Shine On-Drama Skit

Shine On-Drama Skit

Themes: Jesus light shining through us; Christmas; self-esteem, without Jesus we are nothing
Categories: With God, Christmas, Children, God/Satan 

It's time to decorate for Christmas and Jen has just taken out her box of Christmas lights.  The lights are anxious to get on the tree and begin to shine, as they were created to do.  However, one seemingly innocent comment from Jen sends the lights spiraling into a "fade out."  Orange doesn't think he belongs in a "Christmas set," Yellow thinks she'll never be as pretty as Purple, and Blue seems destined to have a "blue Christmas."  By the time the Christmas Star arrives three lights have already burned completely out, and those that remain are fading fast.  Star begins to shine his light through the others and soon all the lights begin to glow like they never have before.


This skit is loosely based on John 12:36, "Believe in the light so that you  may become children of light."

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 9 (4 Male, 4 Female, 1 Neutral)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  Six people are standing closely in a tight circle--Purple, Green and Yellow are females and Blue, Red, and Orange are males.  They represent Christmas lights that have been bundled up after last season.  When they become untangled, they should stand in the form of a Christmas tree.  (See below.)  Each color character should have a flashlight in their hands.  

Red:                Man, am I glad to be out of that box! 

Blue:                Me too, Red!  I think I've got a crick in my neck from lying wrong all year.  I can't wait to stretch out! (he begins to push the others a little) 

Green:             Hey, Blue!  You're pushing me!  

Orange:           He's pushing all of us. 

Blue:                I know I'm pushing you, Green.  I'm trying to stretch. 

Green:             Well, stop it!  We're Christmas lights, not gymnasts you know. 

Blue:                I know that but if I don't get to stretch out soon I'm going to burst! 

Green:             Just hang on a few more minutes.  We can't do anything until that girl comes back anyway.  

Yellow:             You mean, Jen? 

Green:             Yeah.  

Yellow:             I like her.  She's really nice. 

Red:                We all like her, Yellow. 

Blue:                Oooh, Red has a crush! 

Red:                I didn't mean it like that!  

Blue:                I know.  I just like seeing you blush and turn all red.  

Green:             How can you tell?  He's always red. 

Purple:             I'm so excited!  I can't wait to get on the tree.  

Orange:           You say that every year, Purple. 

Purple:             That's because I mean it every year, Orange.  I like being on the tree. 

Yellow:             I do too.  We really make it shine! 

Purple:             Of course we do.  After all, a Christmas tree just isn't the same without any lights.  

Green:             It's dull. 

Red:                Boring. 

Blue:                Lifeless.  

Purple:             Oh, here she comes. 

Blue:                Finally! (he starts pushing again) 

Green:             (chastising him again) Blue! 

Purple:             Shhh! Everybody stay still. 

Jen enters 

Jen:                 Okay you guys, you've been in storage long enough.  Time to get you on the tree so you can do your thing! 

Yellow:             Here we go! 

(Jen begins to .unwrap. the lights'the lights begin to spin around and spread
out, resembling the untangling of lights.)

Purple:             This is so exciting! 

Orange:           I think I'm gonna be sick! 

Red:                Hang in there, Orange.  We're almost there.

Once assembled, the group should form a triangle, to resemble a tree. Purple should stand in the row farthest from the audience, Yellow and Orange in the middle, and Blue, Green and Red in the front row nearest the audience. Orange stands with his eyes closed tight) 

Green:             (to Orange) You can open your eyes now.  

Orange:            (opening only one eye and looking around) Is it safe? 

Green:             You're safe.  We're all in place.  

Jen:                 There, all setI'm going to need an extension cord though.  Now, where did I put that? (Jen exits) 

Orange:            (opens the other eye and relaxes) Whew!  We made it all in one piece. 

Blue:                (stretching in a big way) Now this is more like it!  Aaahhh! 

Yellow:             (worried) Wait, something's wrong! 

Purple:             (concerned) What is it? 

Yellow:             I'm not glowing!  I can't shine!  

Green:             Oh no! 

Yellow:             What am I gonna do?  She's going to replace me! I just know it! 

Red:                Relax Goldilocks.  She hasn't even plugged us in yet. 

Yellow:             Oh. (embarrassed)  Sorry everyone, false alarm. 

Purple:             It would be awful though, wouldn't it? 

Orange:            What would be awful? 

Purple:             To not be able to shine.  I mean, that's what we were created to do, right? If we couldn't do it, well.I just think that would be terrible.