A Manger Scene-Drama Skit

A Manger Scene-Drama Skit

Themes: The Christmas Story; Jesus' birth
Categories: Bible Characters, Christmas 

This traditional Christmas story is told with a bit of humor, including Joseph who thinks Mary's "surprise" involves a new 4-wheel drive off-roader wagon and an innkeeper who speaks only in rhyme.  Throw in a "directionally challenged" Star who can't seem to find the stable, two clueless shepherds, a sheep who thinks her wool makes her look fat, and three Wise Men who are trying to prove how smart they are by playing "Jeopardy," and you've got the makings of a traditional story told in a non-traditional way.  The skit ends on a more serious note but the rest of the story is presented in a laid back and fun way, while keeping the original theme and message in tact. 

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 15 (9 Male, 5 Female, 1 Neutral)
Most of these characters could be gender neutral if necessary.
Length: 10-15 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  Center stage is a stable, with a manger. On the far left of the stage is a place for the inn keeper, which could be a door or something simple like a sign that says “The Inn”.  On the far right of the stage is something that represents a field that will be used both for the shepherds as well as the wise men.  

As the skit opens, Simeon the Angel enters and stands center stage and speaks to the audience. 

Angel:              Hi. My name is Simeon.  I’m here today to tell you a Christmas story, one you’ve probably heard before.  But some stories, if they’re good ones, never seem to get old. 

                        Our story begins with a young girl named Mary.  

Mary enters 

Angel:              She was on her way to tell her fiancée, Joseph, some very incredible news.  

Angel stands near Mary 

Mary:               (speaking to Angel) How can I tell him?  What am I supposed to say? 

Angel:              Tell him you’re going to have a baby and that God, the Holy Spirit is the father. 

Mary:               But what if he doesn’t believe me?  What am I saying?  Of course he won’t believe me!  I’m not even sure if I believe it myself! 

Angel:              (calming her) Mary, you know this is true, and everything will be okay with Joseph.  It will all work out.  I promise. 

Mary:               (hesitant) I don’t know… 

Angel:              Trust me. 

Mary:               All right, if you say so. 

The angel stands off to the side of the stage, watching 

Mary:               (calling off stage) Joe?  Are you here? 

Joe enters, excited to see Mary 

Joe:                 Hi Mary.  I didn’t expect to see you today. 

Mary:               I had some news and I wanted to share it with you. 

Joe:                 Really?  Is your dad giving us a new 4-wheel drive off-roader wagon as a wedding present? 

Mary:               No, but we are definitely getting something we didn’t expect. 

Joe:                 (excited) A new house? 

Mary:               No. 

Joe:                 (excited) A trip to Greece? 

Mary:               No. 

Joe:                 Gift certificates to that new restaurant, Of Mice and Mutton

Mary:               No. 

Joe:                 Then I give up.  What is it? 

Mary:               A baby! 

Joe:                 (all the excitement drains from his face) Say what? 

Mary:               I’m going to have a baby Joe, and God is the father. 

Joe:                 (long pause—he gives Mary a blank look, then begins to smile) Is this a joke?  Am I being punk’d?  (starts looking around) Come out, Freddy!  I know you put her up to this!  Very funny—you got me.  Now, where are you? 

Mary:               It’s not a joke.  This is real. 

Joe:                 It is?  

Mary:               Uh-huh.  

Joe:                 (angry) Then the wedding is off! (he storms off stage

Mary:               (to Angel) See, I told you he wouldn’t believe me.  This is all your fault! 

She runs crying off stage 

Angel:              (calling to her) I’ll take care of it, Mary.  I promise it will all be okay! 

                        (to audience) And I kept my promise to her.  I did take care of it.  Sure, Joseph was a little skeptical at first: actually, freaked out was more like it. But through a dream, I was able to calm Joseph down and assure him Mary had done nothing wrong.  Once Joseph was convinced, the wedding plans were back on and Joseph began to take excellent care of his wife-to-be. 

A very pregnant Mary enters with Joseph 

Mary:               Joe, I’m cold.   

Joe:                 (puts a blanket around her shoulders) There, that should warm you. 

Mary:               I’m tired.  

Joe:                 (gets a chair for her to sit in) Here, sit down. 

Mary:               I’m hungry. 

Joe:                 The usual? 

Mary:               Yes please, if you don’t mind. 

Joe:                 One peanut butter and pickle sandwich coming up! (starts to exit) 

Mary:               Don’t forget the side of sardines! 

Joe:                 Yes, dear! (exits

Angel:              And so it went.  Soon, it was time for Joseph and Mary to travel to Bethlehem to pay their taxes. 

Mary stands up and puts the chair to the side, as Joseph enters 

Angel:              After a long journey, Mary and Joseph were tired and began to look for a place to spend the night. (steps off to the side of the stage

Mary and Joseph go to The Inn 

Mary:               I hope they have a room.  

Joe:                 I’m sure they will. 

Mary:               All the others didn’t. 

Joe:                 I know, but this is it.  This is the one! I can feel it.  (knocks on the door or calls out) Hello?  Is anyone there? 

Innkeeper enters. He speaks in rhyme 

Innkeeper:        Hello dear friends.  It’s so nice to see you.

                        How can I help you?  Tell me, what can I do? 

Joe:                 We’d like a room please. 

Innkeeper:            (laughs hysterically) This is tax season my friends, there’s no room here.
                        The inns are all full both far and near.  

Mary:               (to Joseph) I told you we should have made a reservation. 

Joe:                 Don’t start with me, Mary!