The Accused-Drama Skit

The Accused-Drama Skit

Themes: Easter, reasons Jesus died on the cross, accusing one another of sin, the love Jesus has for us, the crucifixion, we all sin and are all to blame for Jesus' death
Categories: Easter, Sin, Life Situations 

Who is to blame for the crucifixion of Jesus?  Five characters stand ready to accuse each other, each claiming they are not to blame.  Loosely based on Biblical characters such as Peter, Pilate, Judas, and the Chief Priests, these characters are the "Everyman," and could easily be any one of us.  Each character feels someone else is to blame, when in fact they all had their hand in sending Jesus to the cross.  In the end, the characters and the audience as well, come to realize we are all to blame; however, none of us stand accused, since Jesus willingly died for each one of us out of love.

Style: Drama

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Characters: 5 (2 Male, 3 Female)
Any of these characters can be gender neutral
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  The skit can be done two ways: the characters can be scattered throughout the audience and stand in place to recite their lines, or the characters can sit in a semi-circle on stage.  If the characters are scattered through the audience the character of .Reason. enters from the back and walks up the aisle as he/she speaks.  Reason should be at the front of the stage by the time he/she is ready to accuse .Law..  Reason will stand center stage at the front of the audience and continue to speak from there for the duration of the skit.  If the characters are seated in a semi-circle on stage, .Reason. is the only one who stands, either behind the others or in the middle of them.   

Reason:          We're gathered here today to determine who is to blame.  Jesus, my  friend, my teacher, my comforter, and God's own son, was sentenced to a horrible death.  One among us, is to blame.  (angrily) Is it you? (points to .Law.) 

Law:                (outraged) Me?  How dare you accuse me!  I've done nothing but keep the letter of the law!  

Reason:          My point exactly.  You heed the law but disregard the people.  

Law:                That's a lie! 

Reason:          Is it?  When your brother came to your home did you turn him away or did you invite him in? 

Law:                It was the Sabbath!  

Reason:          He needed your help. 

Law:                We are to rest on that day! 

Reason:          At the expense of another?  Where is your compassion?  Where is your love? 

Law:                The law states. 

Reason:          Laws have limits!  Would you let a man drown because you have been told not to swim?  

Law:                I tried to uphold what I thought was best. 

Reason:          (angry) You!  You are the reason Jesus died!  You sent him to the cross! 

Law:                No! I am not responsible! 

Reason:          Then who is? 

Law:                She is! (he points to Clueless)  She never understood who Jesus was. 

Clueless:         Of course I did!  

Law:                Liar!  You claim to have walked by his side.  You claim to have listened to his words but they were meaningless to you.  You never fully understood who Jesus was. 

Clueless:         How can you say that?  He was my friend!  I loved him! 

Law:               You loved him as one would love an object. He was appealing at first, exciting even, but soon you had no use for him.  

Clueless:         It's not true! 

Law:               You tossed him aside for money and fame.  

Clueless:         He understood.  

Law:               He understood the real you.  But you, you never understood who he really was or you couldn't have betrayed him as you did.  

Clueless:         Don't speak to me of betrayal!  

Law:               Why? It's the truth, isn't it?  You are to blame!  You sent Jesus to the cross! 

Clueless:          No!  He is to blame! (she points to Betrayer) He is the true betrayer!