Free At Last-Drama Skit

Free At Last-Drama Skit

Themes: Freedom in Christ and misinterpretations; spiritual freedom
Categories: With God, Topical, Spiritual Growth, Life Situations, Youth 

After a night at youth group, Matt and Molly believe they have stumbled upon one of the greatest concepts ever: Freedom in Christ.  However, their interpretation of what this freedom means is not exactly the real meaning of the concept.  They believe that being free in Christ means they are free to do whatever they want, whenever they want to do it, without any consequences.  They look forward to their new freedom in Christ because to them it means not having to do anymore chores around the house, spending their allowance on all the junk food they want, and getting even with past bullies.  Their neighbor, Wilson, tries to explain the correct meaning of spiritual freedom but the teens are too excited thinking of their own definitions and what that means, to heed his advice.  

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 3 (2 Male, 1 Female)
Adult Male character can be gender neutral
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:   Matt and Molly, a teenage brother and sister are walking home from a church youth groupThey are very happy and excited, with big smiles on their faces. After they enter the stage they stop to discuss they’re good fortune.  On the other side of the stage an adult (Wilson) sits reading a book.  The part is written as a male, but it can be a gender neutral role. There are two chairs next to him. Matt & Molly do not notice Wilson at first. 

 Matt:                Can you believe what we just heard?

 Molly:               Oh, I believe it all right!  I can’t wait to see the look on Mom & Dad’s faces when we tell them we know they’ve been lying to us all these years.

 Matt:                If I would have known we were missing out on this kind of information, I would have wanted to attend youth group a lot sooner!

 Molly:               Me too!

 Matt:                What are you going to do first?

 Molly:               I don’t know.  I’m thinking about calling up that snooty girl down the street and telling her exactly what I think of her!  How about you?

 Matt:                I think I’m going to spend all my allowance on junk food.

 Molly:               You can do anything you want and all you’re going to do is buy junk food?

 Matt:                Hey, never underestimate the power of a Twinkie!

 Molly:               Wait a minute, do you think this means we can start staying up as late as we want to?

 Matt:                (grinning) I don’t see why not. 

 Molly:               (grinning) And sleeping in as late as we want to?

 Matt:                I’m pretty sure it includes that too. 

 Molly:               This is gonna be great!

 Matt:                Totally awesome!

 Molly notices Wilson

 Molly:               Isn’t that Wilson sitting over there?

Matt:                Our next door neighbor?  (looking in that direction) Yeah, I think it’s him.  I wonder what he’s doing away from home.

 Molly:               It looks like he’s reading a book. 

 Matt:                Why doesn’t he just read at home?

 Molly:               I don’t know.  Maybe he wanted some fresh air. He is allowed to leave the house, you know.  Come on, let’s say hello.

 They walk to the other side of the stage

 Molly:             Hi Wilson. 

 Wilson:            Hi Molly.  Hi Matt.  What are you up to this evening?

 Molly:             We just got back from youth group.

 Wilson:            How was it?

 Matt:                It was the most awesome night ever!

 Wilson:            (smiling) Great!  I’m sure you’re youth leader will be glad to hear that.

 Matt:                Oh, he’s the best youth leader on the planet. He told us stuff we’ve never heard before.

 Wilson:            Anything I might be interested in?

 Molly:               Maybe.  I don’t think most grown-ups know this stuff. 

 Matt:                At least our parents don’t. 

 Wilson:            (putting down the book) Well then, you’ve got my full attention.  What did you learn?

 Molly:               We learned about freedom in Christ. Have you ever heard of that?

 Wilson:            Actually, yes, I have.  It’s a great feeling isn’t, it?

 Matt:                Great?  It’s fantastic!

 Wilson:            (a little shocked) You really think so? Most teenagers I know don’t seem to get as excited about it as you are.  I must say, it’s quite refreshing to see.

 Matt:                How can we not get excited? I want every teenager in the world to know this!  We have the freedom to do whatever we want anytime we want and it’s totally righteous!

 Wilson:            (a little confused) What do you mean you can “do whatever you want”?

 Molly:             We’re justified, so we have the freedom to do whatever we want.  Pastor Dave said so.

 Wilson:            You’re youth leader told you that you were justified to do anything you wanted?

 Molly:               Yeah.  He said we have been justified through faith and we have peace with God. 

 Matt:                To do whatever we please!

 Molly:            Romans 5:1 says so.  You can look it up.