)


Now that you've met the judges, let's find out how they rated each of our moms. Remember, each mom can earn a total of 4 stars from each judge.

Okay judges, hold up your scores for Joan. (At the same time, each judge holds up a piece of paper with 4 large stars written on them. Each judge then says something brief to Joan.)


Betty: Fantastic! So efficient!

Martha: What a neat and tidy work area!

Society: Brilliant! What every mother wishes she could do!

(Applause sign is held up and audience is encouraged to applaud.)

Emcee: Great job, Joan. Now judges, let's hear it for Pat.


(Betty holds up a paper with 1 and . stars, Martha holds up 1 star and Society holds only . a star. They each then make comments.)


Betty: I give you an "A" for effort dear.

Martha: Dreadful!

Society: How hard can that be? My advice: hire a nanny!

Emcee: Thanks judges. Okay Joan, you earned a total of 12 stars in our diaper changing competition. Pat, you only earned 2 . stars. But don't worry, you still have time to catch up in our next event. As you two go prepare for your next task, we've got two more moms who are ready to compete. So, Pat, Joan, we'll see you again a little later. (Pat and Joan exit)

.......(Later in the skit)........

Emcee:  For this next task, you will be required to perform a simple, every day activity. One that I'm sure each of you have done many times'travel in the car with your children. (Each woman looks and acts horrified.)


(The chairs are then placed one in front of the other, to look like a front and back seat. Just make sure they are not directly in line with each other, so the person sitting in the back can still be seen easily by the audience.)


Debra, let's have you go first. Take a seat in the front and pretend you are driving.


(Emcee sits in the back chair. Debra sits in the front chair, grabs a pretend steering wheel and "drives." Laura stands off to the side)


Emcee: (simulates the voice of a child in the backseat throughout this entire bit) Mommy, are we there yet?

Debra: (in a very calm, happy voice) No sweetie, we aren't quite there yet.

Emcee: How much longer?

Debra: About 10 more minutes.

Emcee: I don't know how long that is.

Debra: It's not very long.

Emcee: Mooommmyyy....

Debra: Yes, sweetheart?

Emcee: I'm bored.

Debra: Let's sing some songs then.

Emcee: I don't want to sing any songs.

Debra: Well, then play with some of the toys we brought along.

Emcee: I don't want to play with the toys.

Debra: (her agitation is growing, but it is very controlled) Then sit quietly and listen to the radio.


Emcee: Mooommmyyy....

Debra: Yes, dear.

Emcee: I'm hungry.

Debra: It's too close to lunch time for a snack.

Emcee: But I'm hungry now!

Debra: (agitation is beginning to grow) You'll have to wait.

Emcee: (screaming and throwing a fit) I don't want to wait! I want a snack now! Give me a snnaaaaack!

Debra: (yelling herself now) Okay!!! Then eat the crackers in your toooyyy baaaggg!

(Laura laughs loudly as she watches from the side of stage)

Emcee: (in the regular emcee voice now) Okay Debra, that's all. Thanks. (stands up)


Debra: No wait, I meant... (she is now back to her very sweet, happy voice she started out with) If you feel you just can't wait until lunch time sweetheart, then of course you may have some crackers that are inside your toy bag.

Emcee: The task is over now Debra. You can stop pretending. Judges, what did you think?