Noah's Ark Series-Puppet Set

Noah's Ark Series-Puppet Set

Themes: Obedience, Trust, The Flood, Sharing, Boredom, Getting Along, Fairness, Arguing, Solving Disputes, Irritation, Fear, Faith, Stress, Looking to the Future, Reconciliation
Categories: With God, Friendship, Family, Children, Life Situations, Topical, Bible Characters 

The rain is a'comin and Noah and his family need shelter, along with two of every kind of animal.  The animals aren't too convinced and want no part of the ark!  But when Noah's sons convince them to hop aboard, the chaos really begins.  From smelly stalls, fear of storms, and brothers and animals fighting, it's a trip no one will soon forget!

Skit 1: Two by Two

The animals aren't happy about getting into the ark

Skit 2: Share and Share Alike

The animals are bored and they've only been afloat two days

Skit 3: Knock, Knock

After a few weeks on the ark everyone's nerves are shot

Skit 4:  Fear Not

The animals are beginning to wonder if the rain will ever stop

Skit 5:  Home at Last

The rain has stopped and Noah open's the ark door


These skits may be purchased as a set only.  The skits build upon each other and should not be used individually. If desired,  you can have human interaction along with puppets.  For example, the characters of Ham, Shem and Japeth could be played by real people and the animals could be puppets.

Based upon the Old Testament story of Noah & the Ark. (Genesis 6-8)

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 10 (6 Male, 1 Female, 3 Neutral)
Length: 8-10 minutes
No in set: 5
Excerpt (Sample)

Characters: Ham & Shem—Noah’s sons
                    Voices heard off stage

Striper: (heard from off stage) You want me to do what? No way!

Shem: (heard from off stage) Striper, wait!

Striper: (enters) Uh-uh, you’re crazy!

(Shem and Ham enter. Shem is carrying a clip board under his arm)

Ham: Just hear us out, Striper.

Striper: I’ve heard enough, thank you. No way I’m gettin’ into that death trap.

Shem: It’s not a death trap. Actually, it will save your life.

Striper: I own an umbrella—I’d rather take my chances out here than in that thing!

Ham: We don’t have time to argue with you Striper. You’re getting in that ark even if I have to carry you there myself! (reaches for him)

Striper: (quickly turns his tail toward Ham) I wouldn’t do that if I were you. (slowly begins to shake his bottom and tail) This is a lethal weapon and I’m not afraid to use it! (shakes more vigorously)

Needles: (enters) Hey, what’s going on? I could hear you all the way down the trail. (noticing Striper’s movements) Look out! He’s gonna blow! (turns her back as if to hide)

Shem: (to Ham) I told you not to make any sudden movements! What do you think you’re doing? It’s not fresh mountain air that’s gonna come out of there, you know!

Ham: Oh, right. Sorry!

Shem: (trying to calm Striper) Take it easy Striper. No one is going to hurt you. Just settle down now.

(Striper settles down and returns to face Shem)

Needles: (turning back around) Whew! That was a close one!

Ham: Let’s just talk about this some more.

Needles: Talk about what?

Striper: (to Needles) Porky here...

Ham: The name is Ham.

Striper: Pork, Ham, whatever. (to Needles) This joker seems to think we’re going to get into that big ark over there and go for a ride—a very long ride.

Needles: Oooh, I love rides!

Striper: Well, you’re not gonna love this one, Needles!

Needles: Why not?

Striper: (to Shem and Ham) Tell her, boys.