Fulfillment-Drama Skit

Fulfillment-Drama Skit

Themes: The Obamas meet the Kings, the accomplishments of Martin Luther and Coretta King, how the Kings paved the way for African Americans--including Barack and Michelle Obama, how Martin Luther's dream was fulfilled in Barack Obama, what a conversation between the Obamas and the Kings would be like
Categories: Black History 

Barack and Michelle Obama are enjoying a hot cup of coffee, reminiscing of their election to the White House.  Talk leads to Martin Luther King Jr. and how he and his wife helped pave the way to their success.  Barack makes an innocent remark, wishing Mr. King was around to see how far this nation has come. Suddenly, "Poof!" in walks Martin and Coretta King, to which Barack and Michelle respond by fainting.  When the presidential couple "comes to" they begin a conversation with the Kings, telling them of how they were influential in their road to the White House.  Martin is thrilled to learn the Obamas are the fulfillment of his life long dream, and quite pleased to discover Barack has a dream of his own.

Style: Drama

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Characters: 4 (2 Male, 2 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A sitting room in the White House.  President Barack Obama sits deep in thought.  His laptop and Blackberry are nearby. 

(Michelle enters with two cups of coffee, hands one to Barack)  

Michelle:            I thought you could use a cup of coffee. (she sits) 

Barack:            (taking a sip) Mmm, that hits the spot.  Thanks. 

Michelle:            What are you doing in here all alone? 

Barack:            I was just thinking. 

Michelle:            About what? 

Barack:            About how we got here.  Sometimes I still can't believe it.  Is this really happening? 

Michelle:            I hope so.  Otherwise, our furniture is in the wrong house! (laughs

Barack:            (smiles) Seriously, you ever stop to think what a crazy ride this has been? 

Michelle:            Sometimes.  

Barack:            Did you ever think you'd be having coffee at the White House? 

Michelle:          As a guest'maybe, but as the First Lady'never! (pause) Well, that's not entirely true.  It crossed my mind once or twice after I met you. 

Barack:            Really? 

Michelle:          Of course.  I could see it in your eyes.you were meant for greatness. 

Barack:            We've come a long way, haven't we? 

Michelle:          We sure have.  There have been many that have paved our way. 

Barack:            I was thinking earlier about Martin Luther King Jr.  

Michelle:          He's crossed my mind many times over the last few years.  What do you think he'd say about all this? 

Barack:            I don't know but I'm sure he'd be proud.  I wish he were here.  

Michelle:          I wish Coretta were here too.  She did so much after her husband's death to carry on his legacy.  

Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife, Coretta enter.  They look around, dazed. 

Michelle, seeing the Kings enter, stands, then looks extremely shocked 

Barack:            (concerned) What is it?  You look like you've seen a ghost? Are you okay? 

Michelle shakes her head 'no. then faints 

Barack:            (immediately going to her side) Michelle? Honey, what's wrong?  Wake up! 

Coretta:           (concerned) Oh dear, is she going to be all right? 

Barack:            (turns at the sound of Coretta's voice, then stammers) You're Coretta.and you're Marting Luth...how is this possib.(he faints) 

Martin:             My, we certainly know how to make an entrance, don't we, dear? 

Coretta:           Where exactly have we made an entrance to? 

Martin:             I'm not sure although this place does look familiar. 

Coretta:           How did we get here?  

Martin:             I don't know.  One minute I'm surrounded by a choir of angels and the next thing I know I'm standing here next to you.  

Coretta:           (indication Michelle and Barack) Do you think they'll be all right? 

Martin:             It seems they've fainted from the shock.  I guess they're not used to seeing .ghosts.. 

Coretta:           Is that what we are now? 

Martin:             What else would you call us? 

Coretta:           Temporarily displaced spirits. 

Martin:             Whatever we are, the real question is what are we doing here? 

Coretta:           And who are they? 

Martin:             This is an awfully big house.  They're probably servants. 

Coretta:           They're dressed pretty well for servants, and it looks like they were having coffee. 

Martin:             They could have been waiting on someone to serve. 

Coretta:           (examining Michelle's coffee mug) No, they were drinking out of these cups.  See, the lipstick on the mug matches hers.  (pointing to Michelle) 

Martin:             Who are you, Sherlock Holmes? 

Coretta:           I'm simply trying to point out that they seem right at home here.  I wonder who they are. 

Martin:             It's so strange, I know I've been in this room before but I can't quite place it.  

Michelle and Barack begin to .come to 

Michelle:          What happened? (getting up) 

Coretta:           You fainted, dear. 

Barack:            (gets up) This isn't possible!  You're Coretta King.  And you're Martin Luther King Jr!         

Martin:             (shaking Barack's hand) Well Sir, we seem to be at a disadvantage.you know us but we don't know you. 

Coretta:           (to Barack) You look very familiar.  Wait, you're Barack Obama.  You were the Senator of Illinois and then you were a member of the Senate.  

Barack:            Yes, ma.am.  This is my wife, Michelle. 

Coretta:           It's nice to meet you.  Both of you.  

Barack:            I can't tell you what an honor it is to meet the two of you.  We were just talking about (pause)..how shall I put this?  We were discussing how wonderful it would be if you were here, Mr. King. 

Martin:             Please, call me Martin. 

Barack:            (hesitates) I'm not sure if I can.  A man of your honor. 

Martin:             If you don't mind me asking, where are we exactly?  

Michelle and Barack look at each other quizzically 

Michelle:          Perhaps we should all sit down. 

They all sit 

Barack:            You're in our home, Sir.  

Michelle:          At least for the next few years. 

Coretta:           It's lovely. 

Martin:             It looks so familiar. 

Barack:            If I'm not mistaken, I believe you've been here before, Sir.  We're in Washington D.C. 

Martin:             (looks around, suddenly recognition hits) This is the White House! 

Barack:            Yes, Sir.  I believe you may have been here when Lyndon B. Johnson was President.  

Martin:             Yes!  I knew I'd been here before.  (pause) May I ask why you folks are here?  You said this was your home.  Have the headquarters of Washington been relocated? 

Michelle:          (smiles) No Sir, nothing like that. 

Barack:            I'm not sure how to tell you this Mr..(catching himself)..Martin. (it doesn't sound right, so he uses the more formal).. Mr. King.  (smiles, then looks at Michelle) Man, Biden is never gonna believe this! 

Coretta:           Joe Biden? 

Michelle:            Yes, Ma.am.  Joe Biden is the Vice-President of the United States. 

Barack:            Which makes me.(he takes Martin's hands in his own).You don't know what a great privilege it is to tell you this, Mr. King.you of all people will recognize the significance of what I am about to say.  I, Sir, am Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States.