Dad's Top Ten-Drama Skit

Dad's Top Ten-Drama Skit

Themes: Father's Day; the ups and downs of fatherhood
Categories: Family, Father's Day 

Tom and Dave are guests on Marla's Live at Five talk show, as they count down the best and worst things about being a dad.  Some of the best include: playing ball with your son, the kids thinking you're like superman and seeing new things through the eyes of your child.  Some of the worst include: seeing the kind of guys that show up at the door to date your daughter, and the days when Mom is gone. This skit is a light-hearted look at the ups and downs of fatherhood.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 3 (2 Male, 1 Female)
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  A talk show.  Marla is dressed in business casual attire, as is Tom. The character of Dave should be a .big, tough. guy if possible. He should wear a hat of some sorts (ex. baseball cap) 

Optional:  Some type of .game show or talk show. music could be played here as an intro. If using music, Marla enters at the end of the musical piece. 

Marla:              Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!  Thank you for joining us today on  Live at Five!  I'm Marla Downs and we've got a great show for you, particularly for all you men out there.  We'll give you tips on how to create a winning fantasy football league, show you some affordable ways to build the garage of your dreams, and read an excerpt from the new best-selling book, .She Thinks my Flannel is Sexy..   

                        But first we want to honor all you dads out there.  To do that, I need a little help from some of my old pals.  Please welcome Tom and Dave. 

Tom and Dave enter 

Marla:              Thanks for joining us, guys.  Why don't you tell the audience why you're here. 

Tom:                We're here today to give you the top ten best. 

Dave:               And top ten worst. 

Tom:                Things about being a dad.  

Marla:              Sounds good.  Tom, why don't you start us off?  We'll start at number ten and work our way up to number one.  So Tom, what's the tenth best thing about being a dad? 

Tom:                Walking through the door at the end of the day to hear your child run through the house, jump into your arms, smile, and say .Daddy's home!.  (touches his heart) There's nothing like it! 

Marla:              Dave, the worst thing? 

Dave:               Getting ready to leave in the morning and having your little girl look at you with big crocodile tears and say, .Daddy, please don't go!.  (a little overly dramatic acting will be funny and effective here from this big, tough guy) It's heartbreaking, man!  

Marla:              I hear you.  Tom, what's the ninth best thing about being a dad? 

Tom:                When your kids look at you like your Superman.  

Marla:              How do you mean? 

Tom:                When they're young, they think you can do anything.  They have such admiration and respect for all that you do.  It's nice to see myself like that through their eyes.  

Marla:              Isn't that the sweetest thing? Dave, the worst? 

Dave:               Being expected to be Superman. 

Marla:              In what way? 

Dave:               Everyone looks to me for all the answers, you know?  But sometimes I don't have all the answers.  I don't always know what to do.  

Marla:              For instance? 

Dave:               Like when the car breaks down, I'm supposed to know how fix it.  If we need a new addition to the house, I'm supposed to know how to build it.  If there's a dead mouse in the house, I'm supposed to get rid of it.  I don't want to let my family down but sometimes I just can't do it.  You know what I'm talking about? 

Marla:              Because you're not a mechanic or a contractor? 

Dave:               No, because I'm afraid of mice!  Those beady little eyes are creepy!  

Marla:              Amen!  Okay Tom, your turn.  

Tom:                The eighth best thing about being a dad is going on vacation with your family.  There's something about watching your children see everything for the first time that really touches my heart.  It's nice to be able to get away and spend some quality time with the kids in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  

Dave:               I would agree.  However, the worst part is all the extra work you have to do ahead of time before you leave, and then all the extra work you have to do to catch up when you get back home!  You need a vacation from trying to get ready for vacation.  Not to mention if the DVD player breaks along the way: I'm supposed to know why it quit playing and when it will be fixed, and if I don't, I get to hear .Are we there yet?. and .I'm bored. for the next two weeks.  

Marla:              Been there, done that!  Okay Tom, we're up to number seven. 

Tom:                The seventh best thing about being a dad is playing ball with your son.  When we're out back throwing the ball around or shooting some hoops, I don't have a care in the world.  The bonding that takes place in that one simple act is priceless.  

Marla:              What a great feeling! How about you, Dave? 

Dave:               The worst part is when your son tells you he wants to take dance classes instead of football.  Don't get me wrong, I love my son and I want him to be happy, but does it have to be dance?  

Marla:              Two words for you, Dave: Mikhail Baryshnikov.  Plus, women love a man who can dance. 

(Dave hangs his head but shakes it in agreement)