Cruisin' and Losin'-Drama Skit

Cruisin' and Losin'-Drama Skit

Themes: Friendship, making friends, the effort it takes to begin a friendship, the importance/benefits of friends, making friends by being a friend
Categories: Topical, Life Situations, Christian Living, Friendship, Women's Ministry 

Doris goes on a cruise in order to meet new people and make friends but not 24 hours into the cruise, she demands a full refund from Julie, the Cruise Director.  Doris claims she's tried everything (nodding, smiling, and standing around waiting for someone to approach her) but nothing seems to work.  Julie attempts to offer advice to Doris but quickly realizes why Doris has problems making friends: she doesn't know how to be a friend. Doris refuses to "put herself out there" and remains inflexible in her feeble attempts at friendship. Julie soon discovers Doris may be a lost cause in this fun, light-hearted comedy that examines the excuses we all make when dealing with potential friendships.


This is a variation of a previous skit: "A Friend Indeed."

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 2 (2 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: The office of a cruise ship.  Julie, the Cruise Director, sits at her desk writing something on a piece of paper, when Doris, a disgruntled woman barges in. 

Doris:              Are you the cruise director? 

Julie:                Yes, I am.  (standing) I'm Julie.  (extends her hand to shake

Doris:              (shaking Julie's hand) Doris. 

Julie:                Please, have a seat. 

They both sit 

Julie:                Well, Doris how can I help you? 

Doris:              I want my money back. 

Julie:                (a bit shocked) May I ask why? 

Doris:              Because I came on this cruise to make new friends, but it's been difficult to meet people.  

Julie:                I'm sorry to hear that, Doris.  Usually our cruise offers lots of opportunities to mix and meet other people.  I've never had any complaints about this in the past. 

Doris:              Well, there's always a first.  I've tried everything I can think of to make friends on this ship but none of it's working.  The people on this ship are very unfriendly!  

Julie:                Well, we've only been at sea about 24 hours.  Perhaps you should give it a little more time.  

Doris:              I don't think it's going to help much.  Like I said, the people on this ship are not very friendly. 

Julie:                Before I start giving out refunds, why don't you tell me what you've tried so far and maybe I can make some suggestions and offer some advice. I'm sure we can match you up with some great people. 

Doris:              Okay.  Well, yesterday afternoon I smiled at this woman as I was coming out of my cabin.  

Julie:                (waiting for more) Did you stop and talk to her? 

Doris:              Are you kidding?  No, I didn't stop to talk!  I had to hurry to the buffet line because my kids were starving.  You think I've got time to chitchat with 3 hungry kids waiting to eat? (laughs) 

Julie:                Okay, so, you smiled at the woman... 

Doris:              Yeah. 

Julie:                And? 

Doris:              And she smiled back.  I thought she was a nice lady at first but I've changed my mind about her since she never tried to contact me or anything. 

Julie:                But you didn't speak to her at all? 

Doris:              No, like I said, I was in a hurry. 

Julie:                .Because of the starving kids.  

Doris:              Right. 

Julie:                Does she even know your name? 

Doris:              How should I know? 

Julie:                Doris, how is this woman supposed to know to contact you if you've never spoken and she doesn't even know your name? 

Doris:              She saw me coming out of my cabin so she clearly knows where to reach me.  I'm sure I looked frazzled as I entered the hallway--I mean who wouldn't with 3 kids screaming for food!  I was obviously crying out for some adult interaction.  She should have been able to tell that.  Besides, I. 

Julie:                ..'smiled at her.  Right. 

Doris:              Hey, if she wants to be my friend she's got to make a little effort too, you know what I mean? 

Julie:                (not sure what to make of Doris) Gotcha.  Okay, what else have you done to make friends since you've been here? 

Doris:              Last night I did stand around in the lobby for a bit while I was waiting for my husband.  I waited for someone to talk to me but nobody ever did. Like I said, the people around here don't seem too eager to reach out. 

Julie:                Did you try making conversation with anyone? 

Doris:              No. 

Julie:                You didn't invite anyone to have lunch or participate in any of the group activities with you? 

Doris:              Why would I do that?  I don't even know these people!  I'm not gonna go up to someone I don't know!  They could be a weirdo or whacko or something. 

Julie:               (in disbelief, sarcastic) You're right.  What was I thinking?