God in a Box-Drama Skit

God in a Box-Drama Skit

Themes: The limitations we put on God, prayer, restricting God, God wants the best for us, we can't see the future but God can, trusting God
Categories: Relationships, Topical, Life Situations, God/Satan, Personal, With God 

Vicki wants God's help in her life but she wants to tell Him how and when to do His job.  At various stages in her life, God tries to show Vicki all He wants to accomplish for her. He tells her, "I have great plans for you," however, Vicki isn't convinced she wants any part of those plans, especially since they seem to include leaving behind everything she's known.  God assures her this is exactly what she needs in her life but Vicki thinks she knows better.  In response to God's pleas for her to trust him, Vicki places God in a box, ties his hands and puts a "gag" in his mouth. With all the limitations Vicki has placed upon God, she is baffled as to why He doesn't seem to be helping her.  In the end, when God "appears" to be silent, Vicki gets angry, believing the mess she has made of her life is all God's fault.

Style: Drama

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Characters: 2 (1 Male, 1 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  An open stage.  God stands in the middle. 

Vicki enters with a Kleenex box and some crumpled up Kleenexes in her hands. She goes directly to where God is standing.  

Vicki:    God. 

God:            (smiles) Hello Vicki. I'm so glad to see you! 

Vicki:    I know it's been awhile since we last talked. 

God:    Yes, it has but you should know I'm always glad to hear from you!  What can I do for you? 

Vicki:    I don't feel good.  My throat is scratchy and I can hardly swallow.  I'm running a fever and I keep coughing up this brown stuff. (hands him some crumpled Kleenexes)  I've taken aspirin, cough medicine, hot tea'nothing works.  I still feel awful and I don't seem to be getting any better. I don't know what to do.  Please, help me! 

God:    Of course I will.  (He puts his arms around her as if to comfort her.after a moment he releases her.he throws the Kleenexes behind him) You need to get to the doctor, Vicki.  You've got a terrible infection that needs an anti-biotic.  

Vicki:    (afraid) But you know how I hate doctors!  Can't you heal me? 

God:    (takes her hands in his and looks her in the eyes) This is my way of healing you.  

Vicki:    But. 

God:    Trust me, Vicki.   You'll be feeling better soon.  Don't worry, I'll be with you. 

Vicki:            (reluctantly) Okay. 

She exits, taking the Kleenex box with her. 

A moment later she re-enters with a checkbook in hand.   

Vicki:    God. 

God:    Yes? 

Vicki:    Thanks for sending me to the doctor. (she gives him a hug) 

God:    You're welcome. 

Vicki:    I'm feeling much better now. 

God:    I thought you might. 

Vicki:    I do have a problem though. 

God:    What's that? 

Vicki:    (shows him her open checkbook) Have you seen my finances lately? 

God:    Yes, I have. 

Vicki:    I need to make a change. 

God:    I agree. 

Vicki:    But what kind? 

God:    (smiles and raises his hands in victory) I'm glad you asked!  I have big plans for you, Vicki.  (he takes her by the hand and leads her in the direction to the right.he stands behind her and raises his arm, pointing in the direction she's facing)  Look out there.  I have a world of possibilities for you.  First, I want you to. 

Vicki:            (breaking his .embrace. she interrupts and moves away from him on stage in the opposite direction, to the left) .Cause I was thinking I might apply for that position at the bank. 

God:            (concerned) No, that job isn't right for you. (he leads her back to the original position to the right) This direction is where you need to go. 

Vicki:    (again, she moves away from him and goes to the left) It pays more than my old job and the hours are definitely better!  

God:    But you'll hate that job, Vicki!  You're not good with numbers.  You'll be frustrated.  Trust me, this will not end well. 

Vicki:            (ignoring his pleas) Good.  It's settled then.  I'll apply for the job.  (she exits the stage) 

God:    No! (calling after her) Why won't you listen to me, Vicki?  Believe me, I know what's best for you.  You're going in the wrong direction! 

(After a moment Vicki enters with a pink piece of paper in her hand) 

Vicki:    (angrily shoves the paper at God) Do you know what this is? 

God:    It's a pink slip. 

Vicki:    That's right.  I was fired from my job today! 

God:    I know.  I'm sorry. 

Vicki:    You're sorry?  Is that all you have to say? 

God:    I know you're hurting right now.(he reaches his arms out as if to comfort her) 

Vicki:    (pulling away from God before he can reach her) You bet I'm hurting, and this is all your fault! 

God:            (shocked) My fault? 

Vicki:    Yes!  If you hadn't told me to take that job this never would have happened! 

God:    I never told you to take that job!  I wanted you to get a job over there.  (he leads her back to the original spot on the right and points in the right direction) 

Vicki:   (resists, she backs away) I don't want to go there! 

God:    Why not? 

Vicki:    Because it would mean leaving everything behind. 

God:    That's the point.  You need a fresh start and your future is there.  (points in the right direction) Not here. 

Vicki:            (adamant) No!  

God:            (calmly) Yes.  It's the best thing for you. 

Vicki exits the stage 

God:    I'm only trying to help you, Vicki.  Please, listen to me. 

(Vicki enters with a box big enough for God's feet to fit into) 

Vicki:    (sets the box on the floor) Get in. (motions for God to stand in the box) 

God:    Vicki, please don't do this.  I can't help you in there. 

Vicki:    Get in. 

God:    If you'll just trust me I can open up a world of opportunity for you.  The possibilities are endless.  Inside that box the choices are limited. 

Vicki:    Get in. 

(Vicki physically places one foot and then the other of God's inside the box) 

Vicki:    That's better!  (hands him a list from her pocket) Now, I want a job in town so I don't have to drive far to work.  I don't want to work weekends.  I want to make enough money to live comfortably and I want to love what I do.  Now, make it happen.  (she exits)