This is Your Life-Drama Skit

This is Your Life-Drama Skit

Themes: Service; volunteering; heaven, good deeds; rewards in heaven
Categories: With God, God/Satan, Topical, Christian Living 

A married couple finds themselves in heaven, and is immediately greeted by an angel who is waiting to give them their final rewards.  The angel tells them their heavenly rewards are based on the service they did on Earth.  It seems the husband, Frank has been volunteering and serving God in a variety of ways.  When the angel hands him his "keys to the kingdom," his wife is thrilled because she incorrectly assumes that since they are married, what's his is hers.  However, it is not so in heaven. The wife is dismayed to discover that not only did she do very little on Earth, but she will now be forced to work in heaven before she can claim her own rest and rewards.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 3 (1 Male, 1 Female, 1 Neutral)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

This is a sample from the middle of the skit.

Angel:              Okay, the rules of the game are simple: the more service you did on Earth, the more rewards you have here.  So, let's take a look and see what we have.  Frank, is it true you volunteered to help deliver .Meals on Wheels. to needy families in your community? 

Frank:              Yes.  I was a volunteer for over 6 years. 

Angel:              Excellent! (makes a notation in the book)   

Frank:              What are you doing? 

Angel:              Just making a few notes.  It's my way of keeping track, so we'll know what kind of fabulous prizes you'll be leaving us with today. 

Renee:            Me next! 

Angel:              (looks in the book) Renee, is it true you had an opportunity to bake pies for the church's bake sale but chose not to? 

Renee:            Well, I'm not a very good cook. 

Angel:              Answer the question .yes. or 'no. please. 

Renee:            Yes, that's true.  

Angel:              So, no pies for the bake sale. (makes a notation in the book) Did you volunteer to work at the bake sale? 

Renee:            Well, no. 

Angel:              Did you volunteer to help organize the sale? 

Renee:            No. 

Angel:              Did you volunteer to help set up or clean up after the sale? 

Renee:            No. 

Angel:              I see.  (makes a notation in the book) 

Renee:            Is that bad? 

Angel:              We'll see.  Frank, back to you.  Did you volunteer to help with the youth program in any way? 

Frank:              Yes, I did.  I often 'substituted. for the youth leaders when they couldn't be there due to sickness or vacation, and I showed up to several activities to help with supervision. 

Angel:              I see.  And did you also offer to drive your car on several occasions, making room for all the teens who needed transport to and from activities? 

Frank:              Yes, I believe I did. 

Angel:              Excellent.  How about you, Renee?  Were you ever a youth volunteer? 

Renee:            Not like Frank was, no. 

Angel:              Did you help the youth in any way? 

Renee:            Ummm..(thinking

Angel:              Did you ever serve as a chaperone for any events? 

Renee:            Heavens, no!  Have you ever been around a group of teenagers?  They're like wild animals! 

Angel:              What about working with the younger children?  Did you ever volunteer to serve as a Sunday school teacher? 

Renee:            No, that was too much of a commitment.  

Angel:              How about helping to decorate the church for the children's Christmas program? 

Renee:            No, I'm not much of an interior decorator. 

Angel:              How about working in the nursery once in awhile? 

Renee:            Don't like dirty diapers.  Plus, all that crying!  No, working with kids was never my thing.  

Angel:              I see.  (writes in the book as the words are said aloud) .Not..'my'thing..  Tell me, Renee, what was .your thing?.