Footprints-Drama Skit

Footprints-Drama Skit

Themes: Witnessing to others, showing examples to others through our lives, leaving footprints behind for others to follow to God
Categories: Women's Ministry, Personal, Topical, Life Situations, Christian Living, With God 

Pastor Dave suggested we leave behind footprints for others to follow, in order to lead them to God.  So, that's just what Fran is doing when her friend Kris drops by unexpectedly: she's cutting out footprints.  She's got footprints that lead to the gym, the salon and even Bloomingdale's but somehow Kris doesn't think Fran's version of these footprints is exactly what Pastor Dave had in mind.  When Kris suggests the "footprints" are more about behaviors and attitudes, Fran can't seem to comprehend.  It isn't until the two women end up in a fight that they both realize this is not what Pastor Dave or God had intended for either of them.  They are thankful that at least no one saw their tirade.  Or did they?

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 3 (3 Female)
1 part is very small and has no lines--that character is only visible at the end and is only on stage for a few moments and says nothing
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  Fran sits at a table cutting out footprints.  There should be a stack on the table, along with some scissors and a pen.  A Bible should also be on the table. 

A knock is heard at the door.  Fran gets up to answer the door. 

Fran:    Hi Kris.  Come on in. 

Kris:     I hope I'm not bothering you.  Is this a bad time? 

Fran:    No, not at all.  Come in and have a seat.  You can help me. 

Both women sit 

Kris:     What are you doing? 

Fran:    I'm cutting out some footprints.  

Kris:     For what? 

Fran:    You know, for others to follow. 

Kris:     (confused) Huh? 

Fran:    Well, Pastor Dave said in his sermon last week that we should leave footprints in the world for others to follow.  So, I'm cutting them out.  Look, here's some that lead to Bloomingdale's.  (she shows her a small stack)  

Kris:     Why Bloomingdale's? 

Fran:     Because I want people to know what great fashion sense I have, and then follow in my footsteps by putting together their own fantastic look. 

Kris:     You're making footprints to fashion? 

Fran:    Of course.  

Kris:     To Bloomingdale's? 

Fran:    Where else? Looking your best is important and Bloomingdale's is the best.  They have the top of the line on clothes and accessories to create the perfect outfits. 

Kris:     But not everyone can afford Bloomingdale's, Fran. 

Fran:    I know that Kris.  That's why I have these.  (she hands Kris a stack of footprints that are much smaller than the others) 

Kris:     (with a puzzled look on her face) Why are these footprints so small? 

Fran:    Duh!  They indicate reduced prices.  They're for whenever Bloomingdale's has a sale! 

Kris:     I see. Where else do your footprints lead? 

Fran:    To the gym. 

Kris:     That sounds good.  Exercise is great for the body.  It's a good way to stay healthy. 

Fran:    (non-chalant) I guess so, (excited) but it's even better for making the new clothes you bought from Bloomingdale's look good! 

Kris:     Fran, are you sure this is what Pastor Dave had in mind? 

Fran:    Of course it is.  Oh, you've got to see these.  Look, these are my salon footprints. (she hands her a stack of footprints) 

Kris:      (looking closely at them) The toenails on these feet are polished.  This one has glitter, and this one has a toe ring. 

Fran:    I know!  Isn't that adorable!  No reason you can't be creative with your footprints. 

Kris:     Why would your footprints lead to the salon? 

Fran:     Because silly, your stunning outfits won't look as good without polished nails and toes, not to mention glowing skin and shiny hair! 

Kris:     Don't take this the wrong way Fran but I'm not sure you're footprints are leading to the right places.  

Fran:    What do you mean? 

Kris:     I think Pastor Dave meant for us to leave different kinds of footprints than these.  You know, ones that lead to God. 

Fran:    These do lead to God. 

Kris:     How? 

Fran:    My church footprints are right here.  See?  (she puts some in front of Fran) They've got little crosses on them.  Aren't they cute? 

Kris:     Yes, they're very cute but what meaning do they have? 

Fran:    It means that when I go to church. 

Kris:     .in your Bloomingdale's dress. 

Fran:    Yes, in my Bloomingdale's dress, that others will follow me.  I'm sure our attendance will double in no time. 

Kris:     But why? 

Fran:    (getting a little aggravated) Because I've put my footprints down for people to follow. Haven't you been paying attention? 

Kris:     It's great that you like to shop and go to the salon but what will make people follow you to God?  Just because you go to church doesn't mean people will follow you, and even if they do, they should see your footprints in other Godly places too. 

Fran:    (looks confused at first, but then reacts with a .light bulb. moment) Do you think God prefers Sax Fifth Avenue?

Kris:     (frustrated) That's not what I mean! 

Fran:     (equally frustrated) Then what are you talking about? 

Kris:     (standing up quickly) I mean, what's your attitude like? 

Fran:    (also standing up, a bit haughty with her nose in the air) At the moment it's a little perturbed.