What I Admire Most-Drama Skit

What I Admire Most-Drama Skit

Themes: Mother's Day, motherhood, advantages to both working moms and stay-at-home moms, joys and pains of motherhood, guilt and worry moms may feel in their role as mothers, unrealistic expectations of motherhood
Categories: Mother's Day 

When Jen discovers she's pregnant, she shares the news with her mother and mother-in-law.  After the excitement dies down, what follows is a light-hearted discussion about the ups and downs of motherhood.  Lynn, Jen's mom, confesses there were days she wanted to "drop the kids off at the babysitter and seriously consider about leaving them there for good!" while Lucy, her mother-in-law admits feeling guilty about continuing to work after her children were born.  The two experienced moms reveal things they've admired about each other over the years, such as the ability to be home with the kids or the capability of balancing a home and work life.  In the end, the mothers and mother-to-be discuss the impossible expectations most moms seem to place upon themselves, and find that the only thing they can do is love their children and raise them the best way they can.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 3 (3 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  A living room.  Two small gift boxes sit on a nearby table. 

As the scene opens, Jenny paces back and forth.  A doorbell is heard. 

Jen:      (answers the door) Hi mom.  Come on in. 

Lynn:     (enters, worried) Jenny, are you okay?  You sounded so strange on the phone.  I got here as soon as I could. 

Jen:     I'm fine, mom.  I'm waiting for Scott's mother to come by.  

Lynn:   Lucy?  

Jen:     Yes.  She should be here any minute. 

Lynn:     Something's wrong.  Can't you just tell me?  You're scaring me. 

Jen:     Mom, I promise nothing is wrong.  Let's just wait 'til Lucy comes and I'll explain everything.  (glances to the side) Look, here she comes now. 

Jen goes to the door and let's Lucy inside 

Lucy:    (rushes in) I got a phone call from Scott and he said I should drop everything and get over here as fast as I could.  Is everything okay?  (noticing Lynn) Oh hi, Lynn.  What's going on? 

Lynn:   I don't know.  She won't tell me a thing. 

Jen:     I wanted to wait until both of you were here together.  Sit down.  I have something for both of you.  

Lynn and Lucy sit down as Jen gets the two gift boxes and hands each one of them a box 

Lynn:   What's this, dear?

Jen:     Open it and find out. 

Lynn and Lucy open their boxes at the same time 

Lucy:   (a bit confused, she pulls out a small pair of baby booties) I'm afraid these aren't quite my size. 

Lynn pulls out a rattle from the box 

Lynn:   This is a rattle. 

Jen:     (smiling) I know. 

Lynn:   (realization hits, hopeful) Does this mean what I think it does? 

Jen shakes her head .yes. 

Lucy:    (excited) You mean we're going to be grandmothers? 

Jen:      (excited) Yes! 

Lynn and Lucy jump up and begin jumping up and down, squealing in delight.  They hug each other and then they each hug Jen tightly, one on each side of her, creating a 'sandwich. effect 

Jen:     (with little breath) Mom?  Lucy?  You're squishing the baby! 

They release her instantly 

Lynn:   Sorry.  How long have you known? 

Jen:     We found out yesterday.  I'm due in November.  

Lucy:   Oh honey, I'm so excited for you!  Congratulations! 

Jen:     Thank you. 

Lynn:   There's going to be lots of changes once that baby comes. 

Jen:     I know.  Scott and I were up late last night discussing it.  

They all sit back down 

Lucy:   Are you going to continue to work or do you think you'll want to be a stay-at-home mom? 

Jen:     I don't know yet.  That's one of the things Scott and I were discussing. 

Lynn:   It's a big decision. 

Jen:     I know.  I'm not sure what to do.  Any thoughts? 

In unison:  Lynn:  Go back to work.

                  Lucy:  Stay at home. 

Lynn:   (to Lucy) Wait a minute, did you just say 'stay at home.? 

Lucy:   Yes.  Did you just say .go back to work.? 

Lynn:   Yes. 

Jen:     (to Lynn, very surprised) Mom, I'm surprised to hear you say that.  

Lynn:   Why?  I know how much you love your work and you're really talented.  Besides, being a stay-at-home mom is hard.  

Jen:     I thought you loved being home when Josh, Amy, and I were little! 

Lynn:   (pats Jen on the hand) Oh sweetie, I did!  But there were some days that I wanted to pull my hair out and lock you all in your rooms! 

Jen:            (shocked) Mom! 

Lynn:   It's true.  Look honey, motherhood is a great thing.  Children are a wonderful gift and you're going to love your children with all of your heart.  But.(pause) there will be some days when you question why you ever had kids to begin with, and one day you'll drop the kids off at the babysitter and seriously consider leaving them there for good! 

Jen:     I can't believe you're saying this!  

Lucy:   Me either! 

Jen:     (with a smug look to Lynn) See!  

Lucy:   I thought I was the only one who felt that way! 

Jen:     (even more shocked) What?  Not you too! 

Lucy:   I'm afraid so.  I remember one day Scotty decided to give the dog a bath.  Scott couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 at the time.  The dog was almost bigger than he was.  I'd just gotten home from work and was sitting down to rest awhile.  I'd heard some commotion in the upstairs bathroom but was too tired to go check it out. 

Lynn:   Oh no.  I can see where this is going. (laughs

Lucy:   By the time I finally dragged myself up the stairs to see what was going on, the entire bathroom floor was covered with bubbles and an inch of water, which had begun to leak into the kitchen ceiling below. 

Jen:     Oh no! 

Lucy:   Oh yes! A massive water stain was spreading on the ceiling below, not to mention Scott was using my good guest towels to dry off the dog and wipe up some of the excess water.  

Jen:     You poor thing! 

Lucy:   Just what I wanted to deal with after a long day at work.  To make matters worse, he found my very expensive bottle of Coco Chanel perfume and used up the whole thing, just so the dog would smell pretty! 

Lynn:   He didn't! 

Lucy:   He did.  I went to my bedroom, locked the door and didn't come out until I had counted to 1,000.  I came out, started to talk to Scott, then turned around, went back into my room to count some more! 

Jen:     (laughs) He never told me that story. 

Lucy:   He probably blocked it out of his memory.  I was pretty mad that day. 

Lynn:   I can imagine. 

Lucy:   You know Lynn, I'm glad to hear you say you had some tough days when your kids were growing up too. I thought I was the only one!