God's Valentine-Drama Skit

God's Valentine-Drama Skit

Themes: Valentine's Day, God's love, the ways God shows us He loves us
Categories: With God, Valentine's Day, Topical, Life Situations, God/Satan, Children 

It's Valentine's Day and Fran is sitting by her mailbox waiting for her valentine from God to arrive.  It's not until her friend, Karen, shows up that Fran realizes God doesn't need to send a card through the mail, since He shows us every single day, in many ways, that He loves us.  


This skit was originally written for children but the message is true for all ages.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 2 (2 Female)
Both characters could be gender neutral if necessary
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  Fran is waiting by a mailbox.  She has several valentine cards hidden in her pocket. 

Karen:             (enters) Hi Fran.  What are you doing? 

Fran:                Hey Karen.  I'm waiting for my valentine. 

Karen:             From who? 

Fran:                From God. 

Karen:             Did you say, .God?. 

Fran:                Yes.  

Karen:             Then I think you might be waiting here a long time. 

Fran:                Why is that? 

Karen:             Because I don't think God sends valentines through the mail.  

Fran:                Why not?  I'm pretty sure He can afford a stamp.  

Karen:             That's not what I meant.  

Fran:                Wait a minute, do you think He'd use e-mail instead?  (hits herself in the head) I should have thought of that. (starts to leave)  I'll go check.  

Karen:             (stopping her) No, wait!  I meant I don't think God sends valentines at all. 

Fran:                Why not?  He loves me, doesn't he? 

Karen:             Of course He does! 

Fran:                And Valentine's Day is all about telling people you love them, right? 

Karen:             Right. 

Fran:                Then God should send me a valentine, and I'm going to wait right here until I get it.  

Karen:             I don't think it works that way. 

Fran:                Of course it does.  Look.  (she pulls out a stack of valentine cards out of her pocket and shows the top one to Karen) I got this one from Jerry.  (she takes off the next card) I got this one from Bo.  (she shows the next one) And I got this one from Lucas. 

Karen:             That cute guy who works at the restaurant? 

Fran:                That's the one!  Each one of these boys has declared their undying love to me.  The only one I haven't received a valentine from is God, and he's supposed to love me more than anyone else does! 

Karen:             He does love you more than anyone else can or will Fran, but he shows it in different ways.  He doesn't need to send out valentine cards. 

Fran:                Then how am I supposed to know He loves me? 

Karen:             He shows you in lots of ways every day. 

Fran:                Like what?