Forever Friends-Drama Skit

Forever Friends-Drama Skit

Themes: True friendship, qualities of a friend
Categories: Youth, Friendship, Children, Topical 

Since one of their closest friends moved away, the remaining four members of the Forever Friends Friendship Group has an opening.  The four girls begin the interview process, hoping to find their next best friend.  Will it be Shawna, the beautiful but "ditsy" girl?  Or maybe Ashley, heiress to the Grenada Family Fortune?  Dominique has the fashion sense, but Diana is the most popular girl in school and has connections to all the "cool" kids, including the handsome Chad Atkins.  But maybe Mariah would be better for the group, since her dad is a music producer and can get the girls into all the "hip" concerts.  Tracy and Felicia seem to be nice, but do they have anything of value to offer the group?  The two of them seem to think so, but the rest of the group and applicants aren't so sure.  While the others are bringing wealth, popularity and materialism to the "table," Felicia and Tracy bring something more: giving of themselves.  In the end, Tracy and Felicia realize they may not want to be part of such an "elite" group after all.  

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 11 (11 Female)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

This is a sample taken from the middle of the skit.

Felicia:           Excuse me, but I thought you were looking for friendship, not popularity and materialism. 

Tracy:            Yeah.  Your advertisement said you were looking for someone who showed the characteristics of a good friend.  

Tara:                You don't think providing Chad Atkins to take us to the school dance is friendship? 

Tiffany:            You couldn't ask for a better friend than that! 

Tracy:              But that's not friendship. 

Felicia:             It's bribery.  

Ashley:            I'm sorry, but who is she(indicates Felicia) 

Tawny:            Yeah, who are you?  I've never seen you around before. 

Felicia:             I'm new here.  We moved to the area last month. 

Tracy:              She came in with me.  I saw her sitting by herself and we started talking.  She said she was new, so I thought this might be a good way for her to make some new friends. 

Tricia:              So what do you two have to offer us? 

Felicia:             Offer you? 

Tara:                Yes.  If we let you be in our group, what can you give us? 

Tawny:            Can you take us to all the cool places? 

Felicia:             No. 

(The four make note on their papers) 

Tara:                Can you get us in to all the best parties? 

Felicia:             I don't think so. 

(The four make note on their papers) 

Dominique:      And you know she can't give you fashion advice.  Just look at her! 

(The four make note on their papers) 

Tricia:              Can you buy us anything

Felicia:             (disheartened) I don't have much money. 

(The four make note on their papers) 

Felicia:             (brightening) but I do like peanut butter! 

Tiffany:            At least that's something

Tricia, Tara & Tawny: (in unison) We hate peanut butter! 

Felicia hangs her head down 

Tracy:              Look, there's more to friendship than all that kind of stuff. 

Mariah:            What would you know about it? 

Tracy:              Plenty! 

Tricia:              Wait a minute, we haven't heard from you yet.  We'll get back to Tracy in a minute.  What was your name again? (indicating Mariah) 

Mariah:            My name is Mariah, as in Mariah Carey. 

Shawna:          (in disbelief and great surprise) You're Mariah Carey?  I love you!  I have all your CD's!  You sure look different in person though. 

Mariah:            I'm not Mariah Carey you twit.  I was named after her.  My dad is a music producer. 

Tara:                Does that mean you could get us concert tickets? 

Mariah:            Yeah.  My dad can pull strings and I can usually get into any concert I want.  Getting 5 tickets is just as easy as 1. 

The four girls: (in unison) Taylor Swift!  (they all clap and scream, then start writing on their papers) 

Tara:                I love Taylor Swift!  (to Mariah) You are definitely in the running! 

Shawna:          You didn't say anything about running!  Now I'll have to start working out! 

(all the girls give Shawna a strange look)  

Diana:              (to Shawna) Why are you even here? 

Shawna:          Because I'm beautiful.  I can add class to their group. 

Tiffany:            What do you like to do for fun, Shawna? 

Shawna:          Well, I like to brush my hair and look at it shine in the mirror. 


Tricia:              Anything else? 

Shawna:          Sometimes I like to braid my hair or put it up on top of my head like this. (she twists her hair and puts it on top of her head)  Isn't it pretty like that? 

Tawny:            Do you like anything else that doesn't involve your hair? 

Shawna:          Sure, lots of stuff. (she puts her hair back down) 


Tara:                Like what? 

Shawna:          I like to paint my nails and get massages and go to the mall. 

Tawny:            (interrupting) I love the mall! 

Shawna:          Me too. I go there to try out new eye shadows.  Bombshell Blue is my favorite.  It has glitter in it.  See?  (she sticks her face close to the others and closes her eyes so the others can examine them) 

Tiffany:            (examining Shawna's eyelids) Wow!  Her eyelids really sparkle!  Can you show us how to do that? 

Shawna:          Sure.  It's simple.  We just have to find the right shade for your eye color.  Of course you won't be as beautiful as I am, but I can help you look you're your best.  

Tawny:            We could all use a makeover! 

The four make notes 

Tracy:              Wait a minute, I get the feeling that in order to even be considered as one of your friends you either have to look a certain way, be rich, popular or know important people that will get you what you want.  It's all about what you can get

Ashley:            Duh!  Don't you know anything about friendship?  That's how it works!  

Dominique:      Right! I give you stuff so you'll be my friend, and you do stuff for me so I'll continue to give you more stuff. 

Tracy:              No, I guess I never knew it worked that way. 

Felicia:             Me either. 

Mariah:            Then how does it work for you?  You don't give your friends stuff? 

Tracy:              Sure I do, just not the kind of things you're talking about. 

Shawna:          What else is there? 

Tracy:              Lots of things!