Loyal to the End-Drama Skit

Loyal to the End-Drama Skit

Themes: The friendship of Ruth and Naomi; loyalty; God provides; reward for obedience; compassion
Categories: With God, Friendship, Topical, Bible Characters, Women's Ministry 

This skit tells the story of the loyal friendship between Naomi and Ruth, and how God honored the loyalty and compassion of these two incredible women.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (2 Male, 3 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  The skit opens to find Naomi praying. 

Naomi:             (on her knees in prayer) God, why has this happened?  Wasn't it enough that my husband was taken from me, but now both of my sons too?  Who will take care of us? Where will we go?  How will we survive?  I don't know what to do.  Please help me. 

Ruth:               (calls from off stage) Naomi?  Are you there?  

Naomi:             (responds to her) I'm in here, dear.  

Ruth and Orpah enter 

Ruth:               (seeing her kneeling) Are you all right? 

The women help Naomi get up 

Orpah:             We were worried about you.  

Naomi:             I was seeking some help. 

Orpah:             From who? (looking around) There's no one else here. 

Ruth:               From her God.  She was praying.  

Orpah:             Praying?  I don't see how that's going to help!  

Ruth:               Naomi's God has been known to help out in situations like this.  (to Naomi) Isn't that right? 

Naomi:             Yes, Ruth. 

Orpah:             Really? 

(Naomi and Ruth shake their heads .yes.) 

Orpah:             In that case, (she begins to talk to the air) God, whoever you are, I'd like to order me a handsome, young man.  He doesn't have to be rich but a couple hundred cows and horses would be great.  Oh, and a few goats too.  I just love that goat milk! And the cheese isn't bad either, although. 

Ruth:               (interrupts, appalled) Orpah!  Have some respect! 

Orpah:             (apologetic) I'm sorry, I didn't meant to. 

Naomi:             It's okay Orpah.  

Ruth:               Besides, I may not know much about Naomi's God but somehow I don't think it works quite like that.  Does it? 

Naomi:             No, it doesn't.  God isn't a menu item. 

Orpah:             (confused) Huh? 

Ruth:               You don't order Him.  

Naomi:             Right.  

Orpah:             Well, I hope this God of yours has some kind of plan for us, otherwise we're in a bit of a bind.  Any suggestions on what we should do now? 

Naomi:             I was thinking we could go back to my homeland.  I might have some relatives left that would be willing to take us in.  What do you think? 

Orpah:             I think it's worth a try.  

Ruth:               There's nothing left to keep us here.  Wherever you go, we'll go. 

Orpah:             What are the men in your family like? 

Naomi:             I don't really know anymore.  It's been a long time since I've been back home. 

Orpah:             Do they have goats? 

Ruth:               Will you forget about the goats!  We'll be lucky to find a grain of wheat! 

Naomi:             Ruth is right.  I can't ask you both to come with me.  I don't know what I was thinking.  It would be better if you returned to your own families.  

Ruth:               But we want to come with you. 

Orpah:             Yeah, we don't want to leave you all alone. 

Naomi:             But I'm old.  It's too late for me.  You're still young.  You need to go and make a new life for yourselves. 

Ruth:               No, we're coming with you. 

Naomi:             It would be best if you didn't.  I'll get back on my feet again somehow.  Don't worry about me.  I'll be fine. 

Orpah:             Are you sure?  

Naomi:             Yes.  I'm sure God will take care of me in some way.  Now go.  You've already wasted enough time worrying about me. 

Orpah:             Well, if you're sure. 

Naomi:             I am.

Orpah:             Okay then.  I think I will head home.  It will be good to see my folks again.  

Ruth:               I'm gonna miss you.  You've become a sister to me.  (hugs Orpah) 

Orpah:             And you for me. (to Naomi) I'll miss you too.  I couldn't have asked for a better mother-in-law. (hugs Naomi) 

Naomi:             You better go now before I change my mind and make you stay! 

Orpah:             All right.  I'm going.  I love you both.  Good luck in Bethlehem.  (she exits) 

Naomi:             (to Ruth) Now, it's your turn.  You need to go home and make a new life. 

Ruth:               What I need, is to stay and be with you. 

Naomi:             Ruth, you should be with your family. 

Ruth:               You are my family.  Wherever you go, I will go.  Your people will be my people and your God, my God.  

Naomi:             Are you sure about this?  I don't know what we'll find in Bethlehem. 

Ruth:               Do you trust in your God? 

Naomi:             Yes. 

Ruth:               Even though times right now look pretty dim? 

Naomi:             I still trust in Him. 

Ruth:               Then we'll go and we'll see what happens. 

Naomi:             (she puts her hand on her shoulder) Thank you, Ruth.  How precious you are to me! 

Ruth:               We better get going.  We've got quite a journey ahead of us. 

(they exit -  Boaz and his foreman enter from opposite side of stage) 

Boaz:               So, how are things going in the field today? 

Foreman:        Everything looks good, Boaz.  We've got a bumper crop this year.  The harvest should be plentiful. 

Boaz:               That's what I like to hear.  So, what did you think of the game the other night between the Spartans and the Warriors? 

Foreman:        The one they played in the field outside of town on Monday? 

Boaz:               That's the one. 

Foreman:        Honestly sir, I didn't get to see much of it. 

Boaz:               Were you here working that night? 

Foreman:        No, I was at the game but I had to leave.  My wife broke the stew pot and I had to fix it for her. 

Boaz:               Couldn't that have waited? 

Foreman:        Not if I wanted to eat that night. 

Boaz:               Too bad.  You missed a great game.  Double overtime. 

Foreman:        You're kidding me--the best game of the year and I missed it! I wish they'd find a way to record those games.  Then I could watch .em whenever I wanted to. 

Boaz:               Record a live game?  It'll never happen! 

Foreman:        Yeah, you're probably right.  Besides, if they did find a way to record the games, all the men in the land would never get anything done! 

Boaz:               You got that right! (they give each other a high-five)

(looking off into the distance) Hey, Foreman? 

Foreman:        Yeah? 

Boaz:               Do you know anything about that woman over there? (points in the direction Ruth and Naomi exited)