Fill My Cup-Drama Skit

Fill My Cup-Drama Skit

Themes: God supplies our needs; God's blessings in our lives; God fills our emotional needs
Categories: Topical, Spiritual Growth, Christian Living, Thanksgiving, With God, Women's Ministry 

Four women who are each facing a specific challenge in their life, have mysteriously been called to a conference room by Connie, who some know only as "the crazy cup lady." The women all attend the same church but do not know each other, and none of them know why they have been told to meet in the room. It doesn't help that when Connie appears she performs some strange "ritual" with her coffee mug, talking to it and patting it.  The women begin to think Connie is nuts, but when she gives each woman her own cup and instructs them to begin filling it up, they decide to play along. In the end, the women realize Connie is not as crazy as she appears to be: the "cup" is only a symbol of each woman's soul and spirit and represents the idea that if we trust God, He will fill our "cups" until they overflow with His blessings.


This skit reminds us that God is waiting to pour out His love and blessings to us, and that He will supply all that we need in order to face the challenges of our day.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (5 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A conference room. Randi, Sherry, Alyssa and Jess sit at the table, which holds a pitcher filled with tea on it. 

As the skit opens, each woman sits looking uncomfortable and awkward.  The idea is they don’t know each other and they don’t know why they’ve been called to this place so they are nervous and wonder what is going on.  As the seconds pass, each woman looks anxiously around the room, looks at her watch and drums the tabletop with her fingers.  The women occasionally look at each other and smile but they each seem uncomfortable in the silence. This should go on for a minute or so, then finally, Jess gets the courage to speak. 

Jess:               Hello ladies.  This may sound a bit strange, but do any of you know why we’re here?   

The others look relieved and they begin to shake their heads “no”

 Randi:           No. Do you? 

Jess:               No.  I got a phone call from a woman named Connie. 

Randi:             Me too.   

Alyssa:            So did I. She said she had something for me… 

Sherry:            (finishing Alyssa’s sentence) …And that I should meet her in the conference room at her work place…. 

All 4 women:  (each finishes the sentence in unison) today at 9:00 a'm.   

Randi:              This is really weird.   

Alyssa:            I’ll say!   

Sherry:            I wonder what she wants to give us.   

Jess:               I don’t know. It all sounded so mysterious on the phone and I was curious, so I thought I’d come today and check it out.  

Randi:              Have we met before?  You all look somewhat familiar. 

Jess:               She’s right.  I feel like I’ve seen you all somewhere before.   

Alyssa:            (realization dawning) North Star Church!   

Sherry:            That’s it! 

Randi:              I’ve been attending for about a year. 

Jess:               Me too.   

Sherry:            Why haven’t we all met before today? 

Alyssa:            It’s a big church! 

Jess:               Wait a minute, do you think “Connie” could possibly be Connie DuPree? 

Randi:              The crazy cup lady? 

Sherry:            What cup lady? 

Randi:              I’ve never actually met her but I’ve seen her around church a lot.   

Jess:               She always carries around this coffee mug and she talks to it. 

Alyssa:            What do you mean she “talks to it”? 

Jess:               I don’t know.  She’s always whispering to it and patting it. 

Sherry:            Patting it?  Are you serious? 

Randi:              I’m afraid she is.  I’ve seen her do that too. 

Alyssa:            Is she, you know, okay in the head? 

Jess:               Never actually met her.  She seems like a nice lady but she does appear a little cooky at times.   

Sherry:            (concerned) Are we safe here?   

Randi:              I think so.  I don’t think she’s dangerous or anything. (looks to Jess) Is she?   

Jess:               Shh, someone’s coming.   

Connie enters with her coffee mug in hand 

Connie:            (smiling, pleasant) Good morning, ladies.  I’m so sorry to keep you waiting. I have a minor emergency of sorts today in one of my departments, so I’m trying to take care of that before I can speak with all of you.   

Connie holds the mug up straight in the air, closes her eyes, moves her lips as if speaking softly, so no one else can hear.  The more dramatic this appears, the funnier it will be. The other women stare at her in strange confusion. Suddenly, Connie opens her eyes, smiles, and gives a little giggle out loud.  She then pats the cup and appears to be grabbing at the air underneath her cup, all the while smiling and laughing 

Connie:            (muttering to herself but loud enough so the others can hear)  “Thank you.  Thank you.  Praise the Lord!” (she continues to grab at the air underneath the cup) 

The other ladies watch Connie with befuddled looks on their faces. 

Connie:            (speaking to the women) Well now, I feel much better.  (sighs deeply) Oh, I almost forgot.  I have something for each of you.  Hold on one minute while I get them.  

She exits and quickly returns with a tray of coffee mugs.  She hands each woman a mug, while the ladies look from one to another in bemusement 

Connie:            Here you go.  This will make you all feel much better.  Now, I have to get back to my minor emergency but I should only be needed for a few minutes and then I’ll be back to tend to all of you.  Tell you what, while I’m gone, introduce yourselves to each other and begin filling up those cups.  I’ll be with you shortly.   

Connie walks off the stage with her mug held high, smiling 

Sherry:            Okay, that was really weird. 

Alyssa:            To say the least! 

Sherry:            And you say she does that all the time? 

Randi:              Well, it’s usually not quite to that extreme but yeah.   

Alyssa:            What was she doing? 

Jess:               I wish I knew!   

*****Later in the skit****** 

Connie:            (enters) Well, I see you’re all feeling better already.  I knew this would work! 

Upon hearing Connie’s voice the women immediately stop laughing and put down their cups 

Connie:            Don’t stop on my account.  This is exactly why I called you all here.

The women look at Connie with blank expressions 

Jess:               Excuse me, but we don’t understand at all. We have no idea why we are here or what these mugs are for.   

Connie takes a closer look at the cups 

Connie:            Why is there tea in them? 

Randi:              Because you told us to fill them up. 

Sherry:            And this pitcher was the only thing nearby so we assumed you meant for us to use that.   

Connie:            (looks at Sherry tenderly) Sweet child. (takes Sherry’s cup and dumps the tea back in the pitcher) This is wrong.  (she takes the cups from the others and does the same thing) 

                        This is all wrong.  These cups aren’t meant to be filled with tea.  I thought you understood that.

 Alyssa:            We don’t understand anything!