A Thankful Heart Wish-Drama Skit

A Thankful Heart Wish-Drama Skit

Themes: Thankfulness, being grateful, perspective, having an attitude/heart of thankfulness, negativity
Categories: Children, Christian Living, Spiritual Growth, Topical, Thanksgiving 

When Molly wishes for a thankful heart, she didn't expect a guy dressed like a big, red heart to show up and follow her around.  Now, at every turn she finds the "thankful heart" correcting her negativity and pointing out the finer aspects of what it means to be thankful.  Molly never realized how much negativity she carried with her and now that it continues to be pointed out to her, she's regretting her initial wish.  In the end, Molly finally understands how to be thankful, no matter what, and she even becomes grateful for her thankful heart.


This is a children's version of the adult skit "A Grateful Heart."  These characters can either be played by children or adults. This skit also includes an additional extended cast version, including 3 extra male parts. In the extended version, Molly and her brother, Max are the main characters.  The skit is basically the same but lines were added to accommodate the addition of Max, and 2 of his friends. 


Style: Comedy

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Characters: 6 (1 Male, 5 Female)
The Heart character is written as a male, but if necessary it could be changed to female. Also, a second extended cast skit version is also included. For those needing to add a few extra characters, 3 more male roles have been added, varying the script just a little to accommodate the extra characters. For the extended cast, the roles would be: 4 males, 5 females.
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A schoolyard.  Molly, an elementary age girl, stands on stage with a backpack or several books in her hand.  She looks around, waiting for someone.  The “Heart” character is a male  dressed as a big red heart in red pants or tights. Molly is the only person who can see or hear the heart. 

Molly:               (looking around anxiously) I wonder where Sara and Melissa are. They should have been here by now. (she paces back and forth)

After a moment, Heart rushes in obviously out of breath 

Molly:               (horrified) What are you doing here? 

Heart:              (out of breath) You didn’t think…(huffing and puffing) you could get rid of me (huffing and puffing) that easily, did you? 

Molly:               (caught off guard) Yes! (reconsidering) I mean, no, of course not. 

Heart:              Are you sure?  You were running pretty fast back there, and you look very surprised to see me. 

Molly:               I just didn’t expect…I mean, you rode with me on the bus all the way over here. 

Heart:              But you didn’t expect me to come into the school with you, did you? 

Molly:               Not really, no.  (looking around, uncomfortable) It’s embarrassing! 

Heart:              Why? No one can see or hear me but you. 

Molly:               I know, but you look ridiculous.  

Heart:              (a little surprised) I do? (he looks himself over) I think I look pretty (spells out the word, then shouts it) h-o-t…HOT! 

(he begins to dance around, sing and shake his booty) 

“I’m too sexy for my heart.  Too sexy for my heart…too sexy, oh so sexy!”   

Molly:               (mortified, glancing around to see if anyone is watching) Are you kidding me? 

Heart:              What?  Red is definitely my color.  Don’t ya’ think? 

Molly:               Can’t you just go away!  I can’t act normal with you standing next to me!  You make me nervous.  

Heart:              I’m sorry I make you so uncomfortable.  You obviously don’t appreciate a red-hot papa (or mama if female) like myself.  Must I remind you, you asked for me to be here, remember?

Molly:               I know but when I wished for a thankful heart I didn’t realize it was going to be like…like…this! (indicating Heart)  

Heart:              Some kids wish for a pony, you wished for a thankful heart.  Believe me, you got the better end of the deal.  I don’t stink and you don’t have to clean up after me, if you know what I mean! (he laughs and snorts at his own “joke) 

Molly:               (she rolls her eyes and sighs) You’re so annoying! 

Heart:              I’m annoying? Moi? 

Molly:               Yes!  On the way over here all you did was nag, nag, nag! 

Heart:              That’s not true.  I only pointed out the times when you weren’t being thankful.  

Molly:               But that was every two minutes! 

Heart:              And whose fault is that?  I’m only doing my job.  You’re the one who isn’t very thankful.  Maybe if you were, I wouldn’t have to “nag” you so much.  

Molly:               Okay, maybe you’re right.  Even though this wasn’t what I expected, I did ask for you to be here in some weird way.  Anyhow, I see my friends coming.  Just try not to embarrass me, okay? 

Sara and Melissa enter with backpacks 

Molly:               It’s about time! I’ve been waiting here forever! 

Melissa:           The bus broke down and we had to wait for a new one. 

Molly:               Those stupid buses.  Something’s always breaking down on them.  Why can’t they just buy new ones? 

Heart gives Molly a dirty look 

Molly:               (changing her tune) I mean, at least we all don’t have to walk to school, right?  We can be thankful for that. 

Heart:              (nodding his head in approval) Much better. 

Sara:               The other driver wasn’t sure of the new route we had to take so he made a few wrong turns, but at least we got here safely.  That’s the important thing. 

Heart:              (gives Molly a warm smile) That kind of attitude is soooo refreshing! 

Melissa:           (pulling a phone out of her pocket) Hey Molly, look what my parents gave me yesterday.  (hands her the phone

Molly:               It’s a new iphone! 

Melissa:           I know.  It’s so cool too.  Sara and I were playing with it on the bus this morning.  

Sara:               That phone has everything: text messaging, internet… 

Melissa:           …And some really cool games.  

Molly:               (looking it over) Oh my gosh, this is the most awesome phone ever!  I wish I could have one.  All I can do on my cell phone is make phone calls.  I can’t even text on it!  

Heart nudges Molly hard with his elbow