Game Day Skits-Puppet Set

Game Day Skits-Puppet Set

Themes: True heroes obey God even when it's not easy; Heroes do their best in everything; Heroes follow God's plan; Heroes tell others about Jesus
Categories: With God, Personal, Friendship, Children, Topical 

Originally written for LifeWay's "Game Day Central: Where Heroes Are Made," these skits focus on how to become heroes both on and off the field by focusing on Jesus and following God's plan for their lives. Each day introduces an idea of what it takes to be a true hero, while using the backdrop of various sports events.

Skit 1:  Obey God

Bobby gives up his dream of setting a new state record, in order to let his friend be the hero in a baseball game

Skit 2:  Do My Best

Paula has been chosen to sing the National Anthem at a championship basketball game, but is afraid she'll forget the words

Skit 3: Get in the Game

Shawn is new in town and can't seem to accept the rules of his new baseball team

Skit 4:  Take Action

Nate wants to be sensitive to others, even if it mean giving up a long awaited trip

Skit 5:  Recruit New Teammates

Patty invites a friend to church


These skits may also be purchased individually.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 6 (2 Male, 3 Female, 1 Neutral)
Each day has a different set of characters.
Length: 3-5 minutes
No in set: 5
Excerpt (Sample)

(Bobby is on stage looking down, shaking his head.  We hear a male or female voice from offstage only) 

Voice:              Hey sports fans, what an exciting baseball game! We’re all tied up 2 to 2, with the winning run on second base.  There’s one out, and the next batter up is Danny Taylor, one of the Blue Jay’s best all around players.  Let’s see if he can knock it out the park today, and bring home not only a win for the Blue Jay’s but a new state record as well. 

 (Lisa enters) 

Lisa:                Bobby, what are you doing over here?  You’re supposed to be at the plate.  You’re up next.

Bobby:             I know.

Lisa:                Then what’s the problem?  We’re only down by one run. With you at the plate, we could win this game easily.  Just swing hard like you always do.  

Bobby:             Coach told me to bunt. 

Lisa:                What? But you’re our best hitter!  Why would he tell you to bunt?

Bobby:             He wants Randy to hit in the winning run. 

Lisa:                Randy?  Why not just let you do it?  We’d win for sure!  Besides, if you get just one more hit you’ll take home the new state record. 

Bobby:             I’m aware of that. 

Lisa:                Then why don’t you just aim for the bleachers and forget about it. 

Bobby:             Because Coach doesn’t want me to.    

Lisa:                But that doesn’t make any sense.  Who knows if Randy will even be able to hit the ball.  What if he strikes out and we lose the game because of him? 

Bobby:             He’s not gonna strike out. 

Lisa:                How do you know? 

Bobby:             Because Randy never strikes out.  He keeps his eye on the ball. 

Lisa:                Okay, but what if he hits a fly ball or something and the other team catches it?  Then the game will be over and we lose.  

Bobby:             It’s possible, but Randy is a good player.  I think he could get a hit off of this pitcher pretty easy. 

Lisa:                (excited) Then we win! 

Bobby:             Right. 

Lisa:                But you won’t break the record then. 

Bobby:             Right again. 

Lisa:                So, what are going to do?  They’re waiting for you.