Take the Plunge Set-Puppet Set

Take the Plunge Set-Puppet Set

Themes: Obedience, Trust, Worship, Spending Time with God, Courage, Being afraid, Faith, Trusting One Another, Salvation
Categories: Youth, With God, Personal, Children, Topical 

Using the backdrop of a water park, Joe and Terri are looking to hire some new summer recruits.  The potential employees must face a series of challenges involving various aspects of life, including: obedience, worship, courage, faith and service.

Skit 1:  Plunge into Obedience  (Based on Luke 5:1-11 (Miraculous Catch of Fish)

The potential recruits endlessly search for keys that aren't there

Skit 2:  Plunge into Worship  (Based on John 4:5-30 (Jesus and the Woman at the Well)

The recruits are asked to spend the morning in a form of worship

Skit 3:  Plunge into Courage (Based on Matthew 8:23-27 (Jesus Calms the Storm)

The recruits get nervous when it comes to life saving techniques

Skit 4:  Plunge into Faith (Based on Matthew 14:22-33 (Jesus Walks on Water)

The recruits learn how to trust each other

Skit 5:  Plunge into Service (Based on John 13:1-17 (Jesus Washing the Disciples Feet)

The experienced lifeguards do a "dirty" job for their potential employees

Skit 6:  Plunge into Opportunity (Based on Matthew 25: 31-41 (The Sheep and the Goats)

The Boss decides who is hired and who is fired


Originally written to be used in conjunction with Standard Publishing's  "Take the Plunge: Make a Splash with Jesus."If desired, this set can be performed using real people.

Theses skits may be purchased as a set only, since they build upon each other.  If desired, this set can be performed using puppets or real people.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 8 (2 Male, 6 Female)
Length: 3-5 minutes
No in set: 6
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: Lance, Marla, Rhonda and Jill are looking around the stage trying to find something.  Sheila and Kat sit off to the side or on the ground, looking bored and tired. 

Sheila:             How long have we been at this? 

Lance:             About an hour. 

Kat:                  Are you guys ready to give up yet? 

Marla:              Not me.  I’m going to find those keys. 

Rhonda:            Me too.  They’ve got to be here somewhere. 

Sheila:             But we’ve looked like a hundred times and there isn’t anything here! 

Kat:                  I say we give up. 

Rhonda:          We can’t quit. 

Sheila:             Why not?  There’s obviously nothing here. 

Jill:                   It’s important we find those keys. 

Sheila:             Why? 

Jill:                   Because Joe and Terri said it was important. 

Kat:                  Why should we listen to them? 

Sheila:             Yeah, who are they to tell us what to do? 

Lance:             They run this place, remember?  If we want a job here, we have to do what they say. 

Marla:              If you guys would get up and help us look, maybe we could find them faster. 

Kat:                  I don’t think those keys even exist.  If they did, we would have found them by now. 

Rhonda:          You mean we would have found them by now.  

Kat:                  Excuse me? 

Rhonda:          It just seems like we’re the ones doing all the searching while you two sit there complaining. 

Sheila:             We did our share of searching.  It’s not our fault we couldn’t find them.  If they even existed in the first place. 

Lance:             Why would the lifeguards have us looking for something that didn’t exist? 

Kat:                  To torture us.