I Have a Dream-Drama Skit

I Have a Dream-Drama Skit

Themes: Martin Luther King, the accomplishments Martin Luther King made in history, what if Martin Luther had not chosen to fulfill his destiny, how life would have been different if Martin Luther had not been a leader in our nation
Categories: Black History 

What if Martin Luther King had the choice to decline his destiny?  This skit reinforces the large contribution Martin Luther made to American history by toying with the idea that after discovering what happens to his future self, he may choose an alternate life.  It all begins with a simple prayer of what direction his life should take.  Immediately, the forces of Good and Evil are on the case.  Evil shows up to try to convince Martin that his young death was tragic and could have been avoided if he had chosen another path. At the same time, Good points out the world would not be the same without his involvement and contribution, and that even though his death, while tragic, was for the greater good of mankind.  In the end, Martin must choose his destiny.  Evil says, "It only takes one wrong decision,"  but Good, knowing the character of Martin Luther King is confident he will choose wisely.   

Style: Drama

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Characters: 3 (2 Male, 1 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:            A young man sits at a small desk in the middle of the stage.  He is slumped over, as if in a sleep. A telephone sits on the desk. Good and Evil enter from the side. 

Good enters first, with Evil right behind. 

Good:              (to Evil) What are you doing here? 

Evil:                 I'm here for the same reasons you are. 

Good:              You're here to convince Martin to go to college? 

Evil:                 No, I'm here to convince Martin that what he's about to do is a waste of time. 

Good:              Then we're not here for the same reasons.   

Evil:                 Yes we are.  You're here to keep Martin on your side, and I'm here to convince him to come over to my side. 

Good:              How did you even know about this? 

Evil:                 As sickening as the sounds may be to our ears, we can still hear the prayers. 

Good:              You're wasting your time with him, you know.  He'll do the right thing. 

Evil:                 Not guaranteed.  History is filled with people who had all the potential in the world and they squandered it away.  One wrong decision is all it takes.  

Good:              Well, I'm here to see to it that never happens. 

Evil:                 And I'm here to see to it that it does. 

Good:              Don't underestimate him.  He's a strong man. 

Evil:                 This isn't about his strengths.  It's about his weaknesses.  

Good:              But in his weaknesses, he is strong. 

Evil:                 We'll see about that.  After you.  (he bows and makes a sweeping gesture with his arm) 

Good and Evil approach the desk, Good standing on one side, while Evil stands on the other 

Good:              (gently shaking Martin) Martin, wake up. 

Martin barely stirs and continues to sleep 

Good:              Martin.Martin.wake up now. 

(Still Martin barely stirs) 

Evil:                 Let me give it a try.  (he yells loudly) Martin Luther King, WAKE UP! 

Martin:             (startled, jumps up) I'm awake! I'm awake! 

Evil:                 Never send a woman to a man's job. 

Good:              (sarcastic) Oooh, you woke him up.  Congratulations, Mr. Big Stuff. 

Martin:             (confused and a little scared) Who are you and what are you doing here?  I don't have much money so if you came to rob me I'm afraid you're going to be a little disappointed. 

Good:              No Martin, we're not here to rob you. 

Martin:             Oh.  That's good news.  You had me worried there for a minute.  Why are you here then? 

Good:              What I'd really like to do is talk to you. 

Evil:                 As would I. 

Good:              But if I were you I wouldn't listen to him.  

Evil:                 And if I were you I wouldn't listen to her. 

Martin:             I'm confused.  What's going on here? 

Evil:                 We're here in answer to your prayer.  

Good:              I'm here in answer to your prayer.  He's here to destroy your life. 

Evil:                 I'm not here to destroy your life, Martin. I'm here to make it better but she and I have different perspectives on what that means.  

Martin:             Let me get this straight: I prayed about what the direction of my life should be and now you guys show up to show me two different possibilities.  Is that about right? 

Evil:                 Exactly. 

Good:              But you should listen to me. 

Evil:                 No, you should listen to me. 

Martin:             I think I'll listen to what both of you have to say and then I'll make my decision from there.  Sound good? 

Evil:                 Fine by me. 

Good:              First of all. 

Evil:                 (abruptly interrupts) If you listen to her you're going to be arrested, have your house bombed and be assassinated! 

Martin:             (in shock) What? Is that true? 

Evil:                 Oh, it's true all right! 

Martin:             (to Good) Is it? 

Good:              Well, I wouldn't have put it...

Martin:             Is it true? 

Good:              (hesitates) Well.it..yes, Martin.  It's true. 

Martin:             Then I'm definitely steering clear of that future! 

Evil:                 That's my man! (they give each other a .high-five.) 

Good:              No, you can't! 

Martin:             Why not? 

Good:              Because the world wouldn't be the same without your involvement. 

Evil:                 But life sure would be a lot easier. 

Good:              For him, yes, perhaps.  But Martin, you've got to think of the greater good.  There's a lot more at stake here than you realize.  You've got to go to college and fulfill your destiny. 

Martin:             What destiny? 

Evil:                 To die a senseless death. 

Good:              To unite a nation.  To impact history. To give hope to the hopeless. 

Martin:             And I can do all that by becoming a preacher? 

Good:              That, and a lot more. 

Evil:                 Believe me Martin, the world can be a thankless place.  Just look around you.  

Good:              But you can change the world, and you will, if you'll just listen to me. 

Evil:                 (to Martin) Do you really think you can change the world?  

Martin:             I don't see how. 

Good:              You will.  You're going to cause a whole movement.  Black history will never be the same because of you, Martin. 

Martin:             It won't? 

Evil:                 Come on, Martin, be smart.  How can one man change what hasn't been changed for hundreds of years?  You can't change the white attitude toward black folks.  A woman will go to jail because she refuses to give up her seat to a white man on a bus.  A little black girl will be heckled and spit on because she wants to attend an all white school.  A black boy will be murdered because he whistled at a white woman.  And no matter what you do, you won't be able to change any of that! 

Good:              He's right.  You won't be able to change any of those events.  

Martin:             Then why should I listen to you? 

Good:              Because you will be able to change the events that follow them.