Looking for Love-Drama Skit

Looking for Love-Drama Skit

Themes: Love, the definition of love, what love means, marriage, relationships, lust, romance, realism in relationships
Categories: Love & Marriage, Valentine's Day, Life Situations, Christian Living 

Brad's English assignment tells him to write about the meaning and definition of love. The problem is, he has no idea what love is.  His friend, Nick isn't much help--his idea of love turns out to be lust.  Brad's older sister isn't much better--she lives in a fantasy world, thinking love is all about romance and candlelight.  Brad thinks he may get some straight answers from his parents, but they seem to believe love is all about surviving the bills, the mortgage and all the endless tasks of parenthood.  It seems the only one who has a clue about real love is Brad's little sister, Meg, who's been watching and talking to her grandparents, who have been married 55 years.  With help from his little sister, Brad learns you're never too young (or old) to learn about love.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 6 (3 Male, 3 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  A living room.  Brad, a teenage boy, sits in a chair with a pen and notepad in his hand.   

Nick enters 

Nick:     Hey Brad.  I came to see if you wanted to shoot some hoops.   

Brad:    I'd love to but I can't.  I've got to work on this essay for Ms. Larson's class. 

Nick:     Yeah, I heard about that essay.  Bummer!  I'm glad I've got Mr. Thompson for English.  He never makes us write about stuff like that. 

Brad:    You're lucky.  (pause) What if you had to though?  What would you say? 

Nick:     What would I say about love? 

Brad:    Yeah.  How would you define it? 

Nick:     Easy.  I can sum up love in two words. 

Brad:    (encouraged) Really?  (gets his pen ready to write) What are they? 

Nick:     Angela Biltmore! 

Brad:            (disappointed) Come on, Nick.  Be serious. 

Nick:     I am being serious!  Every time I see that girl I fall in love with her.  That hair, those eyes, that shape! And she really lives up to her last name'she's .built more. than any chick in the 11th grade! 

Brad:    I don't think that's love, Nick. 

Nick:     Then what would you call it?  Every time I look at her my heart beats faster and I get all warm inside.  Just thinking about her makes me. 

Brad:    Drool?  That's not love Nick.  It's lust. 

Nick:     Same difference. 

Brad:    I don't think so.   

(Lisa, Brad's older sister enters) 

Lisa:     Don't think too hard Brad.  You're brain isn't used to it. You might hurt yourself.  (she sits)  

Nick:     (flirting with Lisa) Why Lisa, you're looking mighty fine today.   

Lisa:     (to Nick) First, let me just say, .Eeeww..  Second, what are guys talking about?  

Brad:    Nothing you'd be interested in. 

Lisa:     Let me guess.basketball again? 

Brad:            (annoyed) There's more to life than basketball, Lisa. 

Lisa:     I'm glad you finally noticed.  

Nick:     Hey, maybe she can help. 

Brad:    No!  Don't even think about it, Nick! 

Nick:     Too late.  Hey Lisa, how would you define love? 

Lisa:            (immediately interested) Love? 

Brad:            (shaking his head in exasperation) Oh no.   

Lisa:     (gets a 'starry-eyed. look on her face) I think love is the greatest thing in the whole world! (lets out a deep, sigh of longing) 

Brad:    Here it comes! (puts his head in his hands) 

Lisa:     (she speaks in a 'dreamy. tone) Love is receiving 2 dozen long stemmed roses in the middle of French class!  Love is having your boyfriend drive for 2 hours in the middle of a blizzard just to get your favorite perfume!  Love is renting out the Italian restaurant at The Plaza for your birthday, and lighting it with hundreds of candles, where 3 violin musicians are waiting to play your favorite song. 

Nick:     (to Brad) Is she kidding? 

Brad:    I'm afraid not. 

Lisa:     undaunted, continues) Love is sitting under the stars, holding hands, listening to the waves crash against the sand 

Nick:     I think I'm going to be sick. 

Brad:    Just wait, there's more. 

Lisa:     Love is letting him tenderly wipe the tears away from my eyes at the end of a sad movie, then realizing he's crying too.  

(Brad groans) 

Lisa:   (ignoring him) It's brushing my hair as we sit quietly by the fireplace and. 

Nick:     Stop!   

(Lisa is startled back into 'real life.)  

Nick:     (covers his ears) I can't take it anymore! 

Lisa:    (confused) What? 

Nick:     That's not love; that's a romance novel!  I've got news for you: (cups his hands and yells to her) .Real guys don't act like that!. 

Lisa:     Of course they do! 

Nick:     Not on this planet! 

Lisa:     You wouldn't understand.  You have no sense of romance! 

Brad and Lisa's parents enter 

Nick:     More like fantasy if you ask me. 

Mom:    What fantasy? 

Brad:    Nothing! 

Lisa:     (going to her mother) Mom, back me up on this.  Isn't romance wonderful? 

Mom:    Well, sure it is honey. 

Lisa:     (to Nick) See!   

Dad:     What are guys talking about in here? 

Brad:    Don't worry about it, Dad.  It's nothing. 

Lisa:     No, you should ask them, Brad.  They've been married almost 20 years.  I'm sure they could tell you what love is. 

Dad:     Love?  

Brad:    (giving in) Yeah.  I have to write this essay for school.  My teacher wants us to write about how we define love.   

Dad:     I see.  What have you got so far? 

Brad:    Well, Nick here thinks love is all based on how a woman looks. 

Lisa:     (gasps) You make me ill! 

Brad:    Lisa thinks it's about brushing each other's hair or something like that. 

Lisa:     I said it was about romance! 

Brad:    So, Mom, Dad, care to weigh in on the subject? 

Mom:    Well, of course I think romance is a part of it, sure. 

Dad:     And good looks never hurt. (pause) But there's more to love than lust and romance.   

Mom:    Sure there is.  I mean, the romance only lasts so long.  It's great while you're dating but once you get married things begin to change.  

Dad:     Pretty soon you have a mortgage. 

Mom     You have a house to clean and dinners to cook. 

Dad:     Bills to pay and a job that doesn't pay nearly enough. 

Mom:    And then a couple kids come along. 

Dad:     And all her attention goes to the baby.  She stops wearing that slinky black dress you like and greets you at the door in sweat pants. 

Mom:    You're tired all the time.  

Dad:     You hardly ever get a moment alone. 

Mom:    And when you do, all you want to do is. 

(Mom and Dad look at each other, then say the word at the same time) 

Mom & Dad: Sleep! 

Mom:    You don't feel like being romantic. 

Dad:     And even if you did, who has the time? 

Mom:    Cheerleading camp, piano lessons, dance class. 

Dad:     Little league, band, basketball games. 

Mom:    Help with the high school play. 

Dad:     Coaching soccer. 

Mom:    Bringing meals to the elderly. 

Dad:     Serving on the school board. 

(Mom and Dad drift off in their own thoughts.  After a moment, Brad speaks) 

Brad:    Mom?  

(no response) 

Brad:    Dad?  (pause) Are you guys okay? 

Mom:    (coming back to .earth.) We're fine, dear. (yawning) What was your question again?