More than Enough-Drama Skit

More than Enough-Drama Skit

Themes: Family togetherness; making time for each other; planning quality time as a family; Jesus provides more than enough for our needs; loosely linked to the Bible story of the feeding of the 5000 (loaves & fishes)
Categories: With God, Family, Topical 

Seeking some quality family time, a Mom high-jacks her family and brings them to her uncle's cabin, once a favorite family destination.  However, when Dad pulls out his laptop and announces he's got work to do, and her two teenagers would rather play video games and talk on their cell phones, Mom calls upon God for help, announcing, "This is not the quality family time I had in mind." Within seconds, the batteries in her son's video game go dead; her daughter's cell phone suddenly has no reception; and the electricity goes off, leaving her husband's laptop useless.  Stranger yet, the cooler once filled with only sodas and cheese & crackers now mysteriously contains all of her family's favorites foods, including hot dogs, "fluffer nutters," s'mores and watermelon.  This "feast" leads to a campfire, family sing-a-longs, canoe races, and more, all of which bring the family closer together, wishing they had more days like this to spend together.  In the end, even when the electricity comes back on the family chooses to stay united together, it allows the Mom to marvel at how God always provides "more than enough." 

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 4 (2 Male, 2 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A cabin.  The stage can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like.  There should at least be some chairs aligned in a row to resemble a couch and possibly a few others scattered on stage.  A cooler sits off to the side.

 As the skit opens, Dad, two teens--Alex and Sam (Samantha) enter blindfolded.  Mom is slowly guiding them into the room. 

Mom:               Just a few steps further.  Watch your step now.

 Alex:                Can we take these blindfolds off yet? 

 Mom:               In a minute.  You’re almost there.

 Dad:                Honey, I can’t see a thing. 

 Mom:               That’s the point.  

Sam:               Where are we? 

 Mom:               If I told you it would ruin the surprise, now wouldn’t it?  Besides, you’ll find out soon enough.

Mom gently guides everyone into appropriate positions on stage

 Mom:               Okay, you can take your blindfolds off now. 

They all remove the blindfolds

 Alex:                What is this? 

Dad:                (to Mom) Is this your uncle’s cabin?

 Mom:               The one and only.

 Sam:               We haven’t been here in years. 

Mom:               I know.  We used to bring you here during the summer when you were little.  

Alex:                I remember this place.  There’s a big lake in the back, right?

 Mom:               Yes.  Your dad used to take you fishing out there. 

 Alex:                I remember that.  I used to chase Sam around with the worms.

 Sam:               Torture me was more like it.  I still have nightmares.  (shivers) I hate those slimy little things—they’re disgusting!

 Alex:                They’re just God’s innocent little creatures.  They can’t help it they’re slimy.

 Sam:               Just like you can’t help it you’re a dork?

 Mom:               All right you two, don’t even start.  We’ll have none of that this weekend. 

Dad:                (surprised) Weekend?

 Mom:               Yes, weekend.  I thought it would be nice to get away for a few days. 

Dad:                (a little angry) Honey, you know I’ve got a presentation due next week.  I can’t be taking off for the weekend if I expect to get it done on time.  Good thing I put my laptop in the back of the car.

 Mom:               (outraged) You brought your laptop to our family outing?

 Dad:                I didn’t know it was a family outing.  You wouldn’t tell me anything, remember?  All you said was, “get in the car.” 

 Mom:               Because I knew if I told you where we were going you’d bring that infernal computer with you.  But I see you brought it anyway.

 Dad:                It’s my work.  That’s how I make our living.

 Mom:               I know but I was hoping to avoid work for just a few days. 

 Alex:                (takes out a hand held video game out of his pocket and plops on the “couch”—he begins to play the game while he talks) It’s not like you don’t work enough at home, Dad.  Take a chill pill and relax for awhile. 

Dad:                I will, as soon as I put in a few hours today.  I’m going to go get my laptop.  I’ll be right back. (he exits) 

Mom:               What is that? (referring to his video game)

 Alex:                It’s my Game Boy, Mom. 

 Mom:               I know what it is but what’s it doing here

Sam:               He never leaves home without it. 

 Dad re-enters with his laptop and begins setting it up

 Mom:               Like father, like son.

 Sam:               (sits down) Well, I for one am glad we’re here, Mom. 

 Mom:               (warmly) Thank you, Sam.  At least someone in this family appreciates my efforts.

Sam:               (pulls a cell phone out of her pocket) Now I can call and text my friends without any interruptions.  I just hope I have enough minutes left!  Maybe I should buy more just to be safe. (she pushes buttons on the phone)

Mom:               (perturbed) I don’t believe this. (looking around at her family who is ignoring her, she throws up her arms) It’s hereditary!

Mom walks to the side of the stage and looks up

 Mom:               This isn’t exactly the family time I was hoping for God.  Help!

 Dad:                (to Mom, not really looking up from his computer) Did you say something, honey?

 Mom:               Would it matter if I did?