All You Need-Drama Skit

All You Need-Drama Skit

Themes: Easter; Looking to people and material items to fulfill things that only Jesus was meant to fill; the idea that all we really need is Jesus in our life; Jesus fulfills and completes us & is the only one who can
Categories: With God, Personal, Easter, Topical, Spiritual Growth, Life Situations, God/Satan, Women's Ministry 

Jill is lonely and distraught after her longtime boyfriend, who she thought was going to propose, dumps her instead.  As a way to fulfill the emptiness she feels inside, she turns to online chat rooms and the Home Shopping Network, where she orders every item she sees. When her friend, Renee, shows up "calling" Jill on her recent destructive behavior, Jill doesn't want to hear any of it.  Instead, she keeps right on buying smoothie machines and chin stretchers, and chatting online with new men, hoping to build her damaged self-esteem.  All the while, Jesus talks tenderly to Jill, hoping to lure her from her destructive patterns and into his arms, proving once and for all, Jesus is all she really needs.  

Style: Comedy/Drama

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Characters: 4 (1 Male, 2 Female, 1 Neutral)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A living room.  A woman holds a t'v. remote in her hands and is talking on the phone at the same time.  The t'v. doesn’t have to be there, it is more implied. A computer laptop sits next to her. Also on stage, somewhat off to the side of the woman, is a man dressed to resemble Jesus.  He goes unnoticed by the woman.  However, when Jesus talks to Jill she briefly stops what she is doing, as if listening for a moment, but then goes about her business.  

Jill:                   (talking into the phone) Yes, I was watching your infomercial and I just saw the 2 in 1 lawn mower/bubble blower, and I have to have it!  I’d like to order it using my credit card please.  (pause

My name is Jill Jenkins. (pause) Yes, I’m the same one who called in a few minutes ago about the burger buster.  (pause

Because I’ve already set up an account, all you need is the item number?  (pause) Great! It’s 1500219.  (pause)  

Arriving in 3-5 days?  Wonderful! Thank you! (hangs up the phone)  

Jesus:             (talks gently to Jill) Jill, those things can’t fill the void in your heart. Only I can do that.

Jill pauses, as of listening but then begins typing on the laptop next to her, when a knock is heard 

Jill:                   (looking at her watch) Who could that be at this time of night?

 Renee:                        (from off stage) Jill, open up.  It’s Renee.

 Jill gets up and answers the door and Renee enters

 Jill:                   Renee, what are you doing here? It’s 1:00 in the morning.

 Renee:            I know.  I was having trouble sleeping.  I was worried about you so I thought I’d come over and check to see if everything was okay.

 Jill:                   Why wouldn’t it be okay? 

 Renee:            Because of what happened with Mark.

 Jill:                   You mean by boyfriend of 11 months? The man who I thought was my soul mate?  The man who asked me to our favorite restaurant where I thought he was going to propose and ended up dumping me instead?  Why would you think I wouldn’t be okay?

 Renee:            Maybe because you cried for three weeks, refused to get out of bed, and when you finally did, you stalked and harassed Mark to the point of having a restraining order slapped on you!

 Jill:                   That wasn’t my fault.  If he had answered my phone calls I wouldn’t have had to “harass” him.  If you can even call it that.

Renee:            You left him 273 phone messages and you repeatedly followed him into the men’s room wherever he went.  I’d definitely call that harassing! 

Jill:                   Lots of people have restraining orders against them. 

 Renee:            Not normal people! 

Jill:                   You’re making a big deal out of this.

 Renee:            It is a big deal, Jill!  Your behavior is not normal. 

 Announcer:      (heard from off stage) Our next item is this lovely clock.  Etched in beautiful ebony and ivory, you’ll always know what time it is when this clock “moos” every hour.  (if you have a “mooing” sound effect, this could be played here, but is optional)

 Jill:                   (very excited) A mooing clock!  I’ve always wanted one of those! (picks up the phone and starts dialing)

 Renee:            (surprised) Since when?

 Jill:                   Since always.  I love cows. 

Renee:            Sitting on a plate with a baked potato and salad, maybe.  Jill, what are you doing?

 Jesus:             (gently) She’s trying to fill the ache in her heart.  Aren’t you Jill?

 Jill:                   (thrown off a bit at Jesus’ words but regains composure) Doing? I’m not doing anything.  I’m ordering a clock that’s all.

                         (speaks into the phone) Hi Margie, it’s Jill Jenkins again. (pause)

                         Yep, I gotta have that cow clock.  (pause)

                         Sure.  The item number is 42118. (pause) Thanks, Margie!  Bye.  (hangs up the phone)

                         (grabs a piece of paper and writes something down) I can’t wait to get that clock! 

Renee:            What are you writing?  Let me see that. (she takes the paper from Jill and reads silently) Jill, what is all this?

 Jill:                   It’s the list of things I’ve bought so far.  Pretty cool, huh?

 Renee:            Lawn mower/bubble blower?  You live in an apartment.  You don’t even have a lawn!

 Jill:                   I might someday.  Besides, who doesn’t love bubbles?

 Renee:            (looks at the list again then back at Jill) Smoothie maker?

 Jill:                   For delightful yet refreshingly healthy snacks.

 Renee:            (looks back to the list and then to Jill) A chin stretcher? 

Jill:                   You know I inherited by grandmother’s turkey neck. 

 Renee:            Jill, this is crazy!  You can’t keep buying stuff you don’t really need.  You’re going to end up with an apartment full of worthless junk, not to mention an empty bank account.

 Jesus:             (gently) I’m right here, Jill, and I’m not going anywhere.  I won’t ever leave you. 

Jill:                   Those are not worthless pieces of junk!

 Renee:            Yes they are.  You do not need ice cubes in the shape of flip-flops!

 Jill:                   I do if I want to host a themed shoe party someday.

 Announcer:      (heard off stage) The next item in our showcase tonight is this gorgeous pink diamond ring.  We’re offering this rare gemstone in limited quantities.  They won’t last long, so place your order now. 

 Jill:                   (mesmerized by the t'v. screen) A pink diamond?  I love diamonds. 

Renee:            Jill, don’t.

 Jill:                   But pink is my favorite color.  (reaching for the phone) I’ve got to have it!

 Renee:            (also grabs the phone, tries to take it away from Jill) No you don’t. 

 Jill:                   Yes, I do!

 Renee:            (still trying to take away the phone) That ring is $4500!  Jill, put down the phone!

 Jill:                   No! (she grabs the phone from Renee and quickly dials) 

                       (speaking into the phone) Margie, Jill.  Gotta have the pink                        diamond.  Item #1221 (pause) Thanks! (hangs up phone)

                       That ring is gonna look great on my finger!

 Renee:            It won’t make up for the engagement ring you were expecting from Mark, Jill.

Jill:                   (somewhat angry) I know that, Renee.

 Renee:            I don’t think you do.