Catch a Wave-Drama Skit

Catch a Wave-Drama Skit

Themes: Misunderstanding; miscommunication; different ways of life; surfing
Categories: Personal, Topical, Life Situations 

When Frank stumbles upon Zeb, he doesn't quite know what to think: Zeb is waving into the air then using a fishing net to swat at it.  When Frank's curiosity gets the better of him, he finally asks Zeb what it is that he's doing.  To which Frank replies, "Can't you see?  I'm trying to catch a wave."  From there, the misunderstandings continue to get worse, as Zeb, a backwoods country man, has no idea what surfing is all about.  This comical, short skit introduces the idea that things in your "neck of the woods" may be different than someone else's, and illustrates the point that our words may have different meanings to different people. 


This skit was originally written for a theme called "Catch a Wave," where surfing principles were used as a parallel to describe various aspects of life. However, this skit could be used for other purposes as well, as described in the above "themes."

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 2 (2 Male)
Note: This skit is gender neutral so it could be done with 2 Females or 1 Male and 1 Female
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A man (Zeb) is a .hillbilly. type, and he stands with a net.  He waves at the audience, then tries to .catch. the wave he just did with the net.  He does this several times).  After a minute or so, another man (Frank) enters and watches Zeb for a moment, curious as to what he is doing. 

 Frank:              (to Zeb) Excuse me, are you okay?

 Zeb:                 (talks in a strong southern accent) Yes sir, I'm a jest fine. kindly for askin.  

Frank:              (continues to watch Zeb try to catch the wave with his net) Are you sure?  

Zeb:                 Sure as rain. 

Frank:              I don't mean to be rude, but may I ask, .What are you doing?. 

Zeb:                 Can't you see?  I'm trying to catch me a wave! 

Frank:              (confused) Then, why are you doing that

Zeb:                 .Cause I heard some fine young men talking the other day and they said this was a great spot to .catch some waves..  (leans in to Frank) But between you and me, I think they were wrong.  I haven't caught a single wave all day. 

Frank:              (laughs) Well, I think you might be going about this the wrong way.  

Zeb:                 Really? .Cause earlier I was trying to catch .em without the net and it was mighty hard.  

Frank:              No, you see, you're trying to catch the wrong kind of wave.  It's not this kind of wave (he waves with his hand).  It's the waves you see out on the water.usually found on the ocean. 

Zeb:                 (recognition setting in) Oh!  Well now, don't I feel foolish!  I bet I looked right silly standing here trying to catch a wave with my net! 

Frank:              Don't worry about it.  Anyone could have made the same mistake. 

Zeb:                 Well, I sure do appreciate you setting me straight.  I think I'll take my net and head on down to the beach then.  Maybe I'll have better luck now. (turns to go) 

Frank:              Wait a minute.  You can't catch a wave with a net. 

Zeb:                 (looking at the net) You know you're right. You sure did save me some more embarrassment.  Why, this net has holes in it.  The waves will just fall right through! I better get a bucket.  (he starts to leave again)

 Frank:              Wait!