Face Your Giant-Drama Skit

Face Your Giant-Drama Skit

Themes: How to face your fears; actions & reactions; handling difficult situations; therapy; the right and wrong way to diffuse problems
Categories: Personal, Topical, Spiritual Growth, Life Situations, Bible Characters, Women's Ministry 

Darla, Liza and Aquarius have gathered at Dr. Nora's office, looking for help in "facing their giants" (properly dealing with difficult or scary situations). Dr. Nora is hopeful these women can be helped until she learns their secret: they are each directly descended from a particular Bible character and as a result, they deal with their problems accordingly.  For instance, Darla, a descendant of David (as in David and Goliath) carries a slingshot and hits people in the head with rocks upon hearing bad news.  As descendants of King Darius and Elijah, Aquarius locks people in her basement with her pet lions, and Liza calls down fire from heaven to those who have wronged her.  Can Dr. Nora help these misguided women or is Dr. Nora hiding a secret of her own? 

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 4 (4 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A therapist's office, with several chairs.  Aquarius, Liza and Darla are sitting in the chairs as the skit opens.  

(Dr. Nora enters carrying a notebook and a pen).   

Dr. Nora:        Good afternoon, ladies. I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long. (She sits in one of the empty chairs and opens the notebook. She looks briefly at the page) I see you're all here because you're having some difficulties facing what I like to call the .giants. in your life.  I think I can help you with these issues today. 

Darla:              (confused) What do you mean by  .giants?. 

Dr. Nora:        Giants are those things in your life that seem too big for you to handle on your own.  

Aquarius:        Like my mother-in-law? 

Dr. Nora:        Not exactly.  I'm talking about big disappointments in your life, or situations that frighten or overwhelm you.  

Aquarius:         My mother-in-law fits into all three of those categories! 

Liza:                (she gives Aquarius a .high five.) Amen to that, sister! 

Dr. Nora:        Yes, well.(not sure what to make of Aquarius and Liza's outburst) let's begin by introducing ourselves.  I'm Dr. Nora and I've been a licensed therapist for 15 years.  I'm going to teach you how to face your giants properly.  Now, we'll start over here (indicating Darla).  Please tell us your name and what brought you here.  

Darla:              Hi.  My name is Darla and I guess I'm here because I've been trying to get pregnant for the last 2 years without any luck. 

Dr. Nora:        I see. (writing in her notebook) I assume this has been hard on you? 

Darla:             Yes, very.  

Dr. Nora:        So, you could say this was a .giant. in your life? 

Darla:              I suppose so, yes. 

Dr. Nora:        (writes in her notebook) How have you handled this situation so far? 

Darla:             Not very well I guess.  Things didn't go so well at the doctor's office on my last visit. 

Dr. Nora:        What happened? 

Darla:             Well, the doctor told me the results of my last pregnancy test were negative. So, I. 

Dr. Nora:        (sympathetic) Sobbed uncontrollably? 

Darla:              No. 

Liza:                Screamed? 

Darla:             No. 

Aquarius:        Fainted? 

Darla:             No. 

Dr. Nora:       What did you do then? 

Darla:             I took out my slingshot and hit him in the head with a rock. 

Dr. Nora:       (shocked, not sure if she heard right) Excuse me? 

Darla:              I took out my slingshot (she takes out a slingshot from her pocket) and I hit the doctor in the head with a rock.  (non-chalant) It wasn't even a rock really.  It was more like a big pebble.  

Dr. Nora:       (incredulous) What possessed you to do something like that? 

Darla:              It's worked before. 

Dr. Nora:        When? 

Darla:             Well, along time ago (she begins counting on her fingers) my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather did the same thing.  

Dr. Nora:        What are you talking about? 

Darla:              You know, in the Bible, King David.  Except he wasn't a king yet.  He was just a boy then. 

Dr. Nora:        Are you talking about David and Goliath?  That David? 

Darla:             Yes.  David was my great, great, great.. 

Dr. Nora:        (interrupting) You've got to be kidding me! 

Darla:              No, it's true! 

Liza:                (with interest) You're a direct descendant of King David? 

Darla:              Yes.  

Aquarius:        That's amazing! 

Dr. Nora:        (still in shock) So, you're saying because you got bad news from your doctor, you hit him in the head with a rock? 

Darla:             From my slingshot, yes. I figured, if it worked for great grandpa David, it could work for me too.  

Aquarius:         You go, girl! 

Dr. Nora:         I.I.(still a bit shocked and dazed) I don't know what to say to that.  Tell you what, we'll come back to you.  Why don't you go next.  (indicating Aquarius) Tell us your name and what brought you here. 

Aquarius:         Hello.  My name is Aquarius. 

Dr. Nora:         Your name is Aquarius? That's very unusual. 

Aquarius:         It's a family name.  

Dr. Nora:         It's pretty. 

Aquarius:         Thank you.  Like I said, my name is Aquarius and I guess I'm here because my husband just got wrongfully fired from his job and I guess I didn't handle it too well. 

Dr. Nora:         What did you do?  I assume you didn't hit anyone in the head with a rock.  (she laughs sarcastically) 

Aquarius:         No, of course not.  That would be absurd!  

Dr. Nora:         (she looks at Darla) Of course it would!  (looks back to Aquarius) So, what happened? 

Aquarius:         I invited my husband's boss over for dinner to talk. 

Dr. Nora:         (smiling approvingly) That sounds like an excellent start.  How did that go? 

Aquarius:         Not very well, I'm afraid.  The boss wouldn't admit any wrongdoing, and he refused to give my husband's job back. 

Dr. Nora:         And that made you angry? 

Aquarius:         You bet it did!  I was livid! 

Dr. Nora:         I can imagine.  Then what happened? 

Liza:                You threw him out of the house? 

Aquarius:         Not exactly. 

Darla:              You punched him? 

Aquarius:         No. (pause) We locked him downstairs in the basement.  

Dr. Nora:         (confused) You locked your husband's boss in your basement? 

Aquarius:         Yes, with our cats. 

Dr. Nora:         Your cats?  

Aquarius:         Yes, our cats, Rex and Tex.  They're so precious.  Here, (she pulls out a picture from a pocket) would you like to see a picture of them? 

(still in a daze Dr. Nora takes the picture and looks at it.  Her eyes get big and her mouth drops open) 

Dr. Nora:            These aren't cats, they're lions!