Light My Fire-Drama Skit

Light My Fire-Drama Skit

Themes: Romance, rekindling the fire in marriage, differences between men and women, love, compromise in relationships
Categories: Love & Marriage, Valentine's Day 

When two couples set out for a night of romance in order to rekindle the fires of their marriage, they end up with two very different evenings and two very unhappy people.  Kathy has spent all day preparing for a night of romance with her husband, John, who thinks "rekindling the fires" means heading to the bedroom.  In reality, it meant she'd prepared a game that included acting out various activities like washing each other's hair, reading poetry and slow dancing. While Kathy is in heaven, John is in agony.  Rob's fate isn't much better, or so he thinks.  His wife, Dena, has arranged for them to attend a marriage seminar based on a recommendation from a man at a local bookstore.  Rob doesn't want to go but gives in to please his wife, who says it will be good for their marriage. Once they arrive, the tables are turned, however, when the Speaker announces that in order to rekindle the flames of love it's necessary to be intimate on a daily basis, prepare gourmet meals for your husband, and be sure to keep the kids busy so as to allow him a refreshing daily nap. Suddenly, Rob has found a new hero and Dena can't wait to "kill" the clerk at the bookstore.  In the end, both couples discover that while their definition of "romance" may differ, rekindling the fires of their marriage might be easier than they originally thought.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (3 Male, 2 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  Stage is divided in half.  During the skit, the action will switch from one side of the stage to the other.  Various props close by will be needed for each 'segment.. While one couple is acting out their lines, the other can be getting props ready for their segment.  Each couple is getting ready for a night of rekindling the romance in their lives, but in different ways.  

Skit begins with Kathy watching out a pretend window, waiting for John to arrive.  She has matches or a candle lighter in her hand. 

Kathy:               He's here!  (goes to the candles and lights them as she speaks) This is going to be so much fun.  I hope John likes the evening I've planned.  What am I talking about?  Of course he'll like it.  It's going to be so romantic! 

(After she lights the candles, she tries to strike an alluring pose, as she waits for John to enter.She should try several poses, the more outrageous the better.after a few silly poses, she finally

decides on something subtle) 

John enters 

Kathy:               (trying to speak in a sexy voice) Hello darling. 

John:                (casual, non-chalant) Are you feeling okay?  

Kathy:               (clearing her throat) I'm fine.  

John:                (surprised) What's all this? (indicating the candles etc.) 

Kathy:               What do mean, .what's all this?. This is our date night, remember? 

John:                I know it's our date night.  I thought we were going out. 

Kathy:               I thought we'd try something different tonight.  You know, rekindle the fire. (winks at him) 

John:                Oh.  (smiles wide) I get it.  You want to get right to the good stuff, huh? (takes off his jacket, starts to unbutton his shirt) Sounds great!  I love rekindling the fire! 

Scene switches.  John and Kathy .freeze. as Rob and Dena enter on other side of stage. 

Rob:                 (not looking happy) Why did we have to come here again? 

Dena:                We're here because we're trying to put some 'spark. back into our marriage and this seminar could really help.  

(they sit in the chairs) 

Rob:                 Our spark is just fine.  Besides, I don't see how sitting through some 2-hour lecture is going to help. 

Dena:                Just give it a try. This man comes highly recommended. 

Rob:                 From who? 

Dena:                From the guy at the bookstore. 

Rob:                 (incredulous) We're here because some guy at a bookstore told you to drag me here? 

Dena:                He saw me looking at the marriage books and came over to see if he could recommend something.  When I told him what I was looking for he suggested this instead. 

Rob:                 That guy is a traitor to the male gender! 

Dena:                What's that supposed to mean? 

Rob:                 It means, no man should willingly entice other guys to come to stuff like this!  It goes against our nature! 

Dena:                Maybe it's time to change your nature!  The man at the store guaranteed you'd like this.  I wouldn't have brought you here if I didn't think you'd enjoy it too. 

(Rob's eyebrows raise) 

Dena:                Okay, maybe I would.  But, at least give it a try.  Please? 

Rob:                 I'm here, aren't I? 

Scene switches.  Rob and Dena freeze 

Kathy:               (stops John from unbuttoning his shirt) Stop that! That's not what I meant! 

John:                (disappointed) It isn't? 

Kathy:               No!  Sex is not the only way to rekindle a fire.  

John:                Says who? 

Kathy:               Says every woman in America!  I want tonight to be special.  

John:                (reaching for her) I can make it special.  I promise! 

Kathy:               (wiggling out of his embrace) Look, I went to a lot of trouble to make tonight romantic.  Just go along with me, okay? I promise, you won't regret it later. (she bats her eyes at him and looks sweet) 

John:                (softening) How can I resist that? 

Kathy:               (smiles) You can't. 

John:                (relents) What do you have in mind? 

Kathy:               (excited) This is gonna be good!  (she brings him to the table with the papers on it) We're going to play .Match Game.. 

John:                What's that? 

Kathy:               You turn over a piece of paper and then try to find the match for it.  Once the papers match, we do the activity that goes along with it.  

John:                Do we have to? 

Kathy:               Please? (gives him the .look. again) 

John:                Okay.  It sounds easy enough.  (he turns over a piece of paper, and then another) 

Kathy:               No match.  Try again. 

John:                (he turns over a different paper) Squiggly lines?  What's that supposed to be? 

Kathy:               Find the match and you'll find out. 

John:                (turns over another paper) Aha!  Match!  (excited, smiling) What's it mean? 

Kathy:               (smiling) It means we get to. (pauses for effect) wash each other's hair!  

John:                (smile immediately fades) What? 

Kathy:               This is going to be great!  I've always wanted to do this.  Come on! (she takes John's hand and pulls him off stage) 

Scene switches 

Rob:                 (looks at his watch) This thing was supposed to start 5 minutes ago.  

Dena:                What's your hurry? 

Rob:                 I just don't want to be here any longer than I have to be.  (seeing the angry look on Dena's face, he changes his 'tune.) I mean, I'm so excited to hear what this man has to say, I just can't wait! 

Dena:                (not buying it) Uh-huh.   

Rob:                 Who is this guy, anyway? 

Dena:                He's the author of .Men are like Meatballs, Women are like Spaghetti.. 

Rob:                 (laughing) This nut is gonna give me lessons in romance?  You've got to be kidding me!  

Dena:                (elbows him) Shhh! Here he comes. 

Rob:                 (sarcastic) This ought to be good.

Speaker:           (enters and stands behind the podium) Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you for coming tonight.  I know you're time is precious and I don't want to keep you here any longer than I need to, so I'm going to get right to the point.  The first step to rekindling the fire in your marriage is. 

Rob:                 (shaking his head, sarcastic) Here it comes. 

Speaker:           Committing yourself to being intimate with each other every day for a year.  

Rob:                 (disgusted, to Dena) See, I told you this was a bunch of nonsense.(pause, realizing he may have hear incorrectly) Wait a minute.. 

(Rob and Dena both look at each other and speak at the same time.Rob looking happy, Dena looking horrified) 

Rob & Dena:      (simultaneously) What did he just say? 

Speaker:           That's right folks.  You heard correctly.  If you want to rekindle the fire and romance in your life, you need to commit yourself to being intimate with one another every single day for a year! 

Rob:                 (smiles wide, very happy, stands up and yells) I love this guy!  

Scene switches.  Rob and Dena freeze 

John and Kathy enter with towels wrapped around their heads. John looks less than enthused, while Kathy is beaming 

Kathy:               Wasn't that nice?  

(John makes some sort of half hearted noise in response) 

Kathy:               So soothing and relaxing.  

John:                Except for when my hair got caught in your wedding ring. 

Kathy:               Sorry about that.  I'll do better next time we try it. 

John:                (worried) Next time? 

Kathy:               (ignoring him) Okay, let's see what's next!  

(They go back to the table with the papers on it) 

John:                (turns over a few papers before he finds a match) Match.  It looks like a book. 

Kathy:               (looking at the papers) Oh, this is a good one. 

John:                We don't have to alphabetize the bookshelf now do we?  I know you've wanted to do that for months. 

Kathy:               No, silly!  Nothing like that.  

John:                (relieved) Good. 

Kathy:               (goes to get a book and hands it to John) This is Emily Dickinson.  We can read each other poetry. 

John:                (lets out a groan) Couldn't we alphabetize the books instead?