The Amazing Race-Drama Skit

The Amazing Race-Drama Skit

Themes: Physical parallels to getting in shape spiritually and running the Christian race
Categories: Topical 

Mac, Joe and Randi have been called to the gym of their old college Coach but they have no idea why.  It soon becomes apparent that the Coach has called upon his all-star team to help him enter and win "The Amazing Race," a grueling, fast pace, and lengthy race.  Even though it's been 15 years since the team has been together, the Coach is optimistic they can win, since this was the best track team he'd ever coached in all his years of teaching.  However, Coach begins to question his judgment when he discovers how tired, out of shape, and clueless his old team has become.  With the help of his secretary, Polly, Coach realizes he is a bit like Abraham: he has to have faith even though he has not idea what the outcome may be.  


This skit was meant to parallel some ideas for running the Christian race, and was intended to introduce the topic and to serve as a springboard for other related topics.  

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (3 Male, 2 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Mac:                So, why are we here? 

Coach enters 

Coach:            I'll tell you why you're here.  You're going to enter and win The Amazing Race. 

Joe:                 The Amazing Race?  Isn't that like a really hard, long, race? 

Coach:            Yes, and you three are going to form a team and win it.  

Randi:              Why us?  

Coach:            Because you were the best. 

Joe:                 (petrified) But we haven't raced in years! 

Mac:                I have. 

Joe:                 You have? 

Mac:                Sure, I race all the time.  We have one of those Nintendo Wii Systems and I race my kids almost everyday.  Personally, I like the King Boo character: not only is he awesomely cool but he's an excellent driver and  can do the best tricks! 

Joe:                 That's not a real race! 

Mac:                If it's not a race then how come I usually come in first or second almost every time?  My character gets to stand on the platform and everything! 

Joe:                 But that's a video game!  Coach is talking about running a real race.on foot

Mac:                (to Coach) You are? 

Coach:            Exactly! 

Mac:                Oh.  Then I haven't raced in years.  

Coach:            It doesn't matter.  Look, you three were the best track team I've ever had in all my years of coaching.  You were fast and you had endurance to go the distance.  That's why you were 4-time state champions. 

Mac:                That's winning 4 years in a row, you know. 

Randi:              But that was a long time ago, Coach.  What makes you think we can still win today? 

Coach:            Maybe not today but in a few weeks, with my help and a little training, I know you'll be ready.  I know you can do this.  

Joe:                 I'm not so sure. 

Coach:            Come on, you were the best once, and I know you can be again!  Besides, I want to wipe that smirk off Coach Radcliffe's face, and you're the only ones who can help me do it! 

Joe:                 Are you and he still fighting after all these years? 

Coach:            We don't fight, we compete.  He says his old team can beat my old team any day, and I said .No way!. So, you can't let me down.  

Mac:                What's in this for us? 

Coach:            You'll get back into shape again.  By the time I'm done with you, you'll be better and stronger than ever.  

Randi:              It would be nice to have more energy. 

Joe:                 I guess it wouldn't hurt to drop a few pounds. 

Mac:                I'd like to eat out tonight. 

Randi:              What does that have to do with running this race? 

Mac:                Nothing.  I thought we were naming things we wanted to do today.  

Coach:            Still not the sharpest tool in the tool shed, huh? 

Mac:                See, he said tool

Randi:              That's because what he said made sense.  Tools belong in a tool shed, not a crayon box.  

Mac:                Duh!  Who'd want to keep their hammer in a crayon box.  I don't think they even make hammers that small.  Come on Randi, use your head! 

Coach:            So, what do you say, are you all in? 

Mac:                I'm in. 

Randi:              Me too. 

Coach:            Joe? 

Joe:                 I don't know.

Coach:            You were an all-star.  It's in your blood.  It'll start coming back to you, you'll see.  

Joe:                 Okay, I'm in.  Where do we start? 

Coach:            Let's start off small.  We'll begin with those jump ropes over there.  That should get the blood flowing.  

All 3 pick up a jump rope.  Joe and Randi begin jumping, while Coach watches.  Mac has trouble jumping.he jumps at the wrong time, gets the rope tangled in his legs, and continually trips and falls over.  The more .physical. this character can be, the funnier it will be.  

For Joe, after a few turns (10 or so) he immediately begins to get tired.  He startspanting heavily and breathing hard and he starts to really slow down his pace.  After a few more turns, he begins to stop .jumping. and just throws the rope over his head, and then steps over the rope.   

Randi also starts to show signs of getting tired quickly.   

Coach:            Mac, what are you doing? 

Mac:                I'm jumping rope. 

Coach:            It looks more like you're 'tripping. rope to me.  

Mac:                I think my rope is broken. (to Randi) Let me try yours. 

Randi and Mac switch ropes but Mac has the same problem, jumping too late and getting tangled in the rope 

Mac:                Oh no, I broke this one too! 

Coach:            Joe, what's your problem over there?  

Joe:                 I'm not used to.(breathing very hard) this kind of..(breathing very hard) strenuous exercise. (breathing very hard

Coach:            Strenuous?  This isn't strenuous; this is jumping rope! Or it's supposed to be! 

Joe:                 I'm sorry, Coach, but I can't do it anymore! 

Coach:            (disgusted) All right, stop.all of you.